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Insurance Fraud Investigations FAQs

Many people are unsure as to what Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Insurance is or how it relates to workers’ compensation private investigations. Our Workers’ Compensation investigators at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City have tons of experience conducting Workman’s Compensation investigations. The owner of our private investigation agency, Dr. Makayla Keefe, and her staff have worked on numerous Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Insurance private investigations cases over their many years in the field of these investigations in Oklahoma, and they have put together as list of Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Investigation FAQ to help their clients with any questions they might have about it. 😊


Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Insurance (OWCI) began in Oklahoma over one hundred (100) years ago in 1915.  Almost every employer is required to carry this, per Oklahoma’s state laws. This came about because so many employers would do absolutely nothing to help injured employees who got hurt on the job or even the families of former employees who died while working for them. Laws like this mandate protection and force many people to do things they would not otherwise do unless forced.

It helps provide financial support for workers and families of employees when the individual gets hurt on the job and is unable to work. Worker’s Compensation helps prevent homelessness and destitution, as it protects society’s most vulnerable individuals.  Without important protective laws aimed at protecting our society’s most vulnerable persons, most if not all employers would just let injured and deceased workers and their families suffer needlessly even though the job itself caused the injury or death. ☹

This occurs when employees at a business pretend to be hurt, so they do not have to work but still get paid a large percentage of their salary or wages. This criminal behavior hurts employers because it makes their rates for this Insurance go up and erodes the public’s trust in it.

Insurance companies can also issue disability policies that pay people monthly amounts of money when they are injured and are unable to work. In addition, employers may carry special liability insurance in place of Workman’s Compensation Insurance or even to supplement it. Much like with this, whenever someone pretends to be hurt so she/he/they does/do not have to work but can still receive something for nothing, it hurts people.

The same holds true for Oklahoma insurance fraud, whenever someone pretends to get hurt in a car accident or a “slip-and-fall” at a place of business or home. By pretending to have an injury, the person seeks to obtain money as “pain and suffering” and/or lost wages, medical care, etc., which can force individuals and businesses to shell out large amounts of money to compensate these fakers.

There are indeed people who really do get injured on the job, in vehicles, and when out in public due to negligence or sheer accident who truly need financial assistance. Therefore, Oklahoma Workman’s Compensation Insurance came about, because it protects people when employers historically could have cared less if their child slave laborers lost an arm or even died in the factories and mills.

Whenever people do abuse it meant to help provide financial assistance to injured individuals, then businesses and governmental agencies often rely upon private investigators to conduct investigations on their behalf. Having a skilled professional can prove to be invaluable.

Some people are just bad people, and they do not care about others or anyone they hurt. Thus, when an opportunity to make a quick buck for zero effort comes along, these individuals will gladly jump at the opportunity to hurt other people for their own profit through such fraud. These crimes often necessitate the use of a licensed official.

By hiring a skilled agent, companies and governmental agencies can help eliminate costly criminal activity and can reduce the financial costs and burdens on employers, insurance companies, and governmental agencies.

If you have found yourself to be the victim of this fraud or suspect someone you know of committing it, then you need to call an expert from a private investigation agency in Oklahoma to assist you with all of your investigations.

Dr. Makayla Keefe and her private investigators are experts in conducting Oklahoma Workman’s Compensation insurance fraud investigations. Contact us today for all your private investigations in Oklahoma. 😊

It can damage businesses, governmental agencies, and the public in general. This happens because some people in our society choose selfishness and greed over kindness, fairness, trustworthiness, and honesty. Indeed, whenever fraudsters choose to work the system by claiming to be hurt in an accident for financial profit and are really just fine it, this type of fraud costs individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies money and a loss of workplace productivity and causes good people to lose faith in important programs that protect injured workers in need.

This is where a private investigator from a reputable private investigation agency can come in handy.  A licensed individual can help determine if individuals are claiming to be hurt in an accident but are out playing sports, loading/unloading heavy objects, and engaging in other physical activities that persons who are truly injured should not normally be able to complete without intense pain and suffering.

People who commit this fraud that requires the services of a licensed investigator to conduct private investigations are often very selfish, immoral individuals who care only about themselves and their own needs and wants without paying any attention to others they harm. These are unscrupulous scoundrels out for easy money and with no moral character.

They are extremely skilled in detecting perpetrators with their Workman’s Compensation Insurance fraud private investigations. If you need a skilled person, please contact Dr. Makayla Keefe or one of her other officials today for assistance with all your case needs.

Our clients usually consist of the following:

  • Businesses – These are most often businesses that have had someone claim to get “hurt” on a job, but who will not even do office filing and/or who are seen doing just enough activity to prove the injury is fake but nothing that is recorded on camera. These companies hire them to assist with solving their case. They typically just need a detective to help catch the “hurt” employee engaging in significant physical activities, such as sports, heavy lifting, etc.
  • Governmental Agencies – Whenever Dr. Makayla Keefe and her other private investigators come into contact with persons working for city, county, state, and federal governmental agencies in Oklahoma, it is most often because they suspect that someone has committed a crime and/or when a licensed individual is testifying at a court or other administrative hearing about this fraud. They will testify about what they saw, when, by whom, and for how long.
  • Insurance Agencies – Insurance agencies often find themselves wrongfully stuck with short- or long-term disability benefits and/or medical bills for someone injured at a workplace accident, in a vehicular accident, or while at a residence. While many such injuries are quite legitimate, others are not and the fraudsters, charlatans, and scoundrels are faking their injuries for financial profits.

Insurance company adjusters and supervisors often contact them. These insurance professionals ask them to determine if the activities of the “injured” parties require more physical stamina and endurance than what an injured person could normally perform.

  • Attorneys/Law Firms – Attorneys and the law firms they work at and for often represent businesses and insurance companies that are concerned about potential insurance fraud. Whether the alleged “injured” person was supposedly hurt in a vehicle accident, while on the job, or even at a store or residence, the attorneys hire Dr. Makayla Keefe and her detectives to help determine if the individuals claiming to be hurt truly are injured or are just faking the whole thing.

They most often catch their persons of interest (POIs) through surveillance. POIs who are committing insurance fraud tend to be outdoors engaging in physically strenuous activities such as sports, heaving lifting/moving, etc., that an injured individual would be unable to partake in. So, how does he catch the POIs for Workers’ Compensation Insurance fraud private investigations in the act?

Using video and photo surveillance, a professional can secure videos and pictures of the POIs out and about doing the physical activity they claim they are “too injured” to do. Sometimes the POIs truly are injured at work, in vehicle accidents, etc., and they will not see her/him/them do anything wrong. At other times, the POI may indeed be out visibly engaging in physically strenuous activities, but sometimes they may not be there when it happens.

If you are in need of an experienced individual to assist you with your Workers’ Compensation fraud investigations, then please contact Dr. Makayla Keefe and her other professionals at our private investigation agency today. 😊

Dr. Makayla Keefe and her private detectives proudly recommend the following schools for Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) licensing as a private investigator in Oklahoma:

  • Other C.L.E.E.T.-Approved Oklahoma Private Investigator Schools

The schools mentioned above are the only C.L.E.E.T.-approved schools sanctioned for initial licensure as a licensed private investigator in Oklahoma. However, for re-certification purposes that require continuing education units (CEUs) every three (3) years, there are also other schools such as the National Investigative Training Academy (N.I.T.A.) that Dr. Makayla Keefe and her private investigators highly recommended for all private investigators in Oklahoma.

To become one who is licensed to conduct Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud Investigations, every individual must complete the following requirements:

  1. He/She must meet the requirements to become eligible for an Oklahoma private investigator license.
  2. He/She must first complete the necessary education and training requirements as a Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.)-Approved Oklahoma private investigator school. Unarmed Oklahoma private detectives must complete Phases I and III, while Armed ones must complete Phases I, III, and IV.
  3. He/She must obtain an Oklahoma private investigator bond at a renowned insurance agency like Sherman-Hume Insurance Agency and form your own company (i.e., incorporated company or limited liability company), or secure gainful employment with a private investigation agency in Oklahoma that carries insurance.
  4. He/She will also need to secure two (2) passport-sized photographs from a place such as CVS, Walgreens, or FedEx Office.
  5. The applicant must also complete fingerprinting with IdentoGO.
  6. Anyone who is seeking to become an armed licensed Workmen’s Compensation Insurance fraud private investigator must take and successfully pass the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI).
  7. Candidate must show a clear criminal history in the city she/he/they live(s) and obtain a clean Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) Background Check.

Once each applicant completes all the steps above, eligible individuals may obtain a license. Working as a Workman’s Compensation Insurance fraud private detective or Oklahoma for a private detective agency in Oklahoma can be a fun and rewarding experience. 😊

Dr. Makayla Keefe is often looking to hire one on behalf of her private investigation agency. The following is a set of links to employment applications for private investigator jobs, polygraph examiners jobs, bodyguard jobs, and expert witness in Oklahoma employment:

If you believe you have what it takes to join our dedicated team of legal professionals, then contact Dr. Makayla Keefe and her staff today for more information. 😊

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