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We are pleased to recommend some really outstanding attorneys in Oklahoma. These are our list of tried-and-true attorneys, and they have NOT paid to be listed here. The following is a list of attorneys, in our opinion, with the best experience, price, professionalism and service:

Austin S. Pieratt Esq

Austin was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After graduating from high school, he attended San Diego State University and graduated with a B.A. in Management of Information Systems.

Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he found his true passion in law and decided to attend the Oklahoma City University School of Law. At the time he had no idea how much affection he would have for the great state of Oklahoma.

After graduating from law school, receiving his Juris Doctors, and becoming licensed to practice law in the wonderful state of Oklahoma Austin decided to make this amazing state his home. Austin specializes in auto accidents/personal injury law, and his passions include music, sports, family, and God.

Contact Information:

Austin S. Pieratt Esq.

512 NW 12th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Office #: (405) 551-5109

Kevin L. Miller

Kevin L. Miller – Mr. Miller has lived in Oklahoma his entire life, with his undergrad in political science from the University of Oklahoma in 1982. He graduated from the Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1985, winning the American Jurisprudence Award for Estate Planning.

Some of the professional associations of which Mr. Miller is a member include the following:

  • Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA)
  • Estate Planning Probate & Trust Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association
  • Oklahoma County Bar Association
  • American Bar Association (ABA)

Kevin has practiced in Oklahoma City full time since 1985, with estate planning (i.e., wills & trusts), probate, elder law and business law. He began working with the Gene Stipe Law Firm from 1985 to 1995, before going into private practice with his own law firm. Mr. Miller is currently licensed to practice law in the following geographic locations:

  • Entire State of Oklahoma
  • U.S. District Courts for Western, Northern & Eastern Districts of Oklahoma
  • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado
  • U.S. District Court of Nebraska

Mr. Kevin L. Miller is a frequent speaker at continuing education seminars on estate planning and probate law, and he is a strong friend and ally of the LGBTQ community.


Landmark Towers West
3555 N.W. 58th Street
Suite 1000
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Office #: (405) 943-6650 Ext. 324

Cell #: (405) 443-5100

Website: www.KevinMillerPC.com

Criminal Defence

Dustin Phillips is by far one of the most trusted criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City. His reputation as a criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City, as clearly evidenced by all of his former clients who say such wonderful things about him, is simply amazing. Mr. Phillips hails from an extensive educational background at Oklahoma City University, and he has served as a distinguished Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer for quite some time.

Dustin’s criminal defense experience in Oklahoma has included pretty much every type of criminal offense in Oklahoma. He is well-rounded and plausibly versed in both rhetoric and law. Mr. Phillips connects extraordinarily well with both other legal professionals and jurors, and this, too, helps further set him apart from other criminal defense lawyers in Oklahoma City.

What You May Expect From Phillips & Associates:

  • Careful Evaluation of Your Case
  • Price You Can Reasonably Afford
  • Experienced Attorney Knowledgeable of The Law 
  • Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney Who Always Answers All Calls, Texts & Emails
  • A Criminal Defense Attorney Willing To Fight For You!

Dustin Phillips of Phillips & Associates is without a doubt our firm’s most highly recommended criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma.  No one here has ever heard any negative complaints about Dustin Phillips, so check out what his clients are saying about him and see for yourself.

Contact Information:

Dustin Phillips, Criminal Defense Attorney

Phillips & Associates
1900 N.W. Expressway, Suite 601
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

Office #: (405) 418-8888

Website: http://www.oklahoma-criminal-defense.com


Criminal Defence

Hayley Potts was born in a small town in Somerset, England, and graduated with her first law degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Law. In 2010, Ms. Potts moved to Oklahoma as part of a pro bono program assisting the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office’s capital defense team. During her time in Oklahoma, she decided to cross-qualify, so she could practice as an attorney in America. In 2013, Ms. Potts graduated with her second law degree from Oklahoma City University.

Since 2013, Ms. Potts has made an extremely distinguished record as a criminal defense attorney, and has continued to demonstrate an increased level of community responsibility as a member of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association and a board member for the Young Lawyers’ Division of the Oklahoma County Bar Association.

While her sweet demeanor and cute British accent are sure to charm any juror, Hayley will help you win your case with her vast amount of knowledge, legal experience and expertise on two different continents.

Contact Information:

Hayley Potts

500 N. Walker, Suite B
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73012

Office #: (405) 236-2221

Websites: www.ThePottsLawOffice.com



Process Serving in Oklahoma

Are you a law firm in need of papers being served? What about an insurance agency looking for some process serving assistance? Whatever you might be – a small business, individual citizen, hefty law firm or bustling insurance agency – if your desire is to find aid in serving papers, you can count on our Oklahoma process servers to get the job done.


If your need involves hiring a skip tracer in Oklahoma, look no further because we have got you covered. After all, we only offer the best of the best. Our team of OKC skip tracers take pride in their ability to provide you with skip tracing services that will easily exceed your expectations. The way they see it? The skill of tracking a person is an art form – an art form that they have mastered.

Private Investigations in Oklahoma City

We did not stop at private investigations in Oklahoma City and private investigation agency in Edmond OK services. What makes you think we will stop at process serving in OKC and nationwide skip tracing services? Never! Not when our skilled Oklahoma City private investigation team also offers professional notary public services in Oklahoma. With the ability to notarize in a timely and professional manner, each notary public in OKC’s skills is worth more than just a mention – they are also worth hiring the notary public in Edmond OK. Do not just listen to the words you are reading though: take a chance on our notary public in OKC services today and find out for yourself.

If you or someone you know is in need of an Oklahoma City private investigator, please CALL us at (405) 403-0106 today! Our private investigator in Edmond OK will be happy to assist you with all of your private investigation in OKC OK needs anywhere in Oklahoma.

Our highly trained and specialized team of Oklahoma private investigators are very knowledgeable, and each private detective in OKC OK will happily work with you to help determine the costs, potential outcomes, and how best to help you meet your private investigations in OKC OK needs. Each private investigator in Edmond OK has a unique and varied educational and professional experience. Please stop by 6051 North Brookline Avenue, Suite 129, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 or call (405) 403-0106 to speak with an Oklahoma City private investigator today.

Nationwide Skip Tracing Service at a Private Investigation Agency in Moore

How to Become a Nationwide Skip Tracing Service at a Private Investigation Agency in Moore, OKC

Many private investigation agencies in Moore, OKC, offer nationwide skip tracing services. This private investigation agency in Moore, OKC, is often used by bail bondsmen and private investigators in OKC to locate people who have skipped town. A skip tracer is a type of private investigator in Moore, OKC, whose job is to seek out people who have skipped town for several reasons. Various people can perform the duties of a skip tracer in OKC,

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Handle Transphobia from the Assholes

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How a Process Server in Oklahoma City, OK, Should Handle Transphobia from the Assholes at Southwestern Behavioral Health Center As stated by a process server OKC, the bill has been passed, and the rights of the LGBTQIA+ Community are now legally protected by the law. At the same time, you might expect everything to be diamonds and roses with a little happily ever after. Sadly, this is not the case. For some reason best known

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Conduct Polygraph Examinations in Yukon, OK

How Polygraph Examiners Conduct Polygraph Examinations in Yukon, OK

polygraph examinations by OKC private investigations How possible is it to tell whether a person is telling the truth or not? With polygraph examinations in Oklahoma City, you can! While this test does not necessarily screen your conscience and print it out in black on a blank sheet of paper, it has its technicalities that allow you to pick the degree of truth or lies in a statement. It is a vital tool in the

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Proper surveillance techniques can make or break the surveillance investigation game. Private investigators Oklahoma must take appropriate training from their supervisory level private investigator OKC.

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CRT Into Everyday Process Serving in Oklahoma City

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Mobile Notary in Oklahoma City for Notarizing Urgent Legal Documents

The Benefits of a Mobile Notary in Oklahoma City for Notarizing Urgent Legal Documents in Edmond, OK

In every legal system, the role of a notary public worker is significant. Notary public workers are concerned with everything signature, from affidavits to legal contracts. At some point or the other, you will require the services of a mobile notary in Oklahoma City. These services might include verification and identification services as well. With this in mind, the duties of a notary public worker seem easy enough. Notarize urgent documents with a mobile notary in Oklahoma City Although collecting signatures

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