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OKC Private Investigations & Process Server in Oklahoma

Private investigators in Oklahoma City

Our professional private investigators in Oklahoma are dedicated to providing satisfactory results with detailed, and advanced investigative techniques. Their expertise in investigating complicated cases with ease and high success rate sets them apart from others. Our licensed and insured officials are from solid backgrounds in law enforcement and are trained specifically to handle your cases. We only choose the best, so you can easily put your trust in our team.

What do we promise?

We promise you the best possible service you can receive from a private investigator. They ensure this by only taking cases if they have the utmost confidence that they can solve it. We don’t make false promises and only accept what we can deliver.  Once we take your case, our trustworthy professionals work hard to keep you informed through the ongoing investigation. They assist you throughout the process and deliver satisfactory results in the given time frame.

They are well-informed about the sensitivity and discretion required to deal with your case. Our team understands your predicaments and will assuage all your worries. A private investigator’s job includes being reassuring and understanding in the face of delicate matters, and that is why our clients are our first priority.

What sets us apart?

Our team of highly skilled private investigators in Oklahoma is the best in the business. We ensure quality by choosing only those who you can put your trust in, which is why all have all or most of the following qualities:

  • They have extensive experience in the field and genuinely love doing their job through which they can help people.
  • They have traveled extensively and experienced different parts of the world.
  • They have a good number of contacts and connections among the Private Investigation community.
  • They belong to the Oklahoma Private Investigation Association.
  • They have traveled extensively in Oklahoma and other states.
  • They are licensed and certified
  • They have suitable contacts in different business, legal and international communities
  • They can speak, read and write multiple languages.

Our Services

Private investigators of our firm provide top-notch investigation services to a diverse client base on a wide variety of cases. Our clients include governmental agencies, businesses, private individuals, attorneys etc. Our services are available to anyone in Oklahoma City, but that’s not all. We also cater to all 50 states of USA and around the world!

Some of the many quality services provided by them are given below.

  • Infidelity cases involving cheating spouses or partners.
  • Background checks by colleges, employers or individuals who require information about potential students, employees or spouses respectively.
  • Alleged workman’s compensation and insurance fraud
  • Missing persons or missing children cases handled worldwide.
  • Theft, burglaries and other crimes the police department is not keen on solving.
  • Sweeps for listening or surveillance devices.
  • Surveillance services for various cases.

This is not all, they are trained to handle just about any case you might have. So, contact us now and help us help you!

Private investigator Oklahoma fees information

The fees charged by our certified, insured, and licensed individuals depend on the nature of the case being handled. Some cases require the attention of only one detective while some huge cases need an entire team to work on them. The estimated cost and the fee for them will be discussed beforehand so you can take your time to decide. We would be more than happy to discuss any concerns with you and help you decide before taking on the case.

To make the process easier for you, they take all the forms of payment given below:

  • Cash
  • PayPal – Online
  • Business, cashier, or Personal Check
  • Money orders
  • Check fax

At Private Investigator Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on holding our clients in the highest regard and taking special care of their every requirement. So, if you have a case that is bothering you lately, contact us now and enlist the help of our leading private investigators!

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