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Explain Oklahoma Process Server

Process Serving is an essential aspect of the legal system, and our team of professionals at Oklahoma Process Server renders Process Services to various individuals, businesses, and government agencies. We have earned our license from the court to act as a disinterested party and assist the clients while ensuring compliance with the regulatory state and federal policies and procedures. Our official title is “Officer of the Court,” and during the COVID-19 shutdown, we e-file papers in open courts and, when the need arises, file them for our clients in person while practicing social distancing.

Does the process servers have to be bonded or insured?

He/ She is required by Oklahoma state law to carry a $5k bond from any private company. He/ She doesn’t need to hold any other insurance; however, having professional liability insurance is advised by professionals. Nevertheless, the ball is in your court; either catch it or leave it; the court won’t probe you. Keep in mind that the basic requirements vary from state to state, and our well-versed law professional will walk you through them meticulously if you require any further assistance.

How may I affect proper civil service on another individual, business, or governmental agency?

There exist four different ways in Oklahoma to serve the documents on individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies.

Typically, paper documents are shared by Certified Mail via a private process server or sheriff’s deputy. Each of the methods comes with various benefits and perils; thus, analyze, identify, and employ the one that suits your case the best to avoid undesirable consequences.

Sending the papers to the party via certified Mail is considered the most cost-effective way. If the party agrees to this process, it becomes indispensable to obtain a return receipt as evidence that the person signed the papers. Down the road, it shall be provided to the judge to confirm the validation of the service. Though it is the cheapest way, many drawbacks are associated with this manner of service.

Many people are likely to show reluctance when signing the papers, which makes the process ineffective in the law’s eyes. Moreover, it will delay your case, costing you more money and time. Another disadvantage lies in the relocation of the person, which will make you track him down, resulting in more time, money, energy, and resources.

In the majority of the cases, the person or entity has to receive the papers personally. However, if the person is not available at the place, then someone who is residing with the person can collect the papers, but he/she must be over fifteen. But then again, not handing the papers directly to the person can cause issues in some cases. In a nutshell, relying solely on certified Mail is not sufficient as it doesn’t guarantee the seamless execution of the process.

Another way to serve the documents is through the sheriff’s deputy, but they are less concerned than the Oklahoma process server. They get their salaries on time, and seldom does anyone question them; hence they don’t go the extra mile to ensure the papers’ delivery to the person. Mere paying a visit at the location, they find enough. They won’t make any extra efforts nor spend additional time waiting and watching for the individual. If there lies any complexity or complication with the serve, opting for a sheriff’s deputy should be the last option.

The benefit of hiring a sheriff’s deputy lies in dealing with federal property and cases when the client seems potentially dangerous. As per the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a process server has the same legal authority to serve papers as a sheriff’s deputy does.

The best route to take is hiring the services of proficient, goal-oriented, and driven professionals. They leave no stone unturned to get the job done and make sure to deliver the paper irrespective of the difficulties and complications.  Moreover, they lead a flexible schedule, unlike the sheriff’s deputy, who performs their duties only within specific hours.

From stakeouts to running special reports, interviewing neighbors, and much more, outstanding individuals like those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are usually the best people to help you with your legal case.

It becomes inevitable to mention that both sheriff’s deputies and private process servers can drop the papers at a person’s door in some limited circumstances. Subsequently, they are required to mail the documents through certified Mail without any further ado. However, some court cases may not allow for this. Even if they do permit, it is less likely to bring about any monetary awards.

One of the less popular methods to serve a person is through publication. With the judge’s permission, a person, business, or governmental agency can get the notice published in any local or national newspaper or through other designated news media outlets to get the news or notice broadcast.

Please explain the different types of service provided at Oklahoma Process Server?

Service of process can be attained through a myriad of ways, such as;

Certified Mail

In the countersuit event, the plaintiff or the defendant can send away the documents via certified mail. Also, the person is required to sign the papers and share the return receipt with the court. The signature is not compulsory in some limited circumstances; however, this exception typically accompanies other service forms, including posting the papers on the person’s house’s front door.

Personal Service

It refers to the method where a sheriff’s deputy or a process server personally brings the papers to the person, business, or governmental agency.

Substitute Service

In this method, they deliver the documents to someone akin or a roommate in case of unavailability.


It talks about the process where they post the notice on the person’s front door or somewhere it is visible to him. In most cases, it is also required to mail the papers through certified mail.

Service by Publication

This process cannot be carried out without prior permission from the court. With the judge’s approval, the notice is published in any local newspapers to inform the person.

Am I supposed to tell the people I am about to take to court to expect that a process server will serve them with court papers?

Well, most of the time, clients are already aware of it. However, it is recommended not to disclose it to them because it makes the job even more taxing for them to complete the service timely and effectively.

Why is the element of surprise considered crucial for a process server?

They usually rely on their aptitude to amaze individuals when they present them the papers. Except if the clients anticipate the documents and eagerly need them, it is typically not in our clients’ best and officials to give them prior notice.

Why make them wait for something and ruin the surprise element?

We make sure to keep the surprise factor intact.

Please explain the significance of skip tracing and when and why do process servers use it?

Skip tracing refers to the functionalities involved in locating pieces of information about a person to determine his/her presence. In order to figure out the person’s actual location, They often search out various social media sites, public records, utilities, public records reports, and much more. Licensed individuals are also licensed as private investigators to delve out the needed information effectively.

Good reasons to use a process server?

Our well-versed and well-trained ones are proficient with executing the services and know the industry’s drills. Their demonstrated track record excellent aptitude, and dedication keep them ahead of the curve and make them the best choice for clients. The blend of cost-effectiveness and knack for completing and delivering timely tasks works as a cherry on the top and keeps us ahead of our competitors.

What is an added benefit that Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers always offers free that is not always available from other companies?

We share the Affidavit of Service (AoS) with you even before the originals are received via mail, ultimately providing you the opportunity to have copies of it along with the invoice.

What kinds of clients use process servers?

Our clients’ list includes but not limited to;

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Attorneys/Law Firms
  • Governmental Agencies

In which local jurisdictions, states, and countries can your process servers affect service on others?

Our professionals have a client-base throughout the United States, and they can serve you in any jurisdiction allowed by law. People from outside the US also contact us for assistance, and our pro-industry specialists understand their specific situations and help them out accordingly.

Can you serve papers to individuals on tribal lands?

Although this is one of the most challenging tasks to provide the service in tribal areas for many reasons; however, we have offered our services in tribal areas after acquiring written permission from the tribal authorities. A federal marshal or any other legally authorized individual can carry out the service in the absence of a permission letter.

Do your process servers do stakeouts? If so, where and when will you go, and how much does it cost to do them?

Yes, the very service is provided, and our adept agents charge $19.99 per hour for waiting and watching. At times, it becomes indispensable for clients to avail of this service to catch the people hiding out.

Do you need us to send you a picture of the individual(s) we want to have served?

The more information you share with us, the better it would be. It will help us resolve the case without any delay. Even in the absence of any image, we can help you out, but it makes the processes a little more complicated and difficult.

What other information is helpful for your specialists to have?

We share a “Client Questionnaire” form with our clients, comprising of all the basic questions. We acquire all the preliminary information about the case and person through this form, and it can be downloaded from our website as well. Then again, the more information you provide, the better it will turn out to be.

What if the person your process servers are about to serve papers on is suspected or known to be dangerous or mentally unstable?

Suppose you suspect or know for a fact about someone to be offensive or react hazardously to whom our expert will attend. In that case, you are advised to inform us in advance, so we may take the necessary measure before knocking at the person’s door.

If you knew about the person’s mental instability and avoided sharing with us the concerns deliberately or intentionally, there will be substantially higher fees assessed to your final bill. On the flip side, if you tell us in advance, there will be an additional “dangerous client,” which will be relatively less than the amount we charge you for misleading/hiding the person’s psychological condition.

May I authorize a hotel and other expenses, if needed?

All the probable additional expenses are listed in the “Client Questionnaire” that we share with you initially. You may review the form and do the needful. Else, you may even authorize us for any additional expenses over the phone. We will ensure carrying out the job activities under the assigned budget. With that, you may also let us know about any specific services you want us not to perform so that our proficient officials ensure adherence to the given guidelines and act accordingly.

Do your process servers provide an Affidavit of Service (AoS)?

Yes, we do provide an Affidavit of Service (AoS) form to our clients. However, if you have any particular form tailored to your jurisdiction, let us know and share it with us, so we may fill that out instead and get you the documents as per your expectations and requirements.

Does the Affidavit of Service (AoS) need to be notarized?

It depends on each court’s jurisdiction, and you can confirm it from the court clerk in your jurisdiction while filing your suit. When in doubt and unable to verify, it is better to get it notarized to avoid undesirable consequences in the long run.

Do you charge money to notarize Affidavits of Service (AoS)?

They will not charge you for notarizing the Affidavit of Service (AoS) as long as our service providers continue not charging us.

Does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers file the Affidavit of Service (AoS)?

We can file the Affidavit of Service (AoS) in certain counties with Oklahoma for free upon request. However, there would be an additional fee if you want us to file it in person in other jurisdictions worldwide. Also, it could be mailed anywhere in the world. So for more details, please contact our professionals.

How long does it take for a process server to serve a client?

It depends on how quickly you want us to get done with it. Typically, it takes 3-7 business days; however, if you opt for urgent or same-day services by making the extra fee, your case shall be handled on a higher priority level. You may visit our website and check out the price for urgent or same-day service for more details.

How many addresses will you pay a visit to?

We will pay a visit to the address you provide in the standard service fee. For more visits to multiple locations, you will have to pay some additional costs. We will visit as many places as you want us to.

What if the person I want to be served does not live at the initial address I provided?

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers is also a licensed private investigation agency; hence our professionals are well conversant with the industry’s tried and tested tips and tricks for determining the person’s location. Although each new visit will cost you some amount; however, sooner or later, we will find the person’s whereabouts since we know the trade ricks.

How many days do I have to get my documents served?

The rules and regulations differ in different states. We recommend you speak with our qualified agents to know about your state’s specific policies and procedures.

Does the process server have to get the party getting served to sign for the documents?

One of our officials is serving papers on does not have to sign for the documents in many cases. If this were indeed the case, most would never do the service, as most people probably would not sign for anything. However, in a few sporadic conditions, clients have explicitly requested us to try to get the people an expert who works for our company to serve to sign the papers. We cannot assure you if the person will sign, but yes, we can ask them to do so if you want us to.

What if the person, business, governmental agency, etc., tries to contest the validity of the service performed by one of them?

We have an in-house team of qualified and professional individuals who make sure to execute their duties diligently and with utter dignity. Also, they ensure compliance with the regulatory state and federal policies to avoid any undesirable consequences. If any party to whom they have served is prone to create obstacles, trying to avoid service, or intending to contest service, in that case, we won’t mind appearing in court and testifying as to the manner of the service. However, that will cost you an additional fee.

If you suspect any individual of trying to contest service for any reason, let us know in advance so we may take photographs or record the process. These pieces of evidence will help you get the favor from the court. Also, the judges in Oklahoma County and other states usually put their faith in an officer’s sworn testimony rather than the party who has been served.

What is your client questionnaire, and why do you ask us to fill it out?

We get to know about some valuable information through this questionnaire, and the given info could be used for some functional purposes. The forms usually ask for essential details about the person, such as possible addresses, phone numbers, a physical description of the person(s), and so much more. The more info you provide, the more seamless and effortless the process will be.

Does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers charge extra for serving multiple documents to the same individual, business, or governmental agency?

For the same case, you may submit as many documents as you want or require; we won’t charge any additional fee other than the printing fees.

How many times will your expert go to the first address I provide to attempt service?

The number of attempts does vary from county to county, but you can find more details about this on the process server page of our website.

Can you guarantee that service on an individual or company?

We don’t believe in promises but performance. Our talented professionals will make sure to go the extra mile and leave no stone unturned to deliver the papers to the other party. However, we cannot guarantee results, and those who promise are just being optimistic instead of being a realist.

Suppose an individual is prone to avoid service. In that case, he/she will make enormous efforts to do so and probably get through as well by changing their phone number, switching jobs, using false social security numbers, varying their routines, and so much more. Ultimately, it prolongs the process and turns out to become pretty pricey.

We have a consistent track record of locating persons who are deliberately trying to avoid the service. Get hold of us and let us help you!

If your process servers cannot locate the individual and make the serve, am I still obligated to pay the fees?

Our meritorious specialists will do anything and everything legally permissible that you financially authorize us to do. Our experts are adept at getting highly creative in their approaches, and our core objective is to ensure that you are delighted and satisfied with everything we do to serve you the best.

Simultaneously, we must pay our staff and cover all of the costs associated with the service. Hence, even if our excellent individuals cannot perform the service as per your expectations, you will still owe us for any assistance we have provided. However, please rest assured that any process server in our company will always do his or her very best.

What happens if the they cannot serve the person or company by the court’s date?

Our well-versed professionals hold a demonstrated track record of serving people on time within budgetary constraints. However, due to any unforeseen reason, we couldn’t locate the person or if the person has relocated to some other city or state. In that case, you may reset the court date, followed by a submission of a new request at our office. A new court date might entail filing an “alias” and possibly paying some additional fees. Many other options you opt for, so get yourself connected with us to explore the available options.

What is the best way for us to get the documents to your process servers?

There exist multiple ways for you to get us the documents, such as;

  • In-person delivery
  • Mail the documents through the United States Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS (Put the documents to the attention of the “Process Server Division”)
  • Email us at (A small fee may incur)
  • Fax the documents at (405) 593-3515 (A small fee may incur)

Why should we choose them?

Our customer service is excellent, coupled with the demonstration of utter professionalism and cost-effectiveness. We stay ahead of the competition, and people put their faith in our experts because of their profound experience, expertise, knowledge, and attitude in the industry.

What is a good faith estimate, and will you provide my company with one?

At times, the most simple and straightforward services pan out to be the most complicated ones and vice versa.

Our process servers first review the case thoroughly and determine the service’s actual cost prior to sharing with you the good faith estimate. It depends on various factors such as the number of people do you want to be served, whether or not they are avoiding service, whether or not the person is mentally unstable/dangerous, etc.

Do I need to prepay for the service(s)?

Generally, we ask for a retainer upfront while dealing with some complex or complicated cases. However, if we have worked with you in the past and the service fee is small for the current case, our adroit process servers may even agree to invoice you for the services rendered. Make sure to pay all the due balances to attain the Affidavit of Service (AoS), as this is released once the final settlement is made.

What is your preferred payment method?

We prefer cash, checks, and money orders. We also accept checks and credit cards made via Paypal; however, if any payment method costs us money, we reserve the right to charge for any fee they charge us.

What types of job openings do you have for process servers?

We have employment opportunities for qualified, experienced, and adept ones, especially those from remote areas, as it’s quite a taxing endeavor to find someone in these areas. If you are a well-trained and skilled individuals and live in a remote location, please visit our website, download the job application, and apply today by emailing or faxing us the documents.

Email us at and Fax the documents at (405) 593-3515.

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