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This is an official listing of our company’s and website’s Terms of Service (TOS). By using the services of our company and sister companies, utilizing our company website and any sister company websites, you agree to irrevocably hold our company, its owners, affiliates, associates, heirs, attorneys, contractors, subcontractors, clients, vendors, etc., completely harmless from any and all civil liability, including but not limited to neglect, misconduct, errors of any kind, gross negligence, and any and all other legal claims that might arise as a result of using any of our websites or company/sister company services.


You also hereby wholly agree to pay any and all court costs, attorneys’ fees, witness fees, service costs, defamation/slander liability costs resulting from you or from us, interest, compensatory damages, punitive damages and nominal damages. You also agree that there are no refunds whatsoever for any work services we provide under any circumstances, even if we have not yet provided the work/service or if you are dissatisfied with the service we have performed or were going to perform for you.




If you do not wish to agree to the aforementioned Terms of Service (TOS), you are obliged to leave this website and not contact us any further. If you do not do so, it implies that you are completely agreeing with all our Terms of Service (TOS) as outlined above.

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