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Private Investigator – FAQs


Private Investigator – FAQs

§  What is a licensed Oklahoma private investigator?

He is a licensed individual who has successfully met the requirements and completed the rigorous training to conduct investigations legally.

All of them are required to complete their training from an approved school teaching the curriculum specially developed by the Council on Law Enforcement and Education Training (CLEET). After the course completion, all private investigators have to:

  • Pass the necessary skill-based tests
  • Undergo rigorous background checks
  • Obtain the license to work in the State of Oklahoma

Certified and licensed private investigators in Oklahoma have the legal permission to readily provide their services to investigate insurance fraud, suspected adultery, missing persons, surveillance, and so much more, depending on the client’s requirement.

§  Do all private investigators carry firearms?

Not all carry firearms. They have a choice to carry a firearm or not.

They have to obtain a license to carry a firearm. They will only be allowed to do so after the successful completion of Phase IV of the training program. This phase is known as the firearms training course.

All who have completed this course will carry the license stating “Armed Private Investigator. ”All licensed officials who have not completed the course and are not legally allowed to carry a firearm will have a license that reads “Unarmed Private Investigator.”

As mentioned, they have a choice to carry a firearm. Even private investigators licensed by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) to carry a firearm may opt not to do so.

§  What is the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)?

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, generally referred to as CLEET, is the council which designs the educational curriculum and sets the training &licensing standards in the State of Oklahoma for:

  • active duty and reserve peace officers
  • unarmed and armed private investigators
  • armed and unarmed security guards

CLEET is the responsible institution to train and issue the licenses for all the highly skilled officers, guards, and investigators.

You can either visit them at their location at 2401 Egypt Road, Ada, Oklahoma 74820-0669. For more information,You can reach them directly on their website

§  What kind of training and experience do private investigators who work for Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers have?

The private investigators at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers come from many different walks of life. Most of them have extensive relevant training and experience prior to joining here. All of our licensed, bonded, or insured agents have one or more of the following backgrounds in common:

  • prior military experience
  • previous law enforcement
  • private investigator/private security experience
  • advanced degrees
  • are research experts
  • have previously served as bodyguards

Their experience and training are not limited to the ones stated above.  Our extensive workforce ensures you find someone competent according to your requirements. Be assured all private investigators at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are qualified and talented to provide the best services to meet your goals.

§  How can a private investigator help me?

He is there to help you collect the information you’re seeking by using legal but smart techniques. The case could be about you confirming the suspicion of your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse’s infidelity. Or your loved one has gone missing, your vehicle has been stolen, or someone is trying to leak invaluable business information. The experts at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can help you investigate all kinds of cases and collect information and evidence while keeping within the legal guidelines.

In order to find a professional, you can get in touch with the professionals at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. Every case has its requirements and difficulties, which are dealt with accordingly. Every tactic and strategy is developed according to the individual case; hence, he is appointed for each case after understanding the case.

§  Do any of the private investigators also serve as bodyguards?

Yes, you will find some of our unarmed and armed private investigators in Oklahoma serving as bodyguards. Please note several private investigators have special licenses to serve as either armed or unarmed bodyguards. You can find someone as per your requirements to hire for yourself or your loved ones.

You can get in touch with a professional at the Private Investigator Oklahoma Cityand find the relevant information. You can check the information shared on our website on the web page dedicated to bodyguards for more details.

§  Are Oklahoma private investigators bonded/insured?

Yes, all working with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are required to be licensed and be bonded/insured.

At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers’ we take responsibility and great care, ensuring we always have copies of each private investigator’s license, bond and/or liability insurance, and other relevant documents on file accordingly.

None of them are allowed to serve in Oklahoma without the proper licenses, paperwork, and documentation.

§  Why not just contact the police instead of an Oklahoma private investigator?

Law enforcement doesn’t always have the time or resources to take on all cases that come their way. Not too often would you find the law enforcement help you find out whether your significant other is cheating or that your vehicle has been stolen. Especially when it comes to small towns, the capital and resources are even more restricted.

When it comes to them, they have the skills, time, and resources to take on the various cases that come to the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. The highly skilled professionals don’t just solve your cases but also have the skills to assist the police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Our qualified and skilled private investigators do what other law enforcement agencies cannot or are unwilling to do.

Every case has different requirements and needs to be tackled in its own way. An expert approaches each case with fresh eyes and then devises the strategies. They also provide extra help to the officials working on a case to maximize the results!

Not all cases are as simple as involving the police right away, such as a missing person, suspicion of being followed, someone is trying to kill you, etc. Directly going to the police may be more damaging for them rather than helpful, and so a plan of action needs to be devised by keeping things low.

You can always get in touch with the legal counselors or the law enforcement official experts at our company at (405) 593-3515 for expert opinion. They will provide you with complete guidance and help you decide whether hiring a professional is the best choice for you and your situation.

§  What if I need you to send a private investigator to travel to another country and investigate something?

They will readily travel with you or on your behalf to solve the case. The investigation can be related to finding valuable information, rescuing someone from a kidnapping, finding a missing person, or even providing special protection to you.

Several have extensive experience in living and working overseas and have connections globally.

Some countries may require special visas; all our agents would meet the requirements. However for international cases, you are expected to cover the cost of all expenses, time, plane tickets, food, lodging, etc., for the private investigator hired by you.

According to the law, armed private investigators may not bring their firearms with them into other countries. That does not mean that they leave their other professional skills behind; they are well-connected and skilled in finding resources and using the situation to their advantage.

§  How soon can your private investigators start helping me?

They get started on your case right after the details are discussed and a cost is estimated. You make an appointment with an investigator, discuss the details, and finalize your case’s estimated cost.

For most cases, we charged a retainer fee deposited in a separate account and billed to you. Prior to the case being officially taken up by them, a contract is signed between you and Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers. All-time guidelines and other time constraints for you as the client are discussed beforehand, and the adjustments are made for you accordingly.

Once the discussion has been finalized and the contract signed, the professional will always go out of their way to help you.

§  Are Private Investigator Oklahoma City able to make any guarantees?

They are highly qualified and skilled at what they do. They are the best at what they do and always give it their all to provide you with maximum satisfaction for all the cases they take up.

However, much like with the field of process serving, witnesses, etc., no one can guarantee 100% results for any of the cases they take up. Anyone who is guaranteeing as such can only sometimes back up their claims.

But as stated above, they are highly trained and skilled and stand ready to serve you and your needs to the best of their abilities.

§  How much does it cost to hire a skilled private investigator?

Our skilled agents charge the industry standard fees for each case, which is $50-$75 per hour, plus expenses, mileage, and other costs and fees. However, the investigative report’s cost is subject to the cost varying based on the type of report required and the case’s additional requirements.

The extensive training tests, licensing, bond/insurance payments, firearms purchases, bullets, surveillance equipment, etc., all contribute to the cost charged by private investigators. This is not an inexpensive profession to enter, as this is highly skilled labor that requires the utmost dedication to complete the tasks assigned to them.

§  Do I need to prepay for an Oklahoma private investigator’s service(s)?

Yes, you do need to prepay them to an extent. Most cases taken up by them at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers and other companies require a retainer for services upfront. Though for rare instances, in some cases, they might agree to invoice you simply.

You can always get in touch with one of our professionals on call at (405) 593-3515 or e-mail us at forVivien@ojpslegal.commore information and an appointment with one of our skilled investigators.

§  What is your preferred payment method?

There are several payment methods you can use to pay the Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers:

  • Cash (preferred)
  • Personal or business cheques
  • Money orders
  • Invoice (exceptional cases)

For bank cheques, the work is only begun after clearance from the bank. You can decide the preferred payment method at the time of discussion and pay accordingly.

§  How do I get started with a licensed private investigator at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?

They can be approached any time of the day around the year. We offer our services twenty -four hours a day, seven days a week.

To reach out to us, you can call us at (405) 593-3515. You may also feel free to e-mail us at

§  How can I become licensed as a private investigator in the State of Oklahoma?

You have to meet several requirements to become a private investigator in the State of Oklahoma. The following is a brief overview of some of the requirements and steps for licensure:

In order to be eligible as an applicant for licenses in Oklahoma City and elsewhere, must attain a certain age and must not have a criminal record.

To become a certified one, all individuals must go through two or three CLEET training phases. If an aspirant wants the ability to carry firearms, only Phase IV of the training is required. All can choose to complete all four phases, becoming both licensed armed security guards and armed private investigators.

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers officially endorses the training programs offered at Metro Technology Center and gives preference to private investigator applicants who have graduated from there.

After completing each phase/course, the Oklahoma applicant for a private investigator license needs to undertake and pass the appropriate CLEET tests. The students are allowed to take these tests at the testing facility at the schools they are studying at or drive down to CLEET and complete the examinations there.

All applicants, before commencing their training for Phase IV, the firearms course, need to pass the psychological test called the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). A psychologist will talk to the applicant, review the results, and submit their report to CLEET. Only after the clearance of the psychologist would the applicant will be allowed to register for Phase IV.

Once all relevant training has been completed, and tests have been passed, the applicants for license submit their passport photos, fingerprint cards, and the application, which can be found at the following site:

All licensed professionals are required to work for a licensed private investigation agency that provides insurance, or they need to follow the requirements to open his or her private investigation agency.

The requirements are outlined on the application, which you can find in the link mentioned above. You can find a private investigation/private security agency application at the following link:

There are several insurance companies that provide liability insurance for them. However, most insurance companies consider the risk level too high and underwrite them. To find the best insurance companies providing the best policies and special discounts for them, you can get in touch with Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers.

These aspirants have to submit their licensing fees, applications, and the accompanying documents to CLEET and get their approval.

Individuals who have submitted their license applications and are awaiting approval may call (405) 239-5100 or at (580) 310-0871 to check their license status.

§  What types of job openings do Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers have for private investigators?

They have different employment opportunities for both unarmed and armed people at different times.

To apply for a job, you can check the link: downloadable job applications.

Once the forms have been filled out and documents have been attached, the private investigators in Oklahoma City and elsewhere can send them back to Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers via regular mail, fax, or e-mail.

For current job availability, you can contact us directly.

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