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Process Server in Moore, Oklahoma FAQs

A process server in Moore, OK, from a private investigation agency can come to the rescue of individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies during their biggest legal crises. By delivering court documents to people in the role of a disinterested party, they help provide official notice of legal disputes between one party and another. Without them, the legal system of jurisprudence as we currently know and understand it would completely collapse.

For the benefit of those who are new to process serving, the owners of our private investigation agency, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing, have worked to put together the following informational process serving in Moore, Oklahoma FAQs. They are as follows:


He serves court documents for individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations. His role is to serve as a disinterested party who provides notice of legal action by one party against another.

They serve a wide variety of legal papers and court documents upon businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations. These legal papers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Subpoenas for Deposition
  2. Subpoenas Duces Tecum
  3. Small Claims Affidavits and Orders
  4. Summonses and Petitions
  5. Victim Protection Orders (VPOs)
  6. Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs)
  7. Letters of Cease and Desist
  8. Letters of Termination/Non-renewal of Leases & Contracts
  9. Summonses and Evictions or Forcible Entry and Detainer (Evictions)
  10. Notices to Pay or Quit (Pre-eviction Paperwork)
  11. Hearings on Assets
  12. Indirect Contempt Citations

Need something served by one of our expert at our private detective agency in Moore, OK that is not on this list? Please just contact one of our owners, Vivien Keefe or Dr. Makayla Saramosing, and let one assist you today. 😊

They most often find that the following types of clients contact us most often for process serving:

  • Governmental Agencies
  • Individuals
  • Law Firms/Attorneys
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit Organizations

If you or someone you know need an expert, then please contact us today for more assistance. 😊

From start to finish, it takes people wanting to become one about four (4) to five (5) weeks to complete their Oklahoma process server license application. Once an applicant fills out this application and pays the required fee, the court clerk sets the court date for the judge to review it.

Assuming the applicant completes the other tasks of securing a five-thousand-dollar ($5,000) Oklahoma process server license bond from an insurance company, secures two passport-style photographs, and publishes notice of the license application in an official legal paper like The Journal Record before the court date and does not have any process server license ineligibility hindrances, the applicant should have her/his/their license application approved by the judge on the court date set by the court clerk.

The State of Oklahoma prohibits anyone unlicensed from attempting to serve process or otherwise conduct process serving in Oklahoma.

He/ She will provide every client with a process server affidavit of service to show that he/she did/did not get the defendant/respondent served. The office staff at our private detective agency in Moore, OK will typically email a copy of the affidavit to the client and will mail the original affidavit to either our client or directly to the court clerk’s office. 😊

Nationwide skip tracing is when our experts use their special access to records to help locate missing and/or evasive defendants/respondents, long-lost family members, etc. Our private investigators and process servers will ask each client to provide specific information about the person of interest (POI), such as the following, to run the nationwide skip trace: 

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Current and Former Addresses, if Known
  3. Social Security Number or Last 4 Digits
  4. Date of Birth, Month and Year of Birth, or Age Range, if Known
  5. Current and Former Email Addresses
  6. Current and Former Phone Numbers
  7. Driver License Number
  8. URLs to the Person’s Social Media Website Links

There are many other skip-tracing services that our professionals can run on your behalf. If you have any questions about our skip tracing services, nationwide criminal background checks, or anything else we offer, please contact us directly. 😊

They may use a wide variety of equipment and devices to help protect themselves from dangerous defendants/respondents who might try to harm or even murder them. These devices include, but are not limited to, the following:


They may carry a Taser to help protect herself/himself/themselves from violent defendants/respondents. Tasers are indeed powerful and mostly non-lethal weapons, so they may use Tasers more often and sooner than a firearm in less threatening situations.

Of course, Tasers only fire off one shot at a short distance before they must stop and reload it. Thus, they can sometimes prove to be cumbersome and will not work on more than one individual at a time.

In addition, other downsides include a Taser’s expensive cost to buy and reload, as well as the fact that once the expert shoots someone with it, she/he/they must then continue to squeeze the trigger to keep the electricity flowing or the paralyzing current will stop and the defendant/respondent can get back up and try to harm or kill one.

For criminal liability, civil liability, and common-sense reasons, it is also advisable for them to receive specialized training in how to properly use Tasers and pepper gel, prior to using those self-defense weapons on someone else. One of the local schools in Oklahoma that offers these them training classes for process servers and private detectives is the SOR Training Center.

Stun Guns:

Stun guns work much like Tasers, but they do not have the hooks that stick into an individual. Though typically less expensive than their Taser counterparts, agents must also use stun guns at a very close range for them to be effective.

Pepper Gel:

Pepper gel is the preferred defensive weapon of the private investigators. It has many positives to its use, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Very Inexpensive to Buy
  • Easy to Hide in One’s Pocket or in Her/His/Their Pants or Shirt
  • Capable of Rapidly Firing Multiple Shots
  • Shoots From a Distance Greater Than or Equal to Tasers
  • Capable of Disabling Multiple Individuals at Once

As one can clearly see, a specialist can purchase it very cheaply and can use it in the widest range of threatening situations due to its non-lethal damage. It is important for them to buy pepper gel instead of pepper spray, because it tends to stick onto dangerous people easier and longer.


The use of firearms during the process serving in Oklahoma and private investigations requires special “armed” classifications on Oklahoma private investigator licenses or Oklahoma security guard licenses. Firearms come with enormous responsibility and risks, and they should only use them under the direst and lethal of circumstances.

Shirt/Dash/Cell Phone Cameras:

All should utilize some type of shirt camera, dash camera, etc., when process serving in Oklahoma. In the event a defendant/respondent contests effective service or becomes violent, shirt cameras and dash cameras can always help record the truth for the police and judges to later learn about and know.

Loud Noise Alarms:

They can also utilize loud noise alarms that scream out a piercing sound to both distract an attacker and alert others that the agent need immediate assistance.


Though the use of police grade collapsible batons by professionals can be useful, they may possibly come with training requirements before their use in the State of Oklahoma. These special defensive batons are relatively lightweight and are not very expensive, but they also have a short range in which they can use them for defensive purposes.

Emergency Assistance/Help Apps:

Some apps exist that can help to immediately alert police and other authorities to their location. Even dating apps like Noonlight have these convenient yet discreet silent alarm features to help keep them safe.

A affidavit of service tells the court whether the process server or sheriff’s deputy was able to complete service upon a defendant/respondent. An affidavit of service will include such information as the case name and number, the plaintiff/respondent, the documents served, the date and time of service, etc. They typically provide these Oklahoma process server affidavits of service to their client or directly to the court clerk’s office prior to the court date.

The State of Oklahoma issues and oversees licenses via each county court clerk’s office in their respective counties.

The owners of our private investigation agency and all our officials are going to be brutally honest here. If you are seriously asking how to “file a complaint” against a hardworking one because she/he/they came up to serve you court documents that were indeed for you, then you are a moron and a stupid person who needs to go home and rethink her/his/their life. Stop griping like a petulant child who doesn’t get her/his/their way and just take the court papers and move on.

They are decent, hardworking people who just want to earn an honest living, and imbeciles like you are a menace to civilized society. Do not call them asking us this question; the owners of our private investigation agency and supervisory staff will hang up the phone on you. Have a good day. 😉

There are many kinds of service of process, and it is important for process servers to know what they are and the differences between them. These different types are as follow:

  1. Personal Service:

The courts consider personal service to be the most effective and desirable form. This occurs when a process server or a sheriff’s deputy directly hands the documents to the defendant/respondent. The courts also consider personal service to be when a plaintiff/petitioner mails a copy of the documents via U.S. certified mailing with a return receipt and the defendant/respondent personally signs for the documents.

  1. Substituted Service:

Substitute one occurs when a licensed individual delivers court documents meant for an individual to someone else living in the home with her/him/them who is over the age of fifteen-and-a-half (15 ½). When conducting it upon a business, governmental agency, or nonprofit organization, the person who wishes to complete the service of process via substituted service can leave the documents with a manager or legal department instead of the owner or registered agent.

  1. Service by Posting/Nail and Mail:

Service by posting, also known as “nail and mail” service of process, occurs when the agents posts the court documents upon the front door where the individual defendant/respondent resides or where the business is located. Courts most often allow for the posting of legal documents in cases where he/she is serving a notice of non-renewal of rent/lease, a notice to pay or quit, or as part of a service when a plaintiff/petitioner is seeking a “possession only” judgment during a petition and summons for forcible entry and detainer/eviction.

  1. Acceptance by Attorney/Legal Counsel:

When the petitioner/plaintiff and defendant/respondent have legal counsel, sometimes the parties will serve process upon one another by and through their attorneys. This form usually takes place via E-mail, fax, etc., and some courts consider it a personal service while others deem it to be a substitute service.

  1. Service by Publication:

Courts often consider this method to be a method of last resort, and in most cases, the courts do not allow this service. Courts usually only allow this when the petitioner/plaintiff has shown that she/he/they has/have made every possible effort to serve the defendant/respondent via personal or substitute service, and the professional can lawfully attest that they have tried everything and have done their due diligence. Courts usually only allow service by publication in cases like divorce and other less serious legal proceedings.

Service by publication occurs when the plaintiff/petitioner publishes a formal notice of the legal proceeding in an official legal journal or paper like The Journal Record for several months. While it is unlikely the defendant/respondent will ever see the legal notice, the assumption is that she/he/they will. Courts typically use this method on defendants/respondents whom the petitioner/plaintiff simply cannot locate or who are extremely evasive and actively avoiding service.

Unless they are simultaneously licensed as a police officer, then no, they may not arrest anyone and is not considered to be a police officer or other law enforcement personnel.

Sadly, no, the State of Oklahoma does not currently require special training or education to become one. Process serving is a much more complicated task than Oklahoma’s lawmakers think it is. There are so many laws like the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and dangers that every agent should first be more aware of before ever seeking to become a professional and get an Oklahoma process server license.

Some Oklahoma schools like SOR Training Center offer courses in how to become one, and other schools offer training for them online. These are decent classes to take prior to becoming a process server in Oklahoma or indeed anywhere in the United States of America.

Process servers serve the court and other legal documents upon businesses, individuals, law firms/lawyers, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations via process serving in Moore. Private detectives do not serve court papers like them.

Private detectives investigate civil and criminal matters for individuals, lawyers/law firms, governmental agencies, businesses, governmental agencies, etc.  Some of these civil and criminal matters that private investigators at private investigation agencies in Moore investigate are as follows:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody 
  • Cheating Spouse/Partner 
  • Workmen’s Compensation Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud 
  • Arson 
  • Sex Crimes 
  • Capital Murder
  • Robbery/Theft 
  • Infidelity
  • Undercover Workplace/Business 
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing Services to Locate People
  • Anything Anyone Needs Investigated 😊

If you or someone you know needs process serving or private investigations from a private investigation agency in Edmond, please contact one of the owners, Vivien Keefe or Dr. Makayla Keefe, or another supervisory staff member today for more assistance. 😊

They tend to be very self-motivated, adventurous, determined, persistent, honest, hardworking, and independent folks who often do not enjoy an incredible amount of close direct supervision via a supervisor who is constantly breathing down their necks. Many like the positive feedback from happy clients and quick cash, despite the inherent dangers and risks that process serving in Oklahoma poses.

Anyone wishing to “refuse to accept” service of process from a licensed individual will learn a hard lesson. It does not matter at all whether defendants/respondents “want” or “accept” court documents from a specialist. Once he/she presents you with the legal documents to conduct process serving in Moore, OK, the defendant/respondent immediately.

Some individuals are truly horrible people who have no respect for life or for any purpose other than their own. Yes, process serving is an extremely dangerous field, with some wayward defendants/respondents trying to harm or even murder process servers and sheriffs’ deputies from various counties and states. ☹

Before entering this field, each official must understand the inherent risks she/he/they face(s). With each serve, most of which go off without problems, there is always the risk of violence and even death. ☹

Their salary can vary based on several expenses. These variables and other factors which affect how much he/she earns are as follows:

  1. Whether they own their own company, work for someone else’s company, or utilize a combination of the two
  2. How hard he/she works
  3. What the current economic market is like for them
  4. How many serve a process server complete each week
  5. The number and extent of the expenses and tax deductions each incur.

They can make decent salaries, if they stay motivated and work hard. Thinking about becoming one? Please contact one of the owners of our private detective agency today to inquire about employment opportunities for process servers in Moore, Oklahoma. 😊

Anyone wishing to hide from them is in for an extremely difficult, uphill battle. Many are also licensed as private investigators. Thus, they often have plenty of access to special tools and devices that can help catch especially evasive defendants/respondents. 😉

They usually makeup to four (4) attempts on service to one (1) defendant at one (1) address. Smaller towns and villages, due to their faraway distances and extended driving requirements, usually have fewer attempts per address made on them.

Of course! No one can ever possibly guarantee good service. Defendants/respondents might have moved, died, gone to jail, gotten committed to mental institutions, etc., and these are all factors over which they have absolutely zero control over. Our experts must still receive just compensation for their time and efforts, not to mention their mileage, insurance, tires, fuel, air filters/oil filters, oil changes, etc.

People who want to become a process server at a private investigation agency must first ensure that they qualify prior to filling out an Oklahoma process server license application. The preliminary qualifying aspects of process serving licenses in Oklahoma are as follows:

  1. Each applicant must have attained at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  1. All persons must not have pending felony or violent misdemeanor charges or convictions.
  1. No person who is a registered sex offender may work as one.
  1. A specialist who has had her/his/their license revoked twice is ineligible to become one.
  2. All must have legal authorization to work in the United States of America.
  3. Those seeking a license must also meet all Oklahoma residency requirements.

Once applicants are sure they have successfully met the aforementioned requirements, they must then complete the following steps for an Oklahoma process server license:

  1. Individuals must complete a license application. This should be the first step that all persons should first complete because the court clerk gives each applicant a court date once she/he/they fill(s) out this license application. This court clerk sets the court date for the review of the license applicant court date out about four (4) or five (5) weeks, and the clock does not start until the person has filled out this license application and has paid the associated fee.
  2. Everyone must also submit two (2) passport-sized photographs to the court clerk prior to her/his/their court date for the review of her/his/their license application. Applicants may obtain these two (2) passport-style photographs at places like Walgreens, CVS, FedEx Office, etc.
  3. All applicants must also purchase a five thousand dollar ($5,000) Oklahoma process server bond from an insurance agency like Sherman-Hume.
  4. Each applicant must also post a public notice in an official legal paper like The Journal Record.

Each applicant should turn in all the necessary documents listed in numbers 2-4 to the court clerk prior to her/his/their court date for the review of her/his/their application. Once each applicant has acquired her/his/their license, then she/he/they should subsequently contact one of the owners or supervisory process servers at our private investigation agency in Moore, to inquire about jobs opportunities for process servers in Oklahoma. 😊

The cost to hire one can depend on several factors. These variables are as follows:

  • Number of Pages They Must Print Out
  • Payment Method (i.e., Cash vs. Credit/Debit Card) to Pay Them
  • Whether Document Filing/Retrieval by Them is Necessary
  • Whether the Client Needs Them to Add a Witness/Mileage/Document Production Fees Added to a Subpoena
  • Whether the Respondent/Defendant is Especially Dangerous and Requires Them to Bring an Armed Private Investigator for Added Protection
  • The City in Which the Defendant/Respondent is Located (i.e., a Large City With Many Process Servers vs. a Tiny Town with Few or No Agents)
  • The Speed of Service, Either Rush or Routine, That You Need Them to Attempt Process Serving Upon the Defendant/Respondent
  • Whether or Not They Must Make Additional Attempts Beyond the Standard Number
  • Whether or Not They Must Try to Serve the Defendant/Respondent at Additional Addresses to Get Good Service
  • Whether or Not They Must Spend Extra Time Waiting and Watching for Defendants/Respondents to Come/Go.
  • Whether an Out-of-State Subpoena Requires Domestication Prior to Process Serving

As you can clearly see, there are a plethora of factors that can ultimately affect the cost of hiring one. If you have any questions about hiring them, please contact the owners of our company or one of our supervisory staff today.

Courts generally require them to serve the following documents issued in an Oklahoma county court via personal service only:

In addition to the restrictions above, some states like Texas require all of them in Oklahoma and other states to serve all documents a Texas court issues by personal service only. Other states, such as California, permit substitute service only after he/she has made at least three (3) attempts to secure personal service. Even then, he/she must still send out a copy of the paperwork to the residence where she/he/they served the papers via substitute service, or the courts will not count the substitute service by a specialist as valid.

They will likely have clients from around the world. The most common types of clients that they have are the following:

  1. Law Firms/Attorneys
  2. Individuals
  3. Governmental Agencies
  4. Businesses
  5. Non-profit Organizations

If you or someone you know needs their assistance, then please contact one of our owners or other supervisory staff.

The State of Oklahoma does not place any restrictions on them as to what hours or days of the week they may work. Thus, they may conduct process serving in Moore, Oklahoma, at any time of the day or night. 😊

Of course, some states, such as Texas, place limitations on the hours or days of the week they may serve court documents via process serving. Texas forbids their service on Sundays, while other states forbid it on Election Day. Thus, if they receive court documents from clients in other states to serve in the State of Oklahoma, then they must abide by the rules of the states where the legal documents originated.

It is imperative that all check their local laws about their job, prior to attempting to serve court documents or other legal papers. A specialist that tries to serve court papers on the wrong day or during prohibited hours could potentially screw up an entire legal case.

Yes, the owners of our private investigation agency in Moore, Vivien Keefe, and Dr. Makayla Saramosing, are always looking to hire decent process servers. The owners typically seek out the following types of qualities in all applicants seeking to find employment:

Think you might have what it takes to become one? If so, please check out our Oklahoma process server job applications and contact the owners of our private investigation agency in Moore, OK, Vivien Keefe and Dr. Makayla Keefe.

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