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What is skip tracing?

In simple terms skip tracing is known as the art of tracing someone who has ‘skipped’ town or doesn’t want to be found, often due to debt collection or other legal reasons. A skip tracer locates the person of interest through the person’s contact details, address, and location, sometimes employing other advanced tactics. Hiring him to locate a person of interest in Oklahoma City could be the best thing for your legal situation.

How much does a nationwide skip tracing service cost?

As of the date of the publication of this website page, the cost for our nationwide skip tracing service by a private investigator, a process server, or a skip tracer in Oklahoma is $99 or $103.95 with a debit or credit card.

What information does a skip tracer, process server, or private detective require to locate someone with your skip tracing service?

Their main goal is to find the person of interest (POI) for you. The more information you can provide about the POI, the easier it will be for our agent to locate an individual. Some of the information that might help make the nationwide skip tracing that our expert conducts successful include the following information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  • Social Security Number
  • Current or Former Residential and Business Addresses & Dates at the Locations
  • Current or Former Email Addresses
  • Current or Former Phone Numbers
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Any Social Media Website URLS
  • Race

You might not have all this information, but whatever information you do have can make our this service easier to conduct with more accurate results.

What are the social media scans/deep Internet searches that your specialist conducts?

Each private investigator, process server, and nationwide skip tracer will happily conduct social media scans/deep Internet searches on your behalf. These social media scans/deep Internet searches will show any public posts made by or about the person of interest (POI), as well as any news stories by or about the POI. These social media scans/deep Internet searches can also show some of the public social media site information. Why are social media scans important?

Each service provider at our private detective agency will happily attest that these social media scans/deep Internet searches complement the comprehensive reports/nationwide skip tracing. Indeed, social media scans/deep Internet searches show information that comprehensive reports might not show. What might these bits of information be, pray to tell?

These reports run do not show social media posts, news stories, etc. Thus, if an individual committed a crime but got it expunged, then a skip trace service might provide this that an expert might not show it up.

However, when you choose to hire an official to conduct a social media scan, you can see any potential news stories about the alleged crime, unless the accused successfully got the news stations to remove them. See how social media scans/deep Internet searches by them are very beneficial?

Of course, social media scans/deep Internet searches by them can also potentially show public comments a person of interest has made that are transphobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc., as well as prostitution profiles on various public websites. Think of any of the information that this job done by a specialist might prove to be helpful.

If you or someone you know anyone who needs skip tracing services, then please contact one of the owners or process servers, private investigators, and skip tracers at our private detective agency in Oklahoma today. 😊 

How do I stop skip tracers?

To stop them from finding you . . . Ha. Do you really think the owners or these agents are going to disclose this information to you? Indeed, our detectives will find all persons of interest (POIs) eventually, so just stop doing bad things to make you feel you need to hide in the first place. 😉

How do skip tracers find phone numbers?

If you want to find someone’s phone number, then you need to hire the best skip tracer at the best private investigation agency in Oklahoma. They are extremely skilled and dedicated, and if you have a valid legal reason they will attempt to help you locate a person’s phone number.

Do your process servers, private investigators, and nationwide skip tracers only perform skip tracing?

Our nationwide skip-tracing services are not limited to Oklahoma. Indeed, our skilled professionals can locate almost anyone, anywhere in the United States. That is why we call it nationwide skip tracing services.

What is the best skip tracer?

The fact that you are reading this tells you that you have already located the best one. Indeed, each one here is exceptionally skilled in skip-tracing services if you require them.

What can I expect from my skip tracer at your private investigation agency?

Once he locates a person of interest (POI), he will send the results to my E-mail or cell phone. When locating the person of interest, he will also discover a tremendous amount of important information which she/he/they will compile for you in a comprehensive report. This report may contain, but is not limited to, the following details of the POI:

  • Current and Former Residential and Business Addresses
  • Current and Former Phone Numbers
  • Current and Former Places of Employment
  • Current and Former E-Mail Addresses
  • Drivers’ Licenses Numbers
  • Professional Licenses
  • Evictions
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Garnishments
  • Liens
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  • UCC Filings
  • Global Watch Lists
  • Marriages, But Only Those in California
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Much More!

As you can see, our professionals have access to large amounts of personal information about individuals with their nationwide skip tracing. Provided the clients have a valid reason for needing access to this restricted information, such as with our nationwide skip tracers, process servers, and private investigators will happily help them conduct skip tracing near me. 😊

Will information from a skip trace be withheld?

There is some information that he is not allowed to release. According to the law in Oklahoma, you cannot receive highly private information like social security numbers and date of birth. This sensitive information is usually withheld to protect the person’s privacy.

Under which circumstances would I need an expert to conduct skip tracing services?

You might want to locate someone and get information such as their phone number, address, and email address. However, it is essential that you employ skip tracing services for legal matters only. There are many cases in which one would find one and hire. Indeed, one can easily hire one to locate persons of interest (POIs) in the following situations:

  • Missing Heirs Who Are Entitled to Money/Property
  • Witnesses at Criminal and Civil Trials
  • Defendants Who Fail to Appear at Court
  • Persons of Interest (POIs) a Process Server is Trying to Serve
  • Unpaid/Deadbeat Clients
  • Bail Jumpers/Bond Jumpers/Fugitives from the Law
  • Individuals Who Owe Money to Others
  • Long-Lost Family Members and Friends
  • POIs in Private Investigations in Oklahoma by a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City at a Private Investigation Agency in OKC

These are just some of the many valid reasons why you can hire them to help you locate missing and absconding persons of interest. If you need assistance with locating and finding someone, then please hire the best tracer from a private investigation agency in Edmond, OK today.

In which cases will a nationwide skip tracer refuse to locate people for me?

A decent and ethical agent will never divulge highly sensitive information that may harm the person of interest (POI). Unless there is a legal matter that the client must address, our officials will not utilize skip tracing services on your behalf to help you locate a missing person(s). They could all endanger the person of interest, as some people might wish to locate them to seek revenge, stalk them, or otherwise cause the POI serious harm.

When is a nationwide skip trace service at our private investigation agency unlikely to be successful? 

They are unlike to achieve your desired results with our skip trace service under the following conditions:

  1. The Person of Interest (POI) is Under 18 Years of Age.
  2. The POI is in Jail.
  3. He is in a Mental Health Facility.
  4. He Has Recently Moved.
  5. He Has Left the United States.
  6. He is in a Nursing Home.
  7. The individual is Just Barely 18-20 Years of Age.
  8. He is 100% Disabled.
  9. The Client Failed to Provide Enough Information About the POI.
  10. The POI Has Secretly Changed Identities.
  11. He is “Laying Low” and Hiding in Another Person’s Home.
  12. He Does Not Pay Taxes, Has No Vehicle, and Pays No Utilities, Etc.
  13. He Recently Changed Jobs.

These are just some of the many reasons why persons of interest may not have their latest, most up-to-date information show up in our skip tracing service conduct. Of course, people age and often their living situations change with time. Thus, their new information will almost always show up with time. 😊

If the skip trace service conducted by a professional fails to pull up the information I need, must I still pay?

Thus must still spend the time, energy, and financial costs of conducting your skip trace service. Thus, just like with attorneys in Oklahoma, these personnel must also receive financial compensation for performing it on your behalf.  Each individual at our company works very hard and must support their families.

On the flip side, however, they will happily re-run your skip tracing service for free once a month for five additional months, should the skip trace not pull up the most accurate results you need. 😊 All you must do is to call, E-mail, or text the owners or one of our personnel at our best private investigation agency in OKC How is that for exceptional customer service?

Why not pay for a cheap location service online?

Most online location services are borderline scams because they seldom, if ever, update their databases. You end up just wasting your money and getting no helpful results. In short, paying for an online location service will just disappoint you and you will eventually have to hire a professional to skip trace persons of interest (POIs) throughout the entire United States of America.

Our professionals will happily re-run your skip trace once a month for the next five months for free if it do not provide the most up-to-date results that benefit you. All you must do is to E-mail, call, or text our private investigators, process servers, and nationwide skip tracers and ask! Yes, it really is that simple! 😊

Can anyone conduct nationwide skip trace by themselves?

Normal individuals do not have the authority or the expertise to conduct this. Only licensed lawyers and private investigators have the authorization to access sensitive information such as social security numbers. They are licensed, insured, and trained specifically to carry out these highly sensitive cases. Not anyone can obtain a license as it requires extensive training and background checks. If anyone could do a skip trace by themselves, then think of the chaos and harm dangerous criminals could cause due to it!

Why should I trust a private investigator, a process server, and a skip tracing service to conduct nationwide skip tracing as part of private investigations in Oklahoma?

Our team of licensed individuals provides the best skip tracing services that you can put your trust in. They have successfully mastered the art of skip tracing service, which you can benefit from when you choose to hire the best skip tracing services for all your legal affairs!

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