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If you ever need to locate the best process server to help you serve court papers, you have come to the right place. Our process servers from our best private investigation agency in Broken Arrow, OK, are some of the most experienced ones from any private investigation agency in Broken Arrow. 😊

Sadly, many people do not even know what process servers are or what they do. This is true in many cases with them. If a person has never had a need to hire one, then they have not needed to investigate what a process server he is.

The owners of our private detective agency in Broken Arrow have put together a series of informative FAQs about process servers. These FAQs are meant to inform and educate others about them. These questions and their accompanying answers are listed below as follow:

Frequently Asked Questions

They serve court papers and other legal documents upon people. Working as a Broken Arrow process server can indeed be dangerous work and a thankless task, but it is nonetheless extremely important to the healthy existence of our judicial system.

Private detectives, on the other hand, investigate both civil and criminal matters. They often investigate some or all of the following types of civil and criminal cases:

  1. Arson
  2. Rape 
  3. Human Trafficking
  4. Murder 
  5. Cheating Spouse – Unfaithful Spouse – Infidelity 
  6. Child Custody
  7. Parental Kidnapping
  8. Workers’ Compensation Fraud – Workmen’s Compensation Fraud
  9. Divorce 
  10. Insurance Fraud 
  11. Nanny 
  12. Robbery 
  13. Sexual Assault 
  14. Child Abuse 
  15. Missing Kids
  16. Runaway Children 
  17. Missing Children 
  18. Kidnapping 
  19. Police Misconduct 
  20. Car Accident
  21. Dog Bite 
  22. Romance Scam 
  23. Missing Persons
  24. Medical Malpractice
  25. Burglary 
  26. Nationwide Skip Trace Service to Locate Missing Persons
  27. Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  28. Social Media Scan/Deep Internet Search
  29. Surveillance
  30. Sweeps for Hidden Listening Devices, Hidden Video Cameras, & Hidden Tracking Devices
  31. Sex Trafficking
  32. Drone Surveillance 
  33. Fraud 
  34. Counterintelligence 
  35. Much More! 😊

As you can see, private investigators investigate all types of civil and criminal matters, and many of those with our private investigation agency also hold licenses as Broken Arrow process servers. If you need to hire a process server to serve court papers or conduct civil and criminal private investigations on your behalf, then please locate one today for more information. You can easily find one from our private investigation agency today. 😊

They are legally licensed persons the State of Oklahoma permits to serve other people with court papers and other legal documents. They often perform other tasks, such as the following, for their clients:

  1. Serving Court Papers With Nationwide Process Serving
  2. Nationwide Document Filing and Retrieval
  3. Waiting and Watching for “Siege Serves”
  4. Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  5. Nationwide Skip Tracing – Skip Trace Service
  6. Post Office Box Checks to Locate Missing People
  7. License Plate Checks to Find Missing Persons 
  8. Forwarding Mail Checks to Locate Missing Children and to Find Missing Kids

These are merely a few of the many additional services that they can often offer to their clients. If you are in need of one, then contact us today.

Private investigators also perform many of the same tasks as process servers that we previously listed above. In general, however, they often perform the following types of civil and criminal investigations:

  1. Missing Children 
  2. Divorce 
  3. Adultery
  4. Child Custody 
  5. Infidelity 
  6. Murder
  7. Rape 
  8. Arson
  9. Criminal 
  10. Workers’ Compensation Fraud 
  11. Workmen’s Compensation Fraud 
  12. Fraud
  13. Missing Persons
  14. Sexual Assault 
  15. Parental Kidnapping 
  16. Child Abuse
  17. Romance Scam 
  18. Runaway Kid 
  19. Runaway Child 
  20. Sex Crimes 
  21. Insurance Fraud 
  22. Unsolved Murder 
  23. Police Private Investigations by Police Private Investigators
  24. Human Trafficking 
  25. Sex Trafficking
  26. Nanny 
  27. Prison
  28. School 
  29. Burglary 
  30. Kidnapping 
  31. Child Pornography
  32. Child Molestation 
  33. Cold Case 
  34. Much More! 😊

As you can see, the best agents have different yet sometimes similar work. Many of them also work as private investigators and vice versa, but that is only sometimes the case. If you need to hire a process server, find them here today. 😊

There are three main concepts that all process servers need to remember. These are essential, and if they remember nothing else, they should remember the following:

  • Get Neither Harmed Nor Killed – As we have said many times before, process serving is a very dangerous field, and if they are not careful they can get hurt or even murdered! They need always to wear bulletproof vests, carry pepper gel, and wear body cameras or use dash cameras. It is also helpful for them to share their location with loved ones and to tell them where they are going and when they will be back

If they take precautions, they can reduce the risks to their lives by horrible, dangerous people who would harm them. That way they can enjoy their chosen legal professions and return home to their loved ones each night.  

  • Do Your Very Best Job –

It is always important that each one do his best. There are so many laws and rules to follow, and as with any other job, it just takes time to get good at serving court papers and other legal documents. Those who can find an experienced mentor to help them learn and grow will fare much better in their chosen legal profession than those who go it alone.

  • Make Sure Your Clients Pay You – Upfront, Mostly! –

 Most clients will pay you, but to avoid having to chase them all down, it is most helpful to go ahead and get the payment for your services upfront. Sadly, lawyers and doctors can be the worst about paying, because once you complete their work, they get busy with other things and many stop thinking about you and their promise to pay you. Not everyone is like that, but some lawyers, doctors, and others sure are, and having to chase them all down for payment takes away too much time and energy that you need to serve court papers properly.

Yes, there are some circumstances when it is perfectly legal for a process server to simply post documents to a defendant’s/respondent’s front door. Most times doing so is not okay, but yes, there are some occasions when it is fine. Some of these times when he may post documents to the front door, and these instances include, but are not limited to, the following:

If the same person keeps showing her/his/their same face to the defendants/respondents over and over, then it increases the likelihood that the defendants/respondents will start avoiding them. This is why it is beneficial for them to post the first document and serve the second set by personal or substitute service.

  • For Petitions and Summonses for Forcible Entry and Detainer, When Possession Only/No Money is Sought: In circumstances where the petitioner/plaintiff is not interested in a money judgment or thinks she/he/they will not get one anyway and just wants possession of her/his/their property, a professional is legally permitted to post a copy of the petition and summons for forcible entry and detainer onto the front door and then to mail a copy of the documents via certified mail with a return receipt to that same address.
  • Whenever a Judge Grants Permission for Alternative Service: There is nothing quite so much like the Cat God or Cat Goddess on Earth as a judge in her/his/their courtroom. Thus, whenever a judge says it is okay for them to post court documents for a defendant/respondent, then they may do so. 

The State of Oklahoma does not place any restrictions on them as to the times of the day and days of the week they can serve court papers and other legal documents upon governmental agencies, individuals, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. However, some states, such as Texas and Florida, expressly prohibit the service of process on Sundays by for all papers that originate out of their states. Other states prohibit this service on special days like Election Day.

When you need to hire the best official to serve court papers, you can locate the best process server right here, right now! 😊

If you, as the client, are still looking for a missing person, you can hire one to help you with this. Our licensed private investigators have many different methods and tactics to help you find missing persons and try to get them served for you. 😊

To serve someone in Oklahoma with court papers and/or other legal documents, you must hire a process server to help serve court papers for you. When you hire one, you will also need to provide them with the following information:

  1. The Full Names of the Defendants(s)/Respondent(s)
  2. The Address to go to
  3. A List of The Documents You Want Served
  4. Whether You Want This Done on a Rush or a Routine Basis
  5. The Number of Pages Your Documents Has
  6. Whether You Need a Witness Fee With the Documents – Subpoenas Only
  7. The Acceptable Methods of Service (i.e., Personal, Substitute, Posting, Etc.)
  8. Whether You Need Any Documents Filed and/or Retrieved

When you provide them with the aforementioned information and pay the associated fee for the service of process, they will get the job done.

A “drop serve” occurs whenever a process server simply drops court papers and/or other legal documents at a defendant’s/respondent’s feet. This usually happens because the defendant/respondent refuses to take them into her/his/their hands voluntarily, so it leaves the official no choice but to drop the papers at the person’s feet. No worries, though, because this still counts as good service. 😊

When a process server and a private investigator from a private investigation agency in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, either serve someone or find that she/he/they cannot serve a defendant/respondent, they will fill out an affidavit of process server. It informs the courts about the status of service upon the defendant/respondent, and they include information such as the following:

  1. Name and Jurisdiction of the Court
  2. Plaintiff vs. Defendant/Case Name
  3. Case Number
  4. Name of the Person the Process Server Served
  5. The Name of the Person the Expert Left the Documents With and Her/His/Their Relationship to the Defendant/Respondent
  6. Documents he/she Served Upon the Defendant/Respondent
  7. Address them Served the Defendant/Respondent at
  8. The Manner of Service, if Any (i.e., Personal, Substituted, Etc.)
  9. A Physical Description of the Person the Process Server Gave the Documents to
  10. Signature 
  11. Notarization by a Notary Public in Oklahoma
  12. License Number & County of Registration

Many of our process-serving clients in Oklahoma ask for their affidavits of process server back right away, but our office manager always ensures that each affidavit is correct before sending them to each client. This is because most of them often make tons of mistakes and errors on accident. Thus, to prevent the sending of affidavits to our clients that contain errors, it is necessary for our office manager first to look them over to ensure their accuracy. 😊

We are just one of thousands of them around the State of Oklahoma. They have no idea whatsoever who came out to serve you because there would only be a tiny chance it would have been one of them.

If they have served you with documents, please contact the other party, or their attorney and/or hire legal counsel to do so. If you suspect one has tried to serve you, but you were not at home, you might leave a note out on your front door with your name and number and ask them to contact you. 😊

Please do not try to go “report” them. They have hard enough lives as it is, risking life and limb and possibly never seeing their families again just to complete your job. Is your job this tough? Do you have nothing better to do with your life, or do you just love to go around making the lives of others miserable?

Please: You want to go home and rethink your life. Just accept the papers from them and quietly go on about your business. Instead of doing mindless Google searches for “How do I report a process server?” you should instead try to go out and make the world a better place. Adopt a cat! There is a wonderful idea! 😊    

Good question! Are you trying to date a process server? Did you recently apply for a job as a process server at the best private investigation agency? Is someone trying to serve you? Have you done something wrong? Guilty conscience? Indeed, these could all be valid reasons they are attempting to call you.

Indeed, they do not usually contact their victims . . . I mean the defendants/respondents, hehe . . . unless they are trying to trick them, unless they are all out of other ideas and calling them as a method of last resort, or if the defendant/respondent wants the papers and wishes to accept service of process from them actively.

You do not hide from them. Each service provider has a hard enough job as it is. Please be mature and just quietly take the court papers or other legal documents from them. Please do not make life harder on yourself and other people’s lives. Please be better than that.

He looks like anyone else: Human! Of course, they often go in plainclothes, while sheriff’s deputies wear uniforms while serving court papers and other legal documents.

You are really asking this question? What century are you living in? Yes, of course, women can become process servers and private investigators. Women, men, and non-binary individuals can all become one. 😉 In fact, our private investigation agency is a women-owned business. 😊

Most of the time, a process server can do process serving without problems. Of course, now and then, the situation can quickly turn very dangerous or even outright deadly. Before entering this field, each individual should be very aware of the real dangers they always potentially face.

There have been some genuine instances when bad people have tried to kill or have even murdered them and sheriffs’ deputies in Oklahoma and elsewhere. This potential for tremendous harm or even a brutal death is why most people opt not to become one.  This is why many charge the amount of money they do.

Before you become one, please take some time to shadow them beforehand. You may also locate a process server and private investigator at our private investigation agency. If you need to find them to speak with before you choose to become one, then please talk to one here today. 😊

Sometimes lawyers and judges call upon them to testify in court about if, in fact, they did serve people and what bad events might have transpired during the service of process. A judge might require a process server to testify over the phone or in person.

They often say things like, “Hello” and, “You have been served”. Others often try to confirm the identity of the defendant/respondent before serving the documents if the individual’s identity is unknown. Instead of asking whether they are ___________ or ____________ and giving the person a chance to deny it, many will say something like, “Hey, ________. How are you doing?”

Whenever someone chooses to hire a professional to serve you with court papers or other legal documents, please be kind and do not harm or threaten them. They have families, friends, hopes, and dreams as well. They are people, too. 😊

Given how long they know the top criminal defense attorneys, the best bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in OKC, and the best car accident attorneys and dog bite attorneys in Oklahoma City. When you choose to hire a process server from the best private investigation agency, they will gladly help connect you with the best of the best sex crimes defense attorneys, a bail bondsman who writes bail bonds, and auto accident attorneys in OKC. 😊

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