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What is a process server in Oklahoma City?

What is a process server in Oklahoma City?

A process server in OKC is officially designated to serve as an officer of the court. He is given authority and privileges as a member of the court, the details of which are provided below:

A process server OKC enjoys the same authority and privileges as a Sheriff’s deputy; in accordance with Title 12 in the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure. He can be trusted to deliver legal documents and notices to the court and concerned clients.

Once an Oklahoma process server is licensed by a judge, he is rewarded with the duty to transport and deliver importance civil court documents and notices to individuals, organizations, and government agencies. A process server OKC is also required to attain a bond from a private company. He must also always carry his license as identification proof whenever actively serving papers.

It is not easy for any individual to become a licensed process server in Oklahoma. In order to acquire the license a long list of requirements must be fulfilled by a process server OKC, some of which include:

  • He must be 18 years or above.
  • He must possess a sound moral character
  • He must be ethically correct and mentally healthy to function as an officer of the court
  • He must not have any felonies in both Oklahoma and any other state of the country

What qualifications must a process server have in Oklahoma?

A number of steps need to be completed in order to become a functional process server in Oklahoma. These include:

  • Two passport sized photographs of the candidate need to be taken.
  • The candidate must bring the photographs along with the appropriate fee to the county clerk’s office.
  • The applicant must fill out the appropriate application for the process server license at the office, after which he must go and publish a formal notice of his intent to obtain a process server license in a newspaper. Special papers are available where a prospective process server can simply pay to publish the information.
  • The applicant will then be issued a court date, which is usually one month post the date as to when the applicant published his intent to acquire a process server license with a special newspaper. A few states in the United States like Texas also require applicants to undergo specialized training before submitting their application.
  • Applicants must then obtain a $5,000 bond which normally costs only %50 per year.
  • A copy of the bond must be submitted to the clerk’s court office prior to the court date.
  • Oklahoma process servers may not have to visit the court but may choose to do so. Typically, a judge just signs off on the licenses for Oklahoma process servers which may be delivered to them by the court clerk’s employees or they may collect the license from the Court Clerk’s office.

Oklahoma process server license

Before applying for an Oklahoma process server license it is important to understand that there are two distinct types: Statewide license and Countrywide. Both of these licenses offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages to process servers in Oklahoma City. To determine which type of license would be suitable for an applicant, it is important to consider how they intend to put it to use.

Statewide License:

Process servers in Oklahoma City who opt for this type of license will have the authority to serve papers to people throughout the entire state of Oklahoma; they would have privileges of a process server throughout the State. This license is considered the best type to have since it offers process server OKC greater flexibility and authority. A process server with a statewide license would be able to locate elusive individuals across multiple counties. The only down point is that it much more expensive to acquire.

Countrywide License:

Process servers who hold a countywide license would have privileges to serve court papers to individuals or businesses residing only with the county they are licensed in. Although fairly affordable, this type of license is very restricting to process servers. If an individual was to leave a county in an attempt to avoid being served court papers or changes his address to another corner in the state, then the process server cannot take any legal action against him.

An exception to the countywide license and its terms is the Foreign Service license. Through this license process servers who are already licensed as Oklahoma process servers in a specific county can broaden their reach by serving papers in other counties as well. In order to be able to do this, process servers must pay a fee of approximately $25 per additional county.

However, it is obvious that process servers with a statewide license would be at a greater advantage then countywide or even Foreign Service license holders since they would still only have access to one or a few counties in contrast to a complete state.  This is mainly why the statewide license is the most recommended type of license for process servers OKC.

Another huge advantage of the statewide process server license is its renewal fees. Whenever a statewide licensed Oklahoma process server would like to renew his license he would have to pay for a far less expensive statewide license and a 3 year Oklahoma process server bond. Apart from the 1st initial year, a statewide process server license is valid for 3 years and costs around $300 dollars. While in contrast, acquiring a countywide Oklahoma process server license along with the bonds would be far more expensive; and would still restrict the areas as to where papers could be served.

Hence, we can conclude that the most desirable and beneficial type of license for process servers OKC would be statewide. Since many Oklahoma process servers do not have the financial means to afford this license, it would be recommended that they start off with the countywide license and work their way forward.

By whom are the process servers hired in Oklahoma?

Process servers OKC are hired by different types of organizations and individuals. Their services may be required by banks, governmental agencies, insurance companies, businesses, attorneys, and private individuals. With the passage of time, the job profile of an Oklahoma process server exceeds expectations and they begin handling a number of different matters from small claim lawsuits, summons, child custody papers, victim protection orders, subpoenas, restraining orders, etc.

An Oklahoma process server’s name will be posted in the list of process servers in the county he is licensed in, but this alone will not be able to generate enough clients and income for a process server OKC. If a process server OKC is looking to have a steady and accomplished career he should get himself affiliated with a company like private investigators Oklahoma City.

Process Server Tasks

From a broad perspective, the role of a process server seems fairly basic; they are entrusted to serve court papers to individuals or businesses. But once you get into the details you will realize that most people do not want court papers to be served to them and may make all possible attempt to avoid them. A process server’s OKC job hence also includes tracking down all such individuals, no matter where they may be hiding or relocating to, and serve the papers. A process server may resort to a number of methods to track down an individual. These include searching different houses, interviewing neighbors, cyber research and tracing, skip tracing, working collaboratively, waiting, and observing. Despite all these efforts, the concerned person may still escape. While this may be an extremely frustrating situation for a client and his attorney it should not affect the process server OKC since they are designated to be disinterested parties to a case and should not get involved.

Even though Oklahoma process servers can show no involvement or interest to a case, those to whom the papers are served are sometimes emotionally charged and can at times take out their stress and anger on the process servers. This is why process serves OKC must at all times be vigilant and cautious of their surroundings.

Process Server Safety

process servers OKC are trained to look after themselves and treat every individual they are about to serve papers to as a potential treat – An Oklahoma process server must always clearly communicate where he is headed to, how much time the delivery will take and when he should be expected to return to someone.

It can be concluded that Oklahoma process servers can live a comfortable life through their line of work. Those who work and are affiliated with the private investigator Oklahoma City are trained and treated respectfully and are taught to handle each person they serve papers to with respect, sensitivity, and civility.

If you have any questions about Oklahoma process servers and their line of work then contact us. Our knowledgeable representative will answer all your questions to the best of their abilities!

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