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What is Notary Public?

What is Notary Public?

What is Notary Public

A notary public from a private detective agency in Broken Bow, Oklahoma is a person who confirms and verifies the identity of an individual signing a document. He/ She must meet certain age, residency, citizenship, and criminal history requirements before the Oklahoma Secretary of State will authorize an individual to work as a notary public in Oklahoma City. Professional’s notarial commission lasts for four (4) years.


A notary public notarizes documents to help prevent fraudulent activity and to ensure quality control and compliance. They act as an impartial official witness to screen for counterfeiters and ensures that two (2) parties have entered into agreements intentionally and voluntarily. They can sign everything from vehicle titles to divorce documents and more.

They often have many tasks to perform in her/his/their official capacity as a mobile notary in Oklahoma. These duties might engage in include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. A notary public from a private detective agency must properly identify the person who appears before him by utilizing personal photo identification or another government-issued, verifiable proof of identity, such as a passport, state-issued driver’s license, etc. If he/she personally knows the individual or persons who is/are signing the documents, then he/she is not required to force the signer to present government issued photo identification.
  2. Where land titles are included or someone may acquire significant property title rights, he/she can verify, compare, and record signatures.
  3. He/ She can record proof of the notarial act in an official book or register, but one is not required to do so.
  1. A specialist requires the signer to make an affidavit or declaration as to her/his/their identity and attestation of the facts of the item she/he/they is/are signing.
  1. He/ She may also assist her/his/their clients in preparing and notarizing a bill of sale for an item such as a car, boat, or video game console. 😊
  1. One can also acknowledge the implementation of a U.S.A.-based document, commonly known as an “acknowledgement,” and can prepare the acknowledgment accordingly.
  1. One can prepare a notarial certificate of execution.
  1. A professional places her/his/their special seal upon the document and signs it.
  1. The agent then hands over the completed documents back to the individual(s) who originally presented them to the notary public.
  1. In some cases, he/she will keep a copy of the documents in her/his/their register as part of his/her protocol.
  1. The client pays the official for her/his/their mobile notary services in Oklahoma.

Civil Laws That Govern a Notary Public

The legal system in the United States of America has a special commissioned job commonly referred to them. They are public officials who notarize legal documents and who, among other things, can arrange for affidavits and confessions. Although the State of Oklahoma considers notaries to be public servants, the government does not directly pay them.

Each expert can earn a fee, provide free services for other jobs like banks, or provide free services such as notarizing ballots during an election for the public good. In the United States, except Puerto Rico, anyone who is a United States citizen, has not felony convictions, and who is at least twenty-one (21) years of age, can receive a commission as one from the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

In the United States, these professionals working as a signing agent in Oklahoma, also known as a loan signing agent, are notary publics who specialize in notarizing mortgage and real estate documents for banks and signing companies. Those acting as signing agents can make a very decent salary and helps people notarize important sets of sometimes complicated documents.

What does it mean to have a notary public notarize legal documents?

The seal of a commissioned individual indicates that they have verified the identity of the signor of a document. But which documents require notarization by them?

Not all documents require notarization, but many do. For example, banks, other financial institutions, city/state/federal governmental agencies, etc., often require notarization of their important legal documents by one. It is their job to verify the identity of the person signing the document. The mobile notary will also confirm that the signor fully understands the meaning of the documents that she/he/they is/are signing.

What are the steps for notarization?

  1. Unless the notary public knows you personally, you must provide some form of government-issued photo identification so he can properly verify your identity before notarizing your documents.
  2. Your professional will then ensure you understand what the documents are and what you are about to sign.
  3. He will then observe your signature.
  4. Once you have properly signed the document, they will affix their official seal to the document. Your document is now notarized.
  5. The notarization of a document is like a statement made under oath at the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). By having one notarize your document, you are saying that the facts contained in the document are true and correct.
  6. As noted earlier, there are some documents that the State of Oklahoma needs to grant them the authority to notarize. These include, but are not limited to, documents such as birth certificates and passports. The Oklahoma Secretary of State itself must be the one to verify the authenticity of documents such as these because their forgery can prove very detrimental to society.

Notarization of Legal Documents by a Notary Public From a Private Investigation Agency

Important documents often require notarization. But what exactly does it mean to have something notarized, and how can you notarize your documents? While this process can sometimes appear daunting, the process is as simple as traveling to your local bank, credit union, shipping center, or visiting them at a nearby private investigation agency in Mustang, Oklahoma.

A notarized document is an item that an official has certified as having the signature from the right person on the form. He is an official who verifies the identity of each person signing the document, observes her/his/their signatures, and marks the document with her/his/their official seal. His job is to ensure that all signatures on the document are true and valid.

Verification of Identity: A notary public requires identification from the person signing the document and provides details about the identity documents to everyone.

Signatories Who Can Consent: He needs to look for signs of coercion. Even if the individual signing the documents does not like the contents of the legal papers, the most important thing is whether the person is signing them voluntarily or is doing so because someone else is forcing her/him/them to sign the papers.

Eligibility for Appropriate Decisions: He should certify that the signatories are in a position where they can truly understand what it is they are signing. If an individual is intoxicated, is under the influence of narcotics, or for some reason is unable to understand what is happening, he must not notarize the legal papers. Indeed, a mobile notary will refuse to verify a person’s signature if there is a potential problem with the signatory competency.

How do you go about getting a notary public to notarize a legal document?

To get a document notarized, visit the notary, prove your identity, and sign the document.

  1. Bring Official Government-Issued Photo Identification

Professionals will ask for identification to confirm that the individual signing the documents really is whom she/he/they say(s) that she/he/they is/are. The signatory will need an official government-issued ID with a photo, such as a state driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID. This will usually work, although requirements vary from state to state. If they are unable to verify the identity of the person signing the legal documents, then they may refuse to notarize individual’s document.

  1. Wait to Sign the Document Until the Notary Public is Present

Bring a signed document to them, instead of trying to sign the legal document ahead of time. In most cases, they will need to witness the person physically sign the legal documents in front of her/him/them. If they do not observe the person signing the legal papers, then they are unable to verify which individual signed the document.

  1. Pay the Required Fee

They are unable to work for free. They must also pay bills and gets no money from the government to perform any work.  Indeed, mobile notaries must spend money to operate as mobile notaries from a private investigation agency in Enid, OK.

A mobile notary must keep up with changing state laws and requirements, and he must also keep records. Therefore, please do be surprised when they ask you for a fee for her/his/their services. You will typically spend less than $20 for the services they perform, but if they must notarize many documents that you have signed, you can expect the costs to be higher. 😊

Where to Get a Letter by a Notary Public:

You can take legal notice in many places to have experts to notarize it for you. Some places are only open Monday through Friday or perhaps Monday through Saturday during normal business hours. They can often notarize your documents day or night, any day of the week.

As you can see, they have a significant number of strategic advantages, when it comes to flexibility with days and times of the week when you hire one over traditional businesses as described below.

Financial Institutions

Your local bank or credit union is a great place to find one. If you are an account holder, the staff at the bank or credit union will probably notarize your legal documents free of charge. Even if you do not have an account with a particular bank or credit union in Oklahoma, he might notarize your legal papers for a small fee.

Other Business Institutions

A notary public is often available in both local and big businesses. Call before traveling, as services he provides may vary by location.

If you are unable to travel to the location where they are located, then consider hiring a mobile notary public for greater convenience. While the cost to hire one is higher than a notary public where you travel to her/his/their office for the services, nothing really beats the convenience and flexibility that a mobile notary in Oklahoma provides. 😊

How to Hire a Mobile Notary in Oklahoma City From a Private Investigation Agency

If you need to have a notary public notarize your legal documents but are unable to travel to the location where he is located, consider hiring a mobile notary. He almost always costs more than does he where you travel to that person’s place of business, but a mobile notary can travel to where your residence, business, or even a hospital where you are at and thus offers unmatchable flexibility and ease.

When you choose to hire a mobile notary to assist with notarizing your legal documents, be sure to inquire about the mileage and travel fees upfront, because he is legally allowed by the State of Oklahoma to charge whatever fees she/he/they desire(s) to travel to you. These additional fees may significantly add to the costs associated with having a notary public help notarize your documents.

Of course, their fees are well worth the cost, because nothing beats the added convenience that only they can provide.

How to Become a Notary Public and/or a Mobile Notary at a Private Investigation Agency in OK

If you wish to become one, there are only a few requirements you must fulfill to receive your special commission as a notary public. However, since it is Oklahoma we are talking about here, the requirements are as minimal as our state’s pathetically low standards for schools.

The first requirement is that you must be at least eighteen (!8) years of age, if you wish to serve as a professional. Under Oklahoma state law, you may not work as a notary public or a mobile notary, if you are a minor.

An applicant may not have any felony convictions. This rule is in place because the people of Oklahoma only want people to work as this official if they are people without scruples who go out and break the law. If he/she goes about abusing her/his/their power as a commissioned individual, the results could end up with a lot of harm directed at innocent persons. ☹

He must also be a citizen of the United States of America. Once again, a candidate requires a great deal of public trust, and the people of Oklahoma only want one of their own to undertake this crucial role.

While not required, he may also get the seal to stamp as verification of her/his/their signature. This is a requirement for every specialist. Every official may buy their notary seal and apply for their commission through many venues, one of which is Walker Companies.

He might also choose to carry a special notary book in which to mark down the dates, times, locations, etc., of every notary signing he witnesses. Once again, the State of Oklahoma does not require this, but it can prove to be beneficial in case a problem or other difficulty arises.

Sadly, he/she is not required under state law to complete any classes or training prior to receiving a commission as a notary public and a mobile notary. He can potentially make quite a few mistakes. So, taking a few training classes, especially if choosing to work as a signing agent for loans and other larger documents, can prove to be very beneficial.

Additionally, it is always wise for these officials in Oklahoma to carry errors and omissions insurance, also called “E and O” insurance. This helps cover them in the event that inadvertently make a mistake. Indeed, mistakes and errors. Every professional in every field makes an error at some point in her/his/their career, even if only accidentally. Carrying E and O insurance can help them protect against economic losses from lawsuits.


A notary public is a person who is authorized to deal with certain notarial legal matters, particularly the observation and verification of signatures on legal documents. Under Oklahoma law, he/she must be a trusted United States citizen of legal age and with no felony convictions.

However, it is also possible for them to notarize online documents by verifying the person’s state-issued photo identification unless they personally know the signor. Essentially, they will verify the identity of the individual signing the documents and will then serve as an independent witness to watch the person sign the document(s) in front of them.

The person signing the legal documents in front of the professional will then need to send the original document to one by FedExUPS, or U.S. Mail, so he/she can sign and stamp the original document(s) accordingly.

When verifying the identity of someone signing legal documents online, they must first verify the client’s identity and might find it helpful to record her/his/their signature via video. Indeed, any time someone else might try to call in the signing of a document in front of the one in question, it is always advisable for them to strongly consider video recording the signing itself.

Another example of a time when they might want to video record a notarization in Oklahoma would be at a hospital or nursing home, when someone else might possibly attempt to call the person’s ability to understand and legally sign a document into question later down the road. Our private detective agency advises each specialist to ask a medical professional at the hospital or nursing home if the person about to sign the documents is capable of understanding what she/he/they is/are about to sign. If a medical professional is not available or is unwilling to decide, then the individual should take it upon herself/himself/themselves to ask the person to sign the document to explain to them in her/his/their own words what she/he/they is/are about to sign and why.

There are some unscrupulous charlatans out there who will try to manipulate one into notarizing documents for someone who is too mentally ill or who has dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc., and is unable to understand what she/he/they is/are signing. These scoundrels often do so for financial gain and to take advantage of other vulnerable individuals, and every agent must be on the lookout for such immoral individuals. Otherwise, they might inadvertently cause harm to the vulnerable person and open herself/himself/themselves to potential civil and/or criminal liability.

There are some documents in which they cannot serve as a witness, such as a birth certificate or passport. Only certain agencies can verify that certain copies of legal documents like a birth certificate or passport are valid and true legal copies, so everyone should first consult with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, prior to potentially notarizing a document she/he/they is/are unauthorized to notarize/verify.

Other agencies that often have a notary public notarized documents for individuals include banks and tag agencies. Banks will usually have one to notarize documents for their clients for free, and tag agencies often charge a small fee to do work as one. However, banks and tag agencies often do not have this expert available after 5:00 pm or on the weekends. These time slots are when many people most often require their services in Tulsa, OK, and when banks and tag agencies close shop a private notary can often fill in the legal gap. 😊

He/ She require identification from the person signing the document and provides often lists of the identity documents on the notarized papers themselves. Notaries in Oklahoma City must also look for signs of coercion. Even if the person signing the legal documents does not like what is contained in the documents themselves, are they signing them voluntarily, or is someone forcing them to sign the papers?

They should certify that the signatories are in a position where they can truly understand what they are signing. If a person is intoxicated with alcohol, is under the influence of heavy drugs, is for some reason is unable to understand what is happening due to dementia, Alzheimer’s, or significant distress, or if the individual is not present when the alleged signing of the document took place, then they must not notarize the document. They must refuse to verify the signature, if a potential problem with the signatory exists.

It is also important for us to point out that these professionals do not have to understand what the document says nor endorse it. Indeed, the document can even be in a language they do not understand, and that is fine, too. They are merely verifying the authenticity of the signatory’s identity, not the content or language of the document itself. 😊

Notary Public FAQS

Who is a notary public?

An individual acts as a commissioned individual who is legally authorized to ensure that a signatory is indeed the person she/he/they claim(s) to be. The documents he/she notarizes may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Divorce Papers and Other Court Documents
  • Official Applications
  • Special Letters
  • Driver’s License Permission Forms
  • Living Wills
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Jurats
  • Acknowledgements
  • Much More! 😊

As you can clearly see, he/she can notarize and handle many different types of legal documents and forms. Each individual plays a crucial role in the lives of people needing to have a commissioned individual verify their signature for legal purposes. 😊

Why does a notary public notarize documents?

You may have a notary of documents, but do you know why? Is there a purpose or benefit to notarize a document? Their signature’s witness is, among other things, an important source of risk management that prevents fraud and identity theft. Documents are noted to prevent fraud and ensure compliance. An impartial witness (notary) to screen for counterfeiters and to ensure that they have entered into agreements intentionally and voluntarily.

Why is notarization of documents so important?

One of the main reasons for having a professional notarize documents is that it is a form of fraud prevention. His/ Her signature not only makes it more likely that signatories are indeed the individuals they claim to be but is also binding on certain agreements, such as deeds, mortgages, vehicle titles, last wills and testaments, divorce documents, and more.

How does a notary public identify a signatory?

To properly identify someone signing legal documents, he/she will ask to view a government-issued photo identity document or card such as a state-issued driver’s license, military ID, or passport, as they both contain a physical description and signature of the signatory.

Is notarization of a document a legal requirement?

For many legal documents such as a vehicle title, yes, a notary public must do it. Some affidavits, deeds, last wills and testaments, etc., may not be legally binding unless a specialist notarizes them.

With other documents, no. Private entities and individuals may need notation to consolidate documents and protect them from fraud.

Does notarization of documents make a document “true” or “legal”?

No. Notarization generally means that the signatory acknowledges with the notary that he has signed the document or affidavit or affirmation that the contents of the document are correct.

Can a notary public from a private investigation agency give legal advice or prepare legal documents for someone as one?

No, he/she is prohibited from preparing legal documents or acting as a legal adviser unless the individual is also licensed as a lawyer. The State of Oklahoma can prosecute them for violating this law, so they cannot legally answer your legal questions or advise you about other non-notary-related legal aspects of your document(s).

Can a notary public refuse to notarize documents in Oklahoma for other people?

If they suspect fraud, malice, or illegal activities of any kind, then she/he/they is/are not required to notarize the document(s) for the clients. However, they cannot refuse service to anyone on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religious creed or lack thereof, disability, ethnicity, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other prohibited basis or because the person is not their regular client or customer.

Can a notary public notarize her/his/their own signature?

No, they may not notarize her/his/their own signature. The purpose of a mobile notary is to help keep people honest and to ensure accuracy by independently verifying people’s identity. While a notary public does not have any felonies or other major criminal record, attempting to notarize one’s own documents nonetheless circumvents the independent verification process.

Where can I report unethical or unprofessional actions of a notary public working at a private investigation agency in Guthrie, OK?

If you suspect any wrongdoing by one, you may contact the Oklahoma Secretary of State, which is the state agency that commissions each notary public. You may also contact the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General to file a complaint against a notary public in Oklahoma at a private investigation agency in OKC.

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