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Oklahoma Mobile notary



Difference between Mobile notary and Notary public

One of the most commonly asked questions is regarding the difference between and notary public Oklahoma City and an Oklahoma Mobile Notary. Generally, both the notary public Oklahoma and Mobile Notary Oklahoma are responsible for the verification of identities and notarization of documents, but there is a small difference that separates the two. As the name suggests, an Oklahoma “mobile notary” refers to an individual who verifies and attests documents by traveling to the clients. Whereas, a notary public might choose to work in an office, go to the client or both.

Mobile notary Oklahoma

Private Investigator Oklahoma City has some of the best mobile notary professionals in the business. Our notaries facilitate clients and tirelessly work to improve their experience. The public notary OKC services are affordable and the tasks are handled with efficiency and expertise. So if you or anyone you know is in need of a quick and easy notarization process, our notary public OKC division is just the right place for you. Contact the notary public Oklahoma City division of our firm now, to reap the benefits of the best mobile notary services in town!

Mobile notary Oklahoma fee information

As stated by the law in Oklahoma, a notary public Oklahoma City is not allowed to charge more than a $5.00 per a standard signing. This means that if a person visits a public notary Oklahoma City, then the notary cannot charge a greater amount than $5.00 per signature. On the other hand, if someone calls for mobile notary services then he or she will have to pay the price quoted by the mobile notary.

This, however, does not mean that the customer will always agree to pay the quoted price. Sometimes the notary public OKC and the customer will negotiate and decide a final price. It should be kept in mind that a notary public is a professional who needs to be paid fairly for his or her services and all the expenses attached to traveling to a client. From fuel to maintenance of vehicles, and liability insurance; many external costs have to be kept in mind.

Finding a notary public OKC has never been easier or more convenient. So if you are in need of a mobile notary for a hassle-free notarization, call or email us now to receive services from some of the best notaries available!