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Child Custody Private Investigations in Oklahoma City FAQs

Child Custody Private Investigations in Oklahoma City FAQs

Neither children nor parents enjoy prolonged custody battles, fighting, divorce, and all the turmoil and chaos that encompasses real-life situations for many individuals. Sadly, parents, grandparents, and legal guardians of the kids often rely upon the investigative services of child custody private investigators from a private investigation agency in Mustang, Oklahoma for child custody investigations to help resolve issues and disputes.

The owner of one of the most prominent agencies in Yukon, OK and a child custody investigator herself, Dr. Makayla Keefe has put together a series of questions and answers relating to these investigations aimed at helping individuals learn more about Oklahoma child custody investigations. These questions and answers are as follows:

Most of our such clients are parents, grandparents, and guardians of children. The adults in the family are typically going through toxicity, turmoil, entropy, and perhaps even a loss of some kind. Therefore, more people trust our agents than any other private investigators in OKC at any private investigation agency.


An investigator conducts child custody private investigations in Yukon, OK for clients in need. These types of investigations often include surveillance, criminal background checks, license plate checks, drone surveillance, and more. Each Oklahoma detective is licensed by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) and is fully trained and educated as one.

Those who work at a private investigation agency conduct private investigations on behalf of clients who need assistance during child custody disputes. These issues can involve matters of child abuse, poor parenting, disputes over how to raise a child, safety issues pertaining to the child(ren), and so much more. Clients often call them in on their behalf and try to help sort out the complicated messes they and/or other adults have often caused or helped cause.

The clients our professionals most often see for these cases are typically as follows:

  • Parents
  • Legal Guardians
  • Grandparents
  • Aunts/Uncles
  • Oklahoma’s City, County, and State Agencies

He most often utilizes the following services, when conducting  investigations in Oklahoma on behalf of our private detective agency in OKC:

Child Custody Private Investigations Surveillance:

One of the most common types of services that an agent provides is general surveillance upon adults and possibly the children as well. The most common reasons for surveillance by him is as follows:

  1. The Client Wants Our Private Investigator to Conduct Surveillance Upon a Parent Our Client Believes is Engaging in Criminal Behavior or “Inappropriate Activities” Like Strip Club Visitations, Frequent Bar Drinking, Etc.
  2. One of the Parents or Guardians is Having Adult Romantic Partners Stay Overnight With the Child(ren) in Question Present, and This Violates the Agreement and/or the Individual is a Convicted Felon and/or is a Registered Child Molester/Sex Offender.
  3. Our Client is Concerned That the Other Parent, Guardian, or Grandparents is/are Driving Erratically, Driving While Intoxicated, Etc., With the Child(ren) is/are in the Vehicle With Them.
  4. One Parent/Guardian/Grandparent is Supposed to Have the “Right of First Refusal” Whenever a Parent/Guardian/Grandparent Does Not Want to Care for the Child and is Supposed to Ask the Other Parent/Guardian/Grandparent if She/He/They Want(s) to do so . . . but Fails to Ask.
  5. The Parents/Guardians/Legal Guardians is/are Subjecting the Child(ren) to Physical, Emotional, Sexual, or Mental Abuse or Parental Alienation, and Our Client Wants specialist to Conduct Child Custody Private Investigations to Help Prove it.

There are, as you can clearly see, a substantial number of reasons why child custody private investigators at our private investigation agency in Ardmore, OK conduct child custody investigations in Oklahoma. Dr. Makayla Keefe and her private investigators in Norman, OK at her private investigation agency in Oklahoma have been conducting child custody investigations in Oklahoma for many years and will take amazing care of you. 😊

Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:

Sometimes our clients want us to conduct criminal background checks on the other adults, parents, grandparents, legal guardians, etc., who are caring for their child(ren) in question. At other times, our clients want the agents to do that on people the parents, grandparents, and/or legal guardians of the child(ren) are dating.

This is because sometimes the dating and romantic partners have felony convictions or perhaps are registered sex offenders. The courts often view persons with felony convictions or who are otherwise convicted pedophiles to be “unfit” and a “threat” to the child(ren). Thus, a licensed private investigator run criminal background investigations on anyone you want, anytime, nationwide! 😊

Our clients who request nationwide criminal background checks often include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Romantic Interests <@
  • Your Neighbors
  • Friends😊, Unless You Have None ☹
  • Work Colleagues
  • Individuals and Agencies Who are Your Business Competition
  • Supervisors
  • New Tenants
  • Potential Academic Scholars
  • Future Employees
  • Relatives
  • Kids’ Romantic Partners
  • Anyone Your Ex is Dating
  • Stalkers & Any Weird or Disgusting Individuals
  • New Board Members and Volunteers at Organizations
  • Job Contractors
  • Any Potential Persons Who Will Watch Your Kids/Grandkids
  • Any Individual You Want to Know More About

See anyone you might like to know more about? Whether it is for investigation purposes or not, contact Dr. Makayla Keefe and our other licensed private detectives today for assistance with our nationwide criminal background checks. 😊

Vehicle License Plate Checks:

Our clients tend to hire professionals to run license plates of persons they do not know driving vehicles they are unfamiliar with. Most times they run license plate checks as part of case inquiry, because there is an unfamiliar adult around the child(ren) and our clients want to find out who the person is.

Whenever he runs license plate checks, the results only tell whom the vehicle is registered to and the address listed on the initial registration. That address may not be current, and it does not show any email addresses, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, names and information of family members/friends/neighbors, etc. Skip traces provide all that information for our clients, which is described in depth below.

Nationwide Skip Tracing Services:

Often our clients need to know more information about an individual who is living with, taking care of, and/or around a child(ren). This is where our company’s nationwide skip tracing services come in especially handy. Having this knowledge can significantly assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Locating Parents/Grandparents/Legal Guardians/Kidnappers Who Have Skipped Town With a Child(ren)
  • Wanting to Know Who a Person is and Where She/He/They is/are From
  • Locating a Parent Who Has Absconded From Parenting Duties and/or Child Support Obligations
  • Learning Quite a Bit About Almost Anyone! 😊

If you are wanting to know any of the following information about a person, whether for a child custody investigation in Oklahoma City or not, then please just ask a licensed official for assistance with skip tracing services.

To better assist you with your case, our specialists kindly ask that you provide them with as much of the following information as you have about the person of interest (POI):

  • Full Legal Name
  • Date of Birth or Age Range
  • Social Security Number
  • Most Recent Known Previous Address
  • Known Email Addresses
  • Known Telephone Numbers
  • Any Specialized Domain Name Associated with The Person

It is okay if you do not have all the information above to provide to our skip tracer in Oklahoma. Please just provide as much of the information above about the POI and let our detectives do the rest. 😊

When it comes to finding out information about people you want to know more about for such cases, they can often help you find some or all the following information with our nationwide skip tracing:


  • Social Media Checks
  • Records of Deceased Persons
  • Licenses (Professional, Pilot, Driver’s)
  • Voter registrations
  • Phone Number Location
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Global Watch Lists
  • Marriages
  • Births


  • Foreclosures
  • Liens (Personal & Business)
  • Judgements (Personal & Business)
  • Bankruptcies (Personal & Business)
  • Evictions


  • Vehicles – Advanced
  • Vehicles – Wildcard
  • Vehicle Sightings
  • Properties
  • Property Deeds
  • Property Assessments


  • S. Business Information
  • World Businesses
  • Business Phone Numbers
  • S. Corporations
  • C.C. Filings

 Would it not be nice to know this information? Might it prove to be useful with your case? If so, please contact us today for more information about having our skip tracer conduct nationwide skip tracing on your behalf. 😊

Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches:

Sometimes our clients want more information than a nationwide criminal background report or skip trace can provide. In this circumstance, our licensed ones can happily run a social media scan/deep Internet search for you on your behalf. This social media scan/deep Internet search is wonderful at finding other facets of information not contained in a criminal background check or nationwide skip trace, such as public news stories made by or about the POI or even damning public social media posts made by or about the POI. So, how can this information prove to be helpful in child custody private investigations?

Perhaps whomever else is trying to care for your kids (i.e., grandparents, an ex-spouse, or the new boyfriend/girlfriend/non-binary partner) tried to murder someone and the news reported about it. Maybe your grandparents are trying to seek custody of your kids, yet your dad has a secret kidnapping charge from his youth he never told you about but the news once reported on?

As you can see, our experts can provide great assistance with nationwide criminal background checks via our agents, and our social media scans/deep Internet searches via them. Please contact Dr. Makayla Keefe or one of her other licensed private investigators from our private investigation agency today for more details and information. 😊

Yes, whereas courts and their judges typically do not accept most or all the evidence collected by parties to a child custody case or by their family or friends, they most often do accept the findings and evidence from licensed officials as very credible. This is because they must go through rigorous education classes, training, criminal background checks, etc., to obtain a license in Oklahoma.

They must often testify inside of courtrooms to judges and juries. Dr. Makayla Keefe, the owner of our firm, helps ensure that all her professionals are well-versed in courtroom testimony and child custody investigations. She wants to add to the credibility of each agent, and the field of Oklahoma private investigations as a whole. 😊

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) licenses all detectives at private investigation agencies. They have requirements for them and offers new private investigator in Oklahoma applications. 😊

Anyone seeking to become one must get an Oklahoma private investigator license from the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.). Persons seeking jobs as one should complete the following child custody private investigator requirements:

  • All Must First Complete Phases I, II, and III for Unarmed Private Investigators and Phases I, II, III, and IV for Armed Ones.
  • Persons Seeking this Job Must Successfully Complete and Pass an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) Background Check.
  • They Must Successfully Complete and Pass A City Background Check in the City in Which They Reside.
  • Applicants Seeking to Become One Must Obtain Two (2) Passport Photos From a Place Such as CVS, Walgreens, or FedEx Office.

In addition, C.L.E.E.T. requires all private investigators to complete certain numbers of continuing education credits (CEUs) each year. These help them stay up to date on the latest techniques and methods that an expert needs to stay top-notch child custody private investigators.

We proudly recommend the following private investigator schools for anyone seeking to become one in OKC:

  1. Metro Technology Centers
  1. SOR Training Center
  1. Francis Tuttle
  1. L.E.E.T. Also Offers Other Approved Oklahoma Private Investigator Schools For Those Seeking to Become a Professional.

Of course, as noted earlier, all must complete continuing credits every three (3) years, to renew their licenses. The National Investigative Training Academy (NITA) is one that our experts recommend.

Yes, Dr. Makayla Keefe, the owner of our company, does seek to hire them to conduct investigations. If you wish to become a licensed official, please fill out an employment application as a private investigator and/or a process server in OKC.

Our licensed officials have conducted investigations for many years. Indeed, each detective at our agency offers a wide array of private investigation services. The general cost to hire one is as follows:

  Cash Price:        Credit/Debit Card, Etc.

 Nationwide Skip Tracing Services:                        $99.00/Person    $103.95/Person

 Nationwide Criminal Background Checks:         $99.00/Person    $103.95/Person

 License Plate Checks:                                              $99.00/Plate         $103.95/Plate

Sweeps for Hidden Listening Devices,                  Varies Depending on House/Car Size

Video Recording Devices, Bugs,                                                and Location

And Tracking Devices: 

General Surveillance & Driving Time:                 $85/Hour               $89.25/Hour

Mileage:                                                                       $0.59/Mile             $0.63/Mile

Waiting and Watching:                                            $85/Hour               $89.25/Hour

Research/Fees:                                                        $85/Hour               $89.25/Hour

Consultation Fees After the Standard

Fifteen (15) Minute Initial Consultation:              $85/Hour               $89.25/Hour

Our private investigators from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City will happily conduct child custody private investigations in Oklahoma and the other following locations:










Broken Arrow








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Del City




El Reno

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