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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the methods that private investigators use to solves cases?

Each Oklahoma private investigator uses different methods for each individual case. Different cases require different tactics, and that could include anything from putting a tracking device on someone to doing a room sweep for bugs and trackers. If you would like to discuss your Oklahoma private investigation case with a private investigator OKC, please contact a private investigator Oklahoma City directly at (405) 403-0106.

How much does it cost to hire a private investigator OKC?

Each private investigator OKC can set his or her own individual prices. Whenever hiring an Oklahoma City private investigator, please remember to check to see what education and training that private investigator Oklahoma City actually has. You will often find that you get the quality of the Oklahoma private investigator that you pay for.

What training and skills are required to conduct Oklahoma private investigations?

Each agency is free to set the general education and training requirements for their respective Oklahoma private investigators. However, Oklahoma’s laws and the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) also requires each Oklahoma licensed private investigator to pass the state’s own training and licensing requirements. In general, a prospective unarmed Oklahoma private investigator must successfully take CLEET’s Phases I & III. That private investigator must then pass the state-mandated tests. All armed OKC private investigators must successfully take and complete CLEET’s Phases I, III and IV, the latter of which allows them to carry a firearm while on duty. Once again, each private investigator Oklahoma City must also satisfy the education and training requirements of each respective agency. Oklahoma’s laws do not currently require any additional education or training, other than the previously mentioned CLEET training. However, an Oklahoma City private investigator who is going to be successful usually does have additional university education, military/police experience, etc.

How do I know whether or not I need a private investigator OKC to help me with my private investigations Oklahoma City cases?

In order to lawfully conduct Oklahoma private investigations, an individual must first receive a license from the state of Oklahoma. If your matter involves missing children, surveillance, child custody, cheating spouses, etc., then you will likely need to have a private investigator OKC to help you with the case. Having a trained and experienced private investigator Oklahoma City to assist you with your case can often help you in so many ways, and the cost is often worth the benefits you will receive from your Oklahoma private detective.

How and where does an individual get licensed as a private investigator OKC?

The first thing that an individual seeking to become a licensed Oklahoma private detective needs to do is to make sure that he or she meets the minimum requirements. The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) lists its information for applicants and required training for Oklahoma private detectives on its website.

What are the minimum age requirements to be a private investigator OKC?

Each person wishing to serve as an unarmed Oklahoma private investigator must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Someone wishing to be an armed private investigator OKC must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Is your firm currently hiring Oklahoma private investigators?

We do, from time-to-time, hire additional licensed private investigators. Our need for Oklahoma private investigators varies based upon our clients’ needs.

What is the typical pay and salary that private investigators Oklahoma City can expect to earn?

Private investigators OKC can expect to make anywhere between $25-$75 per hour, plus mileage and expenses. The salary for a private investigator OKC largely depends on whether he owns his or her own business, as well as how much the client can afford to pay. Also, the private investigator OKC’s experience level and educational background may also influence his or her salary potential. Armed OKC private investigators also tend to make more than unarmed Oklahoma City private investigators.

Why do tinted car windows often help Oklahoma City private investigators?

Tinted windows can often help Oklahoma City private investigators go undetected by those they are investigating. No Oklahoma private investigator wants the person he or she is conducting surveillance on to know someone is in a parked car. Likewise, no clients wants the person of interest to know that an Oklahoma City private detective is following him or her! Private investigators Oklahoma City do not have to pay an inordinate amount for tinted windows, so the cost versus the benefits makes for a good deal!

Is serving as a private investigator OKC dangerous?

Working as a licensed Oklahoma private investigator can sometimes be quite dangerous. Depending on what case a private investigator OKC is working on, the danger level can be relatively low or extremely high. Some people under surveillance might be breaking the law, or the Oklahoma City private investigator might be conducting a Oklahoma City private investigation into a murder or a missing children case. The people under surveillance might be carrying knives, guns or even bombs! This is why the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) provides for two different types of private investigator Oklahoma City licenses.

What is the difference between the “armed” and “unarmed” Oklahoma private investigator licenses?

The first type of Oklahoma private investigation license is that of an “unarmed private investigator”. With this type of license, a private detective Oklahoma does not have to take any firearm training courses. Likewise, the Oklahoma City private investigators with this type of Oklahoma private investigation license may not carry any firearm. Thus, if the Oklahoma private eye gets into trouble or needs to protect himself with a firearm, then that private detective Oklahoma City’s only options will be to call the police or to bring an armed Oklahoma private investigator along who can lawfully carry a firearm. The second type of Oklahoma private investigation license is that of an “armed private investigator”. In addition to completing Phases I & 3 and passing their tests, an armed Oklahoma City private investigator must also take the CLEET Phase IV class and pass that accompanying test. The Phase IV class is the firearms training, and it also requires that all candidates take and pass a psychological evaluation. Once Oklahoma private investigation candidates have successfully done this, they will also be allowed to carry a firearm with them.

How do I hire a private investigator to help me with my case?

Our highly trained and specialised team of Oklahoma private investigators is very knowledgeable and will happily work with you to help determine the costs, potential outcomes, and how best to help you meet your needs. Each Oklahoma private investigator has unique and varied educational and professional experience. Please stop by 3201 N.E.119th St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73131 or call (405) 403-0106 today to speak with an Oklahoma City private investigator today.

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