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Mobile Notary Public in Oklahoma

One of the best side hustles around is to become a mobile notary in Yukon, Oklahoma at a private investigation agency and work as a signing agent in Oklahoma. Loan signing agents are mobile notaries at a private investigation agency help with loan signings for properties, which are primarily residential/housing locations and businesses

If you have ever wanted to learn how to work as an effective mobile notary, then our private investigation agency in Moore, Oklahoma’s website is perfect for you. On this page, you will learn all about what a mobile notary is, as well as the loan signing agent in Oklahoma City process. 😊

What is a mobile notary?

A mobile notary is a professional who travels to your home or office to notarize a particular document or set of legal documents. These documents might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Vehicle Titles
  2. Last Will and Testaments
  3. Living Wills
  4. Durable Powers of Attorney
  5. Medical Powers of Attorney
  6. Official Letters and Applications
  7. Home/Office/Car Loan Documents
  8. Divorce Paperwork
  9. Child Custody Paperwork
  10. Bills of Sale
  11. Business Agreements & Other Contracts
  12. Anything Else Requiring Notarization by a Notary Public in Oklahoma 😊

The process for a mobile notary is as follows:

  1. An applicant verifies the signer’s identity.
  2. The signer signs the document in front of the mobile notary.
  3. The applicant then signs and stamps the document.
  4. The mobile notary then returns the document to the signer.

They do indeed have a very simple duty to complete, but the notarization process itself is very important. Indeed, they do not have to read the document or even understand the language in which it is written. The mobile notary is not endorsing the content of the document itself. Instead, he is merely verifying that the person signing the document(s) is/are indeed who she/he/they say(s) she/he/they is/are.

What do mobile notaries in OKC do?

Some people might ask, “Why does our society need them?”

They travel to public meetings where a client, such as a real estate agent, requires one at the location to sign the documents, such as loan applications or real estate transactions. Some also work in traditional office settings and call for travel assignments, while other professionals work exclusively for a company or as an independent contractor in a mobile role. As a notary public, you serve as an impartial, third-party witness to ensure that the documents are signed with a valid signature and that all parties comply with their specific transaction laws. And the rules are clear.

How much notary public work is available for one who works as a mobile notary in Oklahoma signing agent?

The amounts of money a mobile notary can make are limitless. There are so many loan signing agencies on the Internet that have a plethora of work to offer someone wishing to notarize legal documents as one at a private investigation agency in OKC.

One of the benefits of being this specialist is that there are a ton of opportunities for them to work as a loan signing agent. Indeed, there are signing agents who work full-time and make $15,000 per month or more.

Of course, other factors can affect the income that a professional who works as a loan signing agent, such as the size city where he/she lives, the health of the real estate market, and the number of others who work in your area. Still, there are notary loan signing agents from private investigation agencies across the country who work on loan closings on a both part-time and full-time basis and can make decent money.

What are the requirements to become a mobile notary?

The requirements to become one are like that of a traditional notary public and they can vary from state to state. The general requirements for them are as follows:

Notary Public Requirements:

  1. The applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, may not have any felony convictions, and must be a citizen of the United States of America. Before proceeding to step 2 below, every candidate must meet all the prerequisites listed above.
  1. Every individual must apply for a commission as a notary public.
  1. He/she must obtain a $1,000 notary public in Oklahoma City bond.
  1. Anyone seeking to become a mobile notary must obtain an official seal or stamp.

Optional Steps a Notary Public May Complete:

  1. Our private investigation agency recommends that everyone seeking employment  obtain a record book.
  2. It is recommended that each candidate obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance, also known as “E & O Insurance”.
  3. We strongly urge every individual to complete special training classes for mobile notaries seeking to work as signing agents in Oklahoma.
  4. Joining the National Notary Association, also known as the NNA, is not a requirement to become one. However, most or all of them will find the NNA as a valuable resource for their profession as one. 😊

Requirements for a Remote Notary Public:

  1. Anyone seeking to become a remote notary public in Oklahoma must complete the form and pay the extra $25.00 fee. There is not extra bond to submit.

What expenses does a beginning mobile notary incur?

They will have some initial start-up costs, but fortunately, they do not have to spend large amounts of money to find success. 😊 The general expenses will incur are typically as follow:

Mobile Notary in Oklahoma Bond: The candidate must obtain this special bond. The Oklahoma notary public bond fee is typically about $10.00.

Commission: Every applicant must first complete the mobile notary public application and pay the $25.00 fee.

Mobile Notary Public Stamp/Seal: A company like Walker and Companies can get a nice mobile notary public seal or stamp  made for them. These seals/stamps usually cost about $25.00 or so.

Errors and Omissions Insurance a.k.a. “E & O Insurance”: Most do not have to carry Errors and Omissions Insurance/E & O Insurance, but many do just to be on the safe side. For those who also act as loan signing agents, the loan signing companies often require the official to carry it. The actual cost of the Errors and Omissions Insurance itself is not very expensive and varies from company to company and by the amount of E & O Insurance itself.

Remote Notary Public Book: The State of Oklahoma does not require anyone to carry and use a special book that keeps a record of names, notarizations, dates, times, etc. It usually costs about $20 or less. However, the State does require all persons working as a remote/online notary to keep a written journal of all remote/online notary signings in an electronic format that is tamper-resistant. The cost of the electronic journal is free and can basically be anything in a secure format.

Training Classes: The State of Oklahoma does not require them to complete training as a notary public at a private investigation agency, prior to receiving a commission as one. However, many find these training classes to be helpful. Some loan signing companies require the trainings for them to serve as a signing agent in Oklahoma. Training classes for mobile notaries can run anywhere from less to a hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of course and the number of courses the official takes.

Printer, Ink/Toner, and Paper: Needless to say, an individual who also works as a mobile notary and a loan signing agent will end up having to print out quite a bit of paper. Indeed, when charging a fee for services as a loan signing agent, the agent typically factors the cost of printing out documents into the price he/she charges her/his/their clients. A stationary notary public or even a mobile notary, who does not work as a loan signing agent will likely have nothing to print out. Printing supplies and equipment for them can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year for very active ones.

Mileage, Gas, Brakes, Air Filters, Oil Changes, Repairs, Insurance, Taxes, Etc.: As with the expenses for paper, ink/toner, and printer noted above, a mobile notary public will likewise have expenses associated with the use of a vehicle. These are just normal operating expenses that come with the job of working as one, but every specialist must keep these expenses in mind when negotiating contracts and around tax time when it comes to tax write-offs. 😊They can expect to spend thousands dollars each years in vehicle repairs, maintenance, depreciation, etc., but the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) generally allows generous tax deduction allowances to help compensate for these expenses.

Advertising the Service: Every professional must inevitably advertise her/his/their services, unless they only work directly as loan signing agents for nationwide loan signing companies. There are a plethora of websites where they can hang their shingle out as a notary public. Advertising costs for them can run anywhere from less than $100 a year for some websites to hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, depending on where they advertise. 😊

National Notary Association (NNA) or American Association of Notaries (AAN) Membership Dues: As with all professions, they can join professional national associations for notaries public. The cost of joining the NNA or AAN usually runs less than $100 per year.

Exploring the Differences Between a Mobile Notary and a Notary Public:

He must be commissioned by the State of Oklahoma as a notary public. A notary public that is stationary typically works at a bank, store, or perhaps out of the notary public’s home or office. A stationary one does not travel from the place and is very limited by Oklahoma’s laws as to what she/he/they can charge others for his/her services.

By contrast, a mobile notary is also a professional the State of Oklahoma has also commissioned as a notary public. However, unlike a stationary one that waits for clients to come to her/him/them, he/she travels to places that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Homes/Apartments/Residences
  • Nursing Home Facilities
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Anywhere Client Needs Something Notarized

Many mobile notaries often work as loan signing agents in Oklahoma, which necessitates printing out large amounts of documents and traveling to homes, offices, and other locations where clients need their assistance. Loan signing agents can stay very busy and must handle numerous notarizations for each client very carefully.

Whereas clients of a stationary individual typically bring the documents to him, the clients of mobile notaries must sometimes locate, print out, and bring the necessary documents and living wills with them to the clients.

Likewise, due to the extra costs associated with traveling, they may charge whatever fee they wish. They are not bound by statutory constraints which dictate the amounts they must charge for notarizing documents for their clients.

Loan Signing Agents at a Private Investigation Agency in OKC

Requirements: To work as a loan signing agent, a person must first receive a commission as a notary public from the State of Oklahoma vis-à-vis the Secretary of State. Indeed, no person may work as a loan signing agent without first becoming a notary public.

Once a person becomes one, she/he/they must then also obtain a special notary public seal or stamp that each individual working as a loan signing agent must carry and use when notarizing legal documents.

Loan signing companies in Oklahoma and elsewhere also sometimes require them to carry Errors and Omissions (E & O) Insurance, which covers their liability in the event they make a big mistake that costs her/his/their clients a substantial amount of money.

Additionally, some loan signing companies might also require their agents to complete some kind of advanced training classes as a notary public, prior to performing work for them as a loan signing agent. This type of advanced training can also help them to work more efficiently, confidently, and with fewer errors and other costly mistakes.

Services Performed: An expert who is working as a private detective who is simultaneously doing work as a loan signing agent has very important duties.

Their duties typically include printing out the loan documents and then traveling to the home, office, etc., of the individual needing a loan signing.

They verify the identity of the person(s) signing the loan documents, before witnessing them sign the documents one at a time. Typically, most such companies ask the mobile notary public in Oklahoma City to request two (2) forms of identification from the signers, such as a driver’s license, passport, etc.

Once the official has successfully verified the identity of the individuals signing the loan documents, then she/he/they may commence with the signing and notarization of the loan documents themselves. They must take great care to ensure that the signers sign their names exactly as they appear on the documents, that they sign in the correct places, and that they mark down the correct date. They will need to sign and stamp the documents with her/his/their official notary seal or stamp as well once the signers have signed each document.

Once the clients have signed all the loan documents in front of the mobile notary public, the loan signing agent sends the documents back to the loan signing company via e-mail and/or FedEx, UPS, etc. He will need to include an invoice for services performed as a mobile one.

Where notary signing agents can offer their mobile notary public services: They are prohibited from performing certain acts in some states. In Oklahoma, these acts which he/she/they may not perform include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Immigration Counsel/Acts, Unless Working as a Licensed Attorney
  • Unless the professional personally knows the signer or is also commissioned as a remote notary public, then he must ensure that the signer is physically present in front of the official and signs the documents in front of her/him/them.
  • A mobile notary public is unable to validate any sort of object.
  • The State of Oklahoma does not permit them to post-date or pre-date any notarial certificate.
  • They may not notarize a copy of a signature; the document must be the original with the signer’s original signature on it.
  • They may not notarize any documents if the professional believes that doing so will jeopardize her/his/their impartiality.
  • The State of Oklahoma does not permit them that they may not certify that a particular document is a valid translation in a different language than the original document. However, they may certify the oath of an individual who swears that the translation of a document is true and correct.
  • They are unable to advertise in any language other than English, unless the professional specifically states that she/he/they is/are not a lawyer – unless they are indeed a licensed attorney in Oklahoma.
  • No mobile notary may not fill in a notarial certificate with any sort of information that the notary public knows to be false.
  • No mobile notary is permitted to give out any sort of legal advice.
  • It is illegal for them to translate the words “notary public” into any other language.
  • No one may notarize any document if she/he/they is/are unable to confirm/verify the identity of the signer.
  • No one may sign any document with any name or initials, other than what is listed on the notary public in Oklahoma City from a private investigation agency in Norman, OK’s original notary commission.
  • They may not alter a notarial certificate, once the notarization process is complete. 😊
  • If a mobile notary public believes that a transaction will be illegal, then he/she may not notarize the document(s).
  • They may not notarize any documents whereby the signer of the documents appears mentally incapable of doing so (i.e., if the person has dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.).
  • They may not notarize her/his/their own signature or any document which gives benefits to the notary public in Oklahoma from a private investigation agency in The Village, OK (i.e., a last will and testament).
  • They must only date the document for the actual date of notarization.
  • They may not notarize a document, if the document itself, the signer, or someone else who has a connection to the document states that notarization is required.
  • They must ensure that the document she/he/they is/are notarizing has no missing or blank pages.
  • The State of Oklahoma does not permit a mobile notary public to charge for notarizing an election ballot. However, a notary public does not have to not notarize an election ballot or any other document if she/he/they do/does not want to.
  • The State of Oklahoma does not allow for a notary public to sign/seal any notarial certificate that is blank.
  • The State of Oklahoma does not permit a notary public from a private investigation agency in Mustang, Oklahoma to notarize or otherwise certify as originals, copies, etc., documents such as birth certificates, passports, college degrees, etc.


Mobile notaries in Oklahoma City at private investigation agencies play a crucial role in the verification process of essential documents. They can help cut down on fraudulent documents and forgeries and play an invaluable role in modern society. Mobile notaries can help in real crunch times, and anyone wishing to become a notary public at a private investigation agency in Oklahoma is indeed entering a very noble profession. 😊

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