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Child Custody Private Investigations FAQs

Sadly, children are often the greatest and most innocent of all victims when dueling parents go to war. Child custody battles can get just as ferocious as the divorces themselves, and children often find themselves caught in the middle of the artillery shelling between the two battling parents or other legal guardians. In difficult times such as these, parents rely upon child custody private investigators from the best private investigation agencies in Enid to conduct child custody investigations on their behalf.

Child custody private detectives in Oklahoma City are highly skilled and talented in conducting investigations to help determine the truth about how the children are and the ways in which the other parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) are behaving when around them. Clients choose to hire one from our private investigation agency in Edmond, OK to help them find the truth. They then use that truth in court to help secure custody of their children.

The owners of our private detective agency, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Makayla Keefe, have put together a series of Child Custody Private Investigation FAQs to help answer commonly asked questions that many child custody investigations clients seek answers to. These question and their accompanying answers are as follow:

Child custody private investigators are trained, licensed professionals who investigate such disputes and other matters pertaining to the care and wellbeing of children. Child custody disputes most often arise when the co-parents fail to get along, especially when one or more of the co-parents is involved in drugs, is cohabitating with registered sex offenders, etc. Our clients choose to hire detectives to find the truth during their child custody investigations.

The fact that you are reading this page means you have already been able to successfully find the best agent to do this job on your behalf. To hire one, you will simply need to contact one of our private investigators in Nichols Hills.

They will ask you some questions about your case and will get the details for it, along with the initial starting retainer. Then they will work together with you to arrange the dates and times you want them to go conduct surveillance and other investigation tactics to obtain the information you need in a timely manner.

The evidence required for each case to go successfully for our clients in court depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. All agents will tell you that every child custody private investigations case is different, so it is impossible for any of our experts to say what evidence will suffice for each case.

Rest assured that when you hire one she/he/they will do everything necessary to help secure whatever information about your children and their other caretakers that you are seeking for your court case. They are very skilled at conducting child custody investigations and will do everything they possibly can to help you. 😊

Yes, unless there is a victim protection order (VPO) that states otherwise, detectives are legally allowed to follow anyone during their investigations. This, of course, includes children and their other family members. Our agents are well-versed in child custody laws and regulations, and they stand ready and willing to help you with all such cases.

Child custody private detectives are licensed to investigate all civil and criminal matters in the State of Oklahoma. These are broad investigation powers that they enjoy when solving such cases. However, the State of Oklahoma also places restrictions upon them when they conduct child custody investigations.

All must follow all laws, rules, and regulations that any other civilian must follow. In addition, they must also maintain strict confidentiality laws and rules that other civilians are not bound by.  

In addition, our professionals want everyone to know that private investigators, whether cheating spouse private detectives or child custody private detectives, are NOT law enforcement personnel and do not have any arrest powers. Some people remain unclear on this, but they are only civilians with special investigative licenses.

The State of Oklahoma permits them to lie to non-law enforcement personnel to avoid detection when undercover, but not to lie and say they are private investigators when they really are not. They may also not lie to the police. This is not to say that they must tell anyone what or whom they are investigating – not even law enforcement – but they cannot lie and tell police they are not private investigators if they really are.

They may also not lie while on the witness stand under oath, writing reports for clients, or when communicating with supervisors and clients. In general, they must be generally honest about what they do with most things. Honesty, unless it discloses your profession to those who need not know, is generally the best policy in most circumstances for them.

Their four main duties are conducting surveillance, reviewing and monitoring social media accounts, catfishing POIs while under cover, and providing written reports and courtroom testimony. These are all very customary and vital duties that they perform on a regular basis.

Surveillance takes place when a licensed official follows persons of interest (POIs) around to see what they are doing, whom they are with, and where they are going. They go out very discreetly when conducting surveillance on behalf of their child custody investigations clients, because they do not want anyone to spot them. 😊

The monitoring of social media accounts through social media scans/deep Internet searches and the active, ongoing process of checking a person’s social media to see what she/he/they is/are doing, where she/he/they is/are going, and whom she/he/they is/are with is very important to the cheating spouse private investigations. Many people post their entire lives on social media, and the information they so willingly volunteer can be crucial to this. 😊

Catfishing is also something that our professionals take on as part of active private investigations in Oklahoma. Catfishing does not involve fishing for cats or even fish that somewhat resemble goddess and gods of the feline realm; instead, it involves creating fake profiles that the person of interest (POI) might like and then trying to get him or her to add our investigator’s fake profile to correspond with the POI.

Catfishing for cheating private investigations often involves occasions where our agent tries to date, hook up, etc., with the POI. Sexting is also valuable, as a married person in a monogamous relationship who sexts with someone else or who otherwise engages in explicit chats with other people is clearly going outside of our society’s marital customs and norms.

When it comes to child custody investigations, our investigator often try to get the POI to add them, so they can better access their profile and see what other juicy, incriminating evidence exists that would benefit their client. Like catfishing conducted during cheating spouse investigations, catfishing might possibly entail trying to see if the POI is willing to hookup or if the POI is starting or engaging in relationships with known sex offenders, felons, drug users, etc. The POI’s participation in any activity expressly prohibited by law and/or the courts will not play out well for the POI and could greatly benefit our clients.

Lastly, they often write official reports and provide courtroom testimony, as part of their cheating investigations. Indeed, many clients must often testify or otherwise communicate to the courts what they saw and by whom, during their private investigations.

They may not peep into windows and take photographs of individuals inside of their houses. This violates the “peeping Tom/Tina” and privacy laws. Instead, they may take photographs of houses and the people at them as they would normally appear by looking at the home from the street view without zooming in or special lenses. Thus, anything readily visible inside of the home from the street view is okay, while anything more than that would violate privacy laws and would not be allowable as evidence in a court of law anyway.

They may, under some limited circumstances, review phones and computers for search histories. This holds true when someone has thrown the device away, or when the device is co-owned by at least one other person who has hired a specialist to have a look at it when conducting child custody private investigations.

Neither they may conduct child custody investigations by hacking into someone’s electronic device or otherwise looking through it without their permission. As noted earlier, this may only occur if the person has thrown the phone or laptop computer away or co-own it with someone else who grants permission for our experts to do so.

Do you think our detectives are just going to give up all their secret sites so easily? Not so fast there, Buddy. 😉If you want our help and access to the secrets we know, then you need to hire one today to conduct cheating spouse or child custody private investigations on your behalf.

Is it worth it to hire the best agent to conduct child custody investigations? Most people would say that it is, especially compared to the risks of not hiring the best person or hiring the unfaithful spouse detective on your behalf.  Have you really considered the horrible consequences you might very well suffer if you fail to hire one on your behalf?

How does getting an incurable, deadly disease sound? Mind losing custody of your children? Do you even care if your kids will soon have a convicted child molester as their new step-parent? Are you okay with your kids living in a drug house, or having someone with narcissistic personality disorder raise them? How do you feel about having to make gigantic monthly child support and/or spousal support payments from your hard-earned money? Sound okay to you? Really? ☹

If these things above sound unpleasant to you, and they should, then you need to do the right thing and hire the best professional. Contact us today to conduct child custody or infidelity private investigations on your behalf.

Whenever you hire one, there are always limitations that come with it. The benefits of choosing them to do your job far outweigh the benefits. Of course, it is always helpful to our clients to understand the associated risks and benefits, when they hire the best agent. These associated risks are as follows:

  • Child custody private investigators at private investigation agencies are not allowed to access restricted information without a lawful reason.
  • Someone might catch them, also known as “getting burned”.
  • They might not actually have a private investigator in Oklahoma license.
  • They might not have the needed experience and/or education to properly conduct the private investigations you want.
  • The cost of choosing to hire one may be too high for your budget.
  • They might not yield the results you desire.

These are just some of the many possible limitations that can occur, when you choose to hire one on your behalf. To discuss your unfaithful spouse private investigations case further, please contact us today. 😊

Our experts also work collaboratively with the best criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City and the best bail bondsman in OKC to write bail bonds in Oklahoma. If you or someone you know need these legal services, they can help arrange them.

Some of the highest paid private investigators in Oklahoma at the best private investigation agencies are those who conduct human trafficking, sex trafficking, cold case homicide, and sexual assault. This is because the nature of these types of investigations are so serious, and the training, education, and experience required to do an effective job of conducting them are much more extensive than some of the other areas of specialties that they can pursue.

Highly experienced agents who own the agencies can make well over $200,000 per year or even over $1,000,000 each annum. This is because the retainer size that each of these types of private investigators must charge to properly conduct these investigations is often very high for those investigators from the best private detective agencies with the best success rates.

Yes, they are absolutely allowed to follow you around, while solving your cases. This is called surveillance, and surveillance is an integral part of private investigations for most private detectives in Edmond at private investigation agencies in Edmond.

Many licensed officials often scour the dark web, and social media profiles, and actively monitor happenings on a person of interest (POI’s) social media accounts, as necessary. Most of them combine these social media searches with surveillance and other investigation techniques. 

To gain access to the happenings of a person’s social media usage during investigations, our specialists will run social media scans/deep Internet searches and will also scan the Internet looking for the POI’s social media accounts.

Firstly, he will review all the POI’s public posts, as this information is most readily available and accessible. If he require more social media information, then it is likely that he will also send a friend request to the POI on social media from a fake account created to appeal to the POI’s likes and interests.

Social media information harvesting can play a vital role in successful investigations. Indeed, many people willingly post – and indeed overshare – about their personal lives, where they are, and what they are doing at any given time. This valuable information can prove very helpful to them wishing to solve the case on behalf of their clients. 😊

Some do have the skills which to obtain Snapchat messages people have sent to others, provided they are not accessing phones or other people’s Snapchat accounts illegally. Thus, phones the POI has thrown away, disabled Snapchat accounts, joint phones/accounts with the clients, and any Snapchat messages someone sent to another person/client that are retrievable by accessing that individual’s phone only are all very permissible for a private investigator to legally view.

His ability to pull text messages in the context of conducting child custody investigations is basically the same as pulling Snapchat messages that we talked about above. Can it be done? Yes, but only under limited circumstances and by them who know how to do it properly.

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