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Process Server in El Reno, Oklahoma FAQs

Having to hire a process server in El Reno, OK from a private investigation agency can sometimes prove to be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, they can help take the stress away. 😊Every process server at our private detective agency in El Reno, OK has received special training in how to conduct process serving.

Some potential clients still have questions about process serving in El Reno, Oklahoma, and what a process server does. Thus, the owners of our private investigation have put together a set of questions and answers about them to assist with the growth of knowledge about process serving near me.


A specialist who delivers court documents and other legal papers to individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations on behalf of clients. These legal papers often, but not always, involve legal court case filings such as small claims affidavits and orders, petitions, and summonses, victim protection orders (VPOs), etc. Their role is to serve as a nonpartisan delivery person – a mail carrier of sorts – to deliver legal documents and notices to other people.

They help the legal process by delivering court documents and other legal papers to defendants/respondents and plaintiffs in court cases. They act in the capacity of an official messenger, notifying others of pending legal actions. They must be impartial witnesses with no personal stake in the outcome of the legal proceedings.

Process servers serve court documents to other people. He/ She serves as an official messenger and lets other people know when someone has filed a lawsuit and other filings in the court process. He/ She must have a statewide process serving license from the State of Oklahoma.

To become a process server at a private detective agency, an applicant must ensure that she/he/they meet(s) the necessary requirements. The prerequisites one must first satisfy to become a process server are as follow:


  1. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  1. Each applicant must make sure she/he/they has/have no pending felony charges, felony convictions, or pending violent misdemeanor charges or convictions.
  1. Each applicant must be a United States Citizen or have permission and status to lawfully work within the United States of America.
  1. Each must be a resident of Oklahoma.
  1. Each person must ensure that she/he/they is/are not registered sex offenders.
  1. An applicant must not have had her/his/their process server near me license revoked for the first time within the last five (5) years or more than one time under any circumstance.

If each person wishing to become an official has met all the requirements above, she/he/they must then complete the following steps:

  1. An applicant must first complete the process server license application and pay the fee to the court clerk.
  2. Everyone must purchase a five thousand dollar ($5,000) process server license bond from an insurance agency like Sherman-Hume.
  1. Each applicant must obtain two (2) passport-sized photographs from a place like CVS, Walgreens, or FedEx Office.
  1. You must also publish notice of your license application with an official legal journal or paper such as The Journal Record.

Each applicant must submit all the items in numbers two (2) through four (4) to the court clerk before her/his/their court date the court clerk has set for the judge to review the process server license application in Oklahoma.


The process servers will typically ask each process-serving client in El Reno for the following information about their case:

  1. Process Server Client Questionnaire
  1. Name of the Defendant(s)/Respondent(s)
  • Address of the Defendant(s)/Respondents
  1. A List of the Documents You Want Served
  1. A Designation of “Rush” or “Routine” Service of Process
  1. A Photo or Physical Description of the Defendant(s)/Respondents(s) if an Individual/Person & Available


  • Payment for the Process Serving in El Reno, Oklahoma
  • The Actual Documents You Want Served

Please be sure to bring all the items listed above with you to our office location, or you may also mail them or E-mail them to our corporate office. If you are unsure how to E-mail documents to us as a .pdf, please view this instructional video to learn how. It is easy! 😊

Most of them do not call you. Instead, they will want the benefit of surprise. Thus, if a professional calls you on the phone, it is more likely that you as a defendant will start to avoid service of process by him/her.

Therefore, most people calling defendants/respondents claiming to be “process servers” are just debt collectors doing something illegal. The others are actual ones who are either trying to trick you into meeting with them or are just trying to make life easier for both of you in hopes you will want to just take the court papers and stop for the day.

No, under Oklahoma’s laws, he/she may not have any pending felony charges, felony convictions, or even certain violent misdemeanor crimes.

Some circumstances exist when they may leave court documents on the door or on the ground of an individual’s residence or office building. However, in many cases, a court will reject this service if the circumstances fall outside of the state’s process serving in Oklahoma guidelines.

If a professional is leaving a five (5) day notice to pay or quit on your door, also known as pre-eviction papers, then yes, he/she may indeed leave the court papers on your front door. The courts consider this to be good service via posting of a five (5) day notice to pay or quit.

He/ She may also post a petition and summons for forcible entry and detainer on a defendant’s/respondent’s front door and mail a copy of the court documents to the same address by certified mail with a return receipt, if the petitioner/plaintiff seeks possession of the property only and is not desiring a money judgment.

Also, they me may also drop court papers onto the ground of any defendant/respondent who sees the legal documents but refuses to take the legal papers in her/his/their hands. The same holds true if they see a defendant/respondent hiding inside of a home or office building and calls out to her/him/their about the papers and identifies herself/himself/themselves as one, but the defendant/respondent adamantly refuses to come to the front door as though it will be effective.

Other than the circumstances above, no, they may not get lazy and just drop the papers on the ground because they do not want to come back to make additional attempts on service of process of court documents.

They offer several speeds of service for court documents. The most utilized is routine service, where they will make the first attempt within three (3) to seven (7) business days. Sometimes they can accomplish the first attempt sooner than the three (3) to seven (7) day maximum window, but it is never later. 😊

Our specialists can also start the process of serving in Oklahoma the very same day. This is known as rush service. They will make the first attempt at rush service the same day. This speed of service is perfect for those clients who need one to complete the process serving ASAP.

Lastly, they also have what is called super rush service. This type is ideal for those who need them to drop everything they are doing and do the process serving that very second. This is the most expensive form of process serving because it is also the fastest.

They are usually quick about completing it. Each agent tries to ensure that all rush serves and super rush serves are started right away and hopefully have a definitive answer on the matter within three (3) business days at the very latest. Likewise, the owners of our private detective agency try to give our process servers a full week to complete each routine serve for less urgent court and other legal matters.

Some factors that may affect the speed of service, aside from the specific method our clients choose, are as follow:

  1. Remoteness of the Location of the Defendant/Respondent
  1. Whether the Defendant/Respondent is an Individual, Business, Governmental Agency, or Nonprofit Corporation
  1. Whether or Not the Defendant/Respondent is Actively Avoiding Service
  1. Whether or not the Defendant/Respondent Has Recently Moved, Died, Become Incarcerated, is Living in a Mental Health Facility or Nursing Home, Etc.
  1. Whether Any Statutory Restrictions on Our Process Server Near Me at Our Private Investigation Agency Near Me Exist, Such as an Inability to Serve Texas-Issued Court Papers on Sundays
  1. Whether Any Severe Agency-Wide Illnesses/Hardships or Acts of Nature Like Snowstorms and Floods Occur
  1. How Many Available Process Servers We Have & How Many Are Backlogged

While the factors above can affect the speed with which they complete their task, most of the time our private investigation agency follows the aforementioned timelines.

Hiring a lawyer or paralegal prior to them is not a prerequisite. In fact, there are certain documents that our experts can help our clients with the filing and process service for, such as small claims affidavits and orders.

Of course, many clients who have more complex cases benefit from retaining a licensed attorney to assist them, because most pro se clients make a ton of mistakes. Our process servers and private investigators are neither licensed attorneys in Oklahoma nor paralegals. Thus, every one of our clients fares better with a solid, licensed attorney on their side, whenever that is a possibility.

Yes, they do conduct nationwide skip tracing service upon individuals who are hard to find or are otherwise actively avoiding service of process by them. With a small amount of information from our clients, it is possible for them to locate missing and evading persons.

From start to finish, the license application process generally takes about four (4) to five (5) weeks to complete. This assumes that each applicant wishing to become one completes all the other requirements that the application process requires, prior to the court date the court clerk will set for the judge to review the Oklahoma process server applicant’s license.

As of 2023, most professionals typically earn anywhere from $17.50-$75 per serve. The factors which most influence the amount of pay include the following:

  • The Speed of Service Required (Rush vs. Routine)
  • The Proximity of the Location to them
  • Whether they are Self-Employed and work directly for Clients or for Another Process Serving Company in El Reno
  • Whether they Must Spend Time Waiting and Watching for the Defendant/Respondent to Come/Go
  • Whether Document Filing/Retrieval is Required.
  • Their Level of Experience and/or Time With a Client or Company

The factors above most heavily influence their pay/salary. The owners of our private detective agency in El Reno, Oklahoma pride themselves on paying some of the highest salaries in the process serving and private investigations fields. 😊

Think you have what it takes to become one? Please contact us today or fill out an employment application as a process server and/or private investigator in Oklahoma.

They will typically work during the evening times Monday through Friday, when most individuals are at home. Of course, some individuals work at night and are at home during the day, or the process serving may require service upon businesses. In these cases, they will conduct it during the daytime as well.

Of course, many will also find that process serving on the weekends proves to be a tremendous opportunity to serve people. Since most people do not work on the weekends, it can be a wonderful opportunity to serve people at any time during the day. Of course, very oddly some states like Texas prohibit service of court documents their state issues on Sunday.

Thus, as you can clearly see, they may often choose their own schedules. Therefore, many independent individuals love their service, because it offers such freedom. 😊

It mandates that only a sheriff’s deputy or licensed process server from a private detective agency may conduct process serving in Oklahoma. Non-licensed or non-commissioned individuals may not serve court documents.

Some individuals are just selfish, narcissistic, psychopathic a$$holes who act out of emotions and do not think with their head. They mistakenly think that if they can somehow “make” one “disappear” and “go away,” that it will somehow make their court case vanish as well. How. Wrong. They. Are. ☹

Some of these jerks try to kill or even end up murdering them or sheriff’s deputies in Oklahoma. These are people with families, hopes, dreams, wishes, their lives gone in an instant for nothing. ☹ ☹ ☹ Please do not try to harm or kill anyone; everyone will surely regret it. ☹

Yes, for the purposes of service of process in Oklahoma only, the State of Oklahoma considers all of them to be officers of the court.

As of about 2014, the State of Oklahoma no longer allows them to wear special badges designating them. Oklahoma’s state legislature passed these laws to help prevent misunderstandings and misrepresentations of people potentially perceiving non-law enforcement personnel as police officers.

Each specialist makes up to four (4) attempts on service to one (1) defendant at one (1) address in bigger cities and suburban areas. In smaller, very remote areas with few or no one, the number of attempts that each may make can vary.

If our professional is unable to complete the service on your behalf after she/he/they has/have made the maximum number of attempts or have found the address to be bad, there are several options which still exist that are as follow:

  1. Keep Trying – Sometimes defendants/respondents are difficult and just do not want a plaintiff/petitioner to achieve good service upon them, but our clients may always order more rounds of attempts on service for an additional fee.
  1. Try a Different Location – By utilizing our skip tracing services, sometimes they can find a better address at which to serve the individual with the court papers or other legal documents. There is no guarantee that a skip trace will show up a better address, especially if the defendant/respondent has moved very recently, but if it does not our skip tracers will happily rerun the nationwide skip trace for you once a month for the next five (5) months at no cost if you simply call, E-mail, or text us. 😊
  1. Try to Trick Them Into Meeting Up With Us – Yes, judges often expect them to get sneaky and tricky, provided the legal matter is not over a debt collection matter. They have called and told defendants/respondents they were with FedEx, UPS, pizza places, and more. Oh, the stories each agent could tell.
  1. Wait and Give it Time – Sometimes latest information shows up in our nationwide skip tracing service documents with time. Every time defendants/respondents in legal cases move, change utilities, file taxes, register a car/driver’s license number, etc., they leave a traceable digital fingerprint that the private investigators and process servers can track. They will be more than happy to re-run skip traces each month for free up to five (5) months for our clients if needed.
  1. Sue a Different Defendant/Respondent, if Possible – In cases where a defendant is moving around too often and is too difficult to locate, it might be possible in a legal case that there is someone else you can sue instead. Did you sue an individual who owns the company with a stable address, but did not originally list the business as a defendant/respondent in the lawsuit? Well, you should, if possible! Doing so may drag the individual defendant/owner of the company into the lawsuit by default, and you can ask to amend the lawsuit later, if needed once she/he/they respond(s).
  1. Give Up and Quit – Sometimes the matter just is not worth it. Giving up and quitting is often difficult and can sting both your pocketbook and ego, but at times it is unfortunately the best thing to do for one’s own sanity and peace of mind.

No, all spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to serve your documents. Each one spends her/his/their time, fuel, car wear, and tear, and risks her/his/their lives conducting your process serving in El Reno, OK. Just as a medical doctor cannot always save a patient’s life and an attorney is unable to win every legal case, none of our legal service providers at our private investigation agency can offer refunds.

If you ever attempt to lie to a professional, the Gates of Hell will open and will suck your soul down and eviscerate your body in a gigantic ball of flames before it settles down to ashes and a brisk wind swiftly blows them away. 😉

In the State of Oklahoma, there are five (5) types of documents that require personal service of process only, whether via certified mailing with a return receipt, via service through a process server, or by a sheriff’s deputy. These types of documents are as follows:

  1. Victim Protection Orders (VPOs)
  2. Subpoenas Duces Tecum
  3. Subpoenas for Deposition
  4. Indirect Contempt Citations
  5. Hearings on Assets

In addition, some states like Texas require all documents their state issues to have delivery performed by personal service only. Other states, such as California, mandate that they may only serve documents via substitute service on the third attempt and must also mail the court documents to the person at the same address via regular U.S. Mail.

Yes, working as one can prove to be extremely dangerous. As if the risk of dog bites and inclement weather were not bad enough, they must also contend with dangerous defendants/respondents who have no problem trying to harm or kill them.

Thus, every agent must fully understand that entering this field is an extremely dangerous business. Likewise, their clients must also realize that they should not try to be cheap and otherwise tightfisted with them because every time an expert go out to conduct process serving , she/he/they risk(s) life and limb. ☹

They can serve any legal document or court paper. Some of the most served legal papers that they serve are as follows:

  1. Victim Protection Orders (VPOs)
  2. Subpoenas Duces Tecum
  3. Subpoenas for Deposition
  4. Indirect Contempt Citations
  5. Hearings on Assets
  6. Small Claims Affidavits and Orders
  7. Petitions and Summonses
  8. Summons and Petitions for Forcible Entry and Detainer (Evictions)
  9. Notices to Pay or Quit (Pre-eviction Legal Paperwork)
  10. Demand Letters
  11. Letters of Cease-and-Desist
  12. Letters of Non-Renewal of Lease/Contract
  13. Letter from Long-Lost Family Members

As you can clearly see, they are more than happy to serve any legal document or notice that you need delivered. If you have legal documents delivered by them, then please contact us today for more information. 😊

They typically have the following types of clients seek out our services:

  • Law Firms/Attorneys
  • Businesses
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Individuals
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Anyone in need of one is more than happy to contact the owners or supervisory staff for all their process serving in Oklahoma needs. 😊

The State of Oklahoma places no restrictions or limitations on when this special agent may attempt to serve court documents. However, some states like Texas do have restrictions on which days those who are serving court documents from their state may serve them.

For example, Texas does not allow service of process by them to serve any of its Texas documents on Sundays. Thus, if they attempt to serve court papers on a Sunday, it will not count as a valid service.

Other states disallow it on Election Day or certain times of the day/night. Therefore, they must take great precautions not to serve court documents on the wrong dates and times.

No, while the State of Oklahoma considers them as “officers of the court” for the purposes of process serving only, it is imperative that all understand that they are not members of law enforcement. Even if a process server happens to also hold a commission as a police officer – sheriff’s deputies excluded – the process server from a private investigation agency in El Reno, Oklahoma may not use her/his/their status and position as a police officer while conducting process serving in Oklahoma.

Yes, it is always looking to hire them to conduct process serving for our agency and has process server jobs and employment as a process server available for qualified individuals. If you think you have what it takes to become one, please contact the owners of our private detective agency in El Reno, OK for more information about job opportunities as a process server in Oklahoma. You may also fill out an employment application for a process server job here.

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