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What is skip tracing?

In simple terms skip tracing is known as the art of tracing someone who has ‘skipped’ town or doesn’t want to be found, often due to debt collection or other legal reasons. A skip tracer locates the person of interest through the person’s contact details, address, and location, sometimes employing other advanced tactics. Hiring a skip tracer to locate a person of interest in Oklahoma City could be the best thing for your legal situation.

How much does skip tracing service cost?

The cost of skip tracing services might depend on your area. In Oklahoma, skip tracing for one person costs around $99 with an addition of 5% if you choose to pay online through a credit card.

What information does a skip tracer require to find someone?

The main goal of a skip tracer is to find the person of interest. The more information you have about the person, the easier it will be to find them. Some of the information that might help the case includes:

  • Legal full name
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Social Security number
  • Most recent Address
  • Previously known Email Addresses
  • Known telephone numbers
  • Any domain name associated with them

You might not have all of this information, but whatever information you do have can make skip tracing easier.

Do you only perform skip tracing in Oklahoma?

Our skip tracing services are not limited to Oklahoma City. We can find anyone, anywhere in the United States.

What to expect from skip tracing service?

Once a person is located, the skip tracer will either make contact, serve papers or arrest them in case of bail skipping. In locating the subject, a skip tracer will also find a lot of important information which will be compiled in a comprehensive report. This report may contain the following details:

  • Current address
  • Current phone number
  • Current place of employment
  • Social security number or any other ID (Maybe redacted for privacy)
  • Any evidence unearthed by the skip tracer

Will information from a skip trace be withheld?

There is some information that a skip tracer is not allowed to release. According to the law in Oklahoma, you cannot receive highly private information like the social security numbers and date of birth. This sensitive information is usually withheld to protect the person’s privacy.

When to get a skip trace done?

You might want to locate someone and get information such as their phone number, address, and email address. However, it is essential that you employ skip tracing services for legal matters only. There are many cases in which one would employ a skip tracer in Oklahoma. A skip tracer can be employed to locate:

  • A missing heir
  • A witness to an attorney
  • Defendants who fail to appear at court
  • Subjects who need to be served with legal papers
  • Customers who haven’t paid for services
  • People who have skipped bail
  • Individuals for debt collection

In which cases will skip tracing services be declined?

It is important that you only get a skip trace done when you have a legal and ethical reason. A skip tracer will never give out highly sensitive information that may harm the subject without any good reason. Unless there is a legal matter to be dealt with, skip tracing services will not help you locate the person. This could endanger the person as some people might wish to locate them to seek revenge or cause serious harm.

When is a skip trace less likely to be successful?

A skip trace can turn up empty due to a number of reasons. If the person has moved to a new place of residence in the past few months, their address might take a while to show up. It will be even more difficult if the subject is living with someone else or is less than 18 years of age. However, the more information you have about the person the better the results will be.

Is the fee refundable if a skip trace fails?

The original skip tracing fee is non-refundable in case nothing turns up out of it. However, to aid our clients in Oklahoma City in case of an unsuccessful skip trace, we will re-check the trace after every two months for a whole period of six months and that too, free of charge!

Why not pay for an online location service?

Most online location services are a borderline scam, their databases are not updated and searching there would be fruitless. In short, paying for an online location service will just disappoint you and you will eventually have to hire a professional skip tracer to trace someone in Oklahoma.

Can anyone do a skip trace by themselves?

Normal individuals do not have the authority or the expertise to conduct a skip trace. Only licensed lawyers and private investigators have the authorization to access sensitive information such as social security numbers. These skip tracers are licensed, insured and trained specifically to carry out these highly sensitive cases. Not anyone can obtain a license as it requires extensive training and background checks. If anyone could do a skip trace by themselves, then think of the chaos and harm dangerous criminals could cause due to it!

Why should I trust a private investigator in Oklahoma for skip tracing?

Our team of trained professionals provides the best skip tracing in Oklahoma that you can put your trust in. They have mastered the art of tracing which you can benefit from by employing our skip tracing services for your legal affairs!