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Many times, process servers in Bethany, Oklahoma, and private investigators in Bethany, Oklahoma from the best private investigation agencies serve as the backbone of American jurisprudence. Sadly, many people do not even know what they are or what they do. ☹ Many persons do not even know what process servers and private detectives are, unless perhaps they have seen a show about them on television or online media, until the urgent time when they need to hire one from the best private investigation agency in Bethany.

To assist with this familiarization process, the owners of our private detective agency in Bethany, Oklahoma have put together a series of questions and accompanying answers about matters pertaining to being able to locate them. Indeed, it can be especially difficult to find one, but our process server and private detective FAQs aim to help make this process easier and stress-free. Thus, the questions and their accompanying questions answers about them are as follows:

To become one, there are only a few steps you must take. Firstly, you must ensure that you prequalify to fill out a process server application. These pre-qualifications are as follows:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You must not have any felony convictions/pending charges, or violent misdemeanor convictions/pending charges.
  3. You must be of “sound moral character” – um, yeah. 😉
  4. You must have been a resident of Oklahoma for the past 6 months or a resident of the county in which you are applying for a process server in Oklahoma license for the past 30 days.
  5. You must have legal permission to work in the United States (i.e., U.S. citizenship, possession of a permanent residence card, etc.).
  6. You must have never been required to register as a sex offender nor be currently registered as a sex offender.
  7. You must have not had a process server license revoked by a judge within the last 5 years and under no circumstances revoked more than twice.

If you satisfy these prerequisites, then you are welcome to apply. To formally apply to become a process server in Oklahoma, you need to successfully complete the following steps:

  1. You must fill out a process server in Oklahoma license application and pay the associated fee. Please do this step first, as it takes about 5 weeks from the day you do this to have the judge review your application.
  2. Obtain a process server bond from a great insurance company like Sherman Hume in Oklahoma City, OK. 😊
  3. File notice of your process server license application in an official Oklahoma legal paper, such as The Journal Record.
  4. Obtain two passport-sized photographs from somewhere like CVS, Walgreens, FedEx Office, etc

When it comes time for your court hearing date, they do not have to show up for it unless they want to out of curiosity. Unless there is an issue with one of the prequalification requirements, an absence of a process server bond, the passport photos, published notice of the application, etc., these matters usually go off without a hitch for one.

Nationwide skip tracing is when a process server, skip tracer, and private detective obtain some basic information about a missing person from a client in an attempt to locate one. Indeed, after obtaining the basic information about the person of interest (POI), they can enter this information into their system for their skip trace service to find missing children’s new addresses.

A skip trace service is very inexpensive and does not cost very much at all to do this job. If you need to hire an expert to help you locate missing people with our skip tracing service, then you have certainly come to the right place. Please locate a process server and a private investigator today for more information. 😊

As of the date of this writing, witness fees for subpoenas for deposition/testimony tend to be about $40 per day and about $0.60 per mile to and from the witness’s home and the courthouse/place of testimony. The amounts are nominal and cover a bare minimum of time and mileage, so as not to inconvenience the witness and provide her/him/them with a valid reason not to appear to testify.

Likewise, subpoenas duces tecum/to produce documents tends to be about $10-$25 for smaller amounts of printing/items, while very large amounts would obviously necessitate additional compensation so as to help cover the costs of copying, the associated time, etc. Subpoenas duces tecum do not require anyone to personally come testify before a court, deposition, or other administrative hearing.

No, these agents among other certain violent misdemeanor offences, may not have any felony convictions or pending criminal charges. Of course, if a governor has granted a pardon for the offense(s), then a process server would once again become eligible to become one in Oklahoma.

If he is unable to serve them with court papers, they still have several options to try to serve them. These options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Skip Trace Service: You can always hire an agent to conduct a nationwide skip trace service on your behalf. They stand ready and willing to find loved ones by taking certain information about adults and running it through their skip-tracing database. It is quick, and easy, and our real estate skip traces make it easy to do your job. 😊
  2. Mail Forwarding Check: Whenever someone moves from one residence to another, that individual may very likely fill out a forwarding mail request with the post office. This enables the United States Postal Service (USPS) to know what new address to forward that person’s mail to. Most people do not have access to this special privileged information, but when our professionals go to the USPS and present a special form they get immediate access to that new address information. 😊 Thus, this is yet another of many methods by which you can hire the best person to locate runaway kids and to find runaway kids. 😊
  3. License Plate Check: Sometimes our experts spot vehicles while on surveillance, trying to serve someone, etc., which require the confirmation of the owner’s name and address. When this occurs, you can hire them to conduct private investigations by obtaining the name and address information of the owners of a vehicle.
  4. Post Office Box Check: Some people opt to obtain a post office box/P.O. box to receive mail at. This P.O. box number might very well show up while our specialist conducts a skip trace service on your behalf. Every person who applies for a post office box with the USPS must also list an individual or company’s name and a physical address. By filling out a special form, they can can find missing persons by receiving the physical address and name associated with the O. box from the postal workers at the United States Postal Service. 😊
  5. Actively Monitoring Social Media Accounts: You can also hire one to actively monitor the social media accounts of a person of interest (POI). Indeed, they can try to get the POI to add her/him/them as a friend on social media accounts, thereby granting access to all the personal information the POI shares with others. This information might include such things as the following:
  • Where the POI is at
  • Whom the POI is With
  • What the POI is Doing
  • The Day and Time the POI is Doing Something

This information can be very useful in being able to find a missing person, and it can also help greatly with process serving and private investigations. 😊

  1. Catfishing: Catfishing individuals is especially useful in romance scams and cheating spouse private investigations. You can hire a detective to create fake romance and sex profiles. That way our agents can use those fake sex and romance profiles to locate those of the POI and to try to get her/him/them to meet up with our process server, skip tracer, and/or private investigator from our best private investigation agency.
  2. Going Door-to-Door: One definite way to help is to go door-to-door to people who might know the individual or who might know of the person of interest’s (POI’s) whereabouts. This method can take time and cost money, but it can certainly be effective when used in conjunction with other methods to find missing kids and/or when other tactics to find them have failed.
  3. Surveillance: One of the most effective, though time-consuming and expensive, ways to perform an inquiry is to conduct surveillance upon an individual. Officials can wait and watch at offices, residential areas, or even around other people or places the person of interest (POI) likes to visit.
  4. Social Media Scan/Deep Internet Search: They can also perform a social media scan/deep Internet search upon an individual to pull up their public posts and other public posts people have made about her/him/them, as well as public news stories about the individual and some of the POI’s social media websites. This can complement nationwide skip tracing very much, as it can help find a missing person for you. 😊


  1. Much More!

As you can see, there are many ways that our experts can use to help you out if they cannot get the service of process completed successfully. Find a process server today. 😊

After the completion of a license application available at the court clerk’s office, a judge will formally approve or deny the application of a process server in Oklahoma.

Most times respondents and defendants have about 20 days to respond to standard motions, petitions, and summonses. When it comes to subpoenas, small claims affidavits and orders, victim protection orders (VPOs), etc., the timeframes are often substantially shorter. All our process-serving clients can always feel free to ask one of our experienced professionals about the timeframes they have to get someone served by. 😊

They sometimes use disguises to help trick evasive defendants/respondents, etc., into getting served. Disguises that a process server might choose to wear often depend on the circumstances and availability of the different disguises. The following is a partial list of some common disguises that he might use when serving difficult respondents/defendants, etc.:

  1. Pizza Delivery Person
  2. DoorDash/Uber Eats Driver
  3. UPS/FedEx Delivery Driver
  4. Catholic Nun – Useful When Serving an Archbishop With Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Papers
  5. Person Looking for a “Lost” Dog/Cat
  6. Stranded Individual Whose Vehicle “Broke Down” on the Street Near the Defendant’s/Respondent’s Home
  7. Whatever Outfit Seems to Most Appropriately Fit the Occasion

They can indeed get incredibly creative with their process server disguises. Indeed, evasive defendants/respondents can prove to be incredibly frustrating for both clients and process servers alike. With the right disguise, an excellent ability to bluff, and a lot of luck, disguises can be the perfect way to trick unsuspecting defendants/respondents and witnesses into getting served. 😉

A court summons is delivered along with the petition or other documents. If a petitioner/respondent has a summons served without the other documents or vice versa, then the service of process is deemed to be invalid. There are many delivery methods to bring the court papers to the defendant/respondent or witness, but the owners of our private investigation agency near me have saved discussion of those methods for elsewhere in these FAQs.

Do you do your work for free? If not, then why would you ask if you can hire a private investigator to work without pay? Our officials have expenses to pay, families to feed, etc. Please pay them fairly. 😊

Once he serves someone with court papers and/or other legal documents, he will complete an affidavit of process server that their clients can turn into the courts to show they got good service.

As for the defendant/respondent/subpoenaed individual, that person must file a response to the courts and either show up or hire an attorney to do so on her/his/their behalf. If the defendant/respondent/subpoenaed fails to show up to court, then the courts will often enter a default judgment against the defendant/respondent or might issue an indirect contempt citation for a subpoenaed witness who fails to appear. Thus, if they serve you with court papers and/or other legal documents, it is best if you respond to the courts and show up.

Judges often believe them over individual defendants/respondents. If they state that they served someone, then a judge will usually believe them because as a disinterested party they have no reason to lie. However, it is worth mentioning that judges do not always believe them and sometimes invalidate their service of process as ineffective.

One trick that clever ones can-do help prove good service of process when defendants/respondents try to dispute it is to take video and/or photos of themselves serving court papers and/or other legal documents to defendants/respondents, witnesses, etc.

If you need to hire the best, then you can find the best from the best private detective agency with us! 😊

Defendants/respondents do not get to simply “refuse” to be served with court papers and other legal documents. If a process server or a sheriff’s deputy comes to serve you and does, that is it. The person is served. No one asks the individual if she/he/they want(s) to be served. 😉

There are many ways that someone can serve another person with court papers and other legal documents. Not all ways are equal and all have different pricing, pros, and cons. Here the owners of our private investigation agency will address your different options:

  1. Certified Mail With a Return Receipt:

One option people have to serve another individual, governmental agency, company, or nonprofit organization is to mail them a copy of the documents via certified mail with a return receipt. If they sign for the documents, it can count as valid service, but if they do not then it does not.

This method is inexpensive and often takes several days or a week to get good service, if at all. Larger companies like national and international banks and governmental agencies are more likely to sign for these types of documents, while smaller companies and individuals most often do not. Thus, even though this method is inexpensive and is an option for persons who need the service of process completed on a routine basis, it is most often the least effective method in most circumstances.

  1. Posting – “Nail and Mail”: The conspicuous posting of a legal document to a person’s home or business’s front door is considered “posting” of a legal document. The agent then takes a photograph of the legal document posted with tape to the front door with a camera and app that shows the location, time, and date it was taken. That way our professionals can prove that they did indeed post the document to the front door of the person’s home they claimed they have at the time and date they said they did.

Posting documents to a person’s front door is only allowed under very limited circumstances, and the courts consider it to be one of the least effective methods of process service because it is difficult to ascertain whether the individual did indeed receive the court papers and/or other legal documents. Nevertheless, posting documents to a person’s front door is considered a perfectly valid service of process in certain circumstances.

Indeed, the only times courts allow an agent is when it is done in conjunction with the certified mailing with a return receipt of summonses and petitions for forcible entry and detainer where the plaintiff/petitioner is seeking no money judgment, or when a judge has specifically approved such a method via a court order. The latter often happens more often when the defendant/respondent is purposely trying to evade the service of process.

  1. Sheriff’s Deputy: A sheriff’s deputy can often serve court papers just like a process server can, but they always go out in uniform and scare many defendants/respondents away. They also only make 1-2 attempts, whereas a process server may make 4 or more. Sheriffs’ deputies also cannot do rush service like them, nor can they work any time of day and holidays like our specialists.

The only upsides to choosing to hire a sheriff’s deputy to serve court papers is that the basic cost to hire one is often less expensive than it is to hire a process server. Given all their drawbacks, however, it just does not often make much sense to hire the sheriff’s office to help serve court papers and other legal documents.

The only other time when a sheriff’s deputy is definitely better than a Bethany process server and Bethany private detective is when serving many jails and prisons. Federal prisons and many jails refuse to permit licensed ones to enter to serve people. Even though the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure specifically permit them to serve in jails and prisons, wardens just will not do it. ☹

  1. Process Server: The best choice to serve court papers and other legal documents is, of course, to hire a process server from a private investigation agency. They do not go out in uniform and can serve papers any time of the day or night. They can make more attempts than sheriff’s deputies, and a process server can also offer expedited service and can even serve papers on big holidays when many defendants/respondents and witnesses are more likely to be at home with family.

The only downside about choosing to hire him. Some charge more than the terribly low rates that sheriffs’ deputies do because sheriffs’ deputies do not have to advertise like they do. They must advertise and incur many other expenses that they themselves must pay for.

Also, some of them who are brand new have absolutely no clue about what they are doing. Sadly, Oklahoma does not require any kind of course completion as a part of Oklahoma process server licensure, and there are indeed so many laws and procedures that experienced ones must first learn. ☹ Indeed, unlike a sheriff’s deputy who has sergeants supervising their work, it is entirely possible that when you hire one to do process serving in Oklahoma, she/he/they may be very inexperienced and may lack a mentor or supervisor of any kind to assist them.

  1. Service of Process by Publication: One of the last-ditch efforts to serve someone that a plaintiff/petitioner simply cannot locate is to serve her/him/them via publication. This requires the publication of the legal notice in an official legal newspaper, such as The Journal Record, for about 3 consecutive months. Service by publication also requires permission from a judge, and service of process via this method certainly does not happen overnight.

Most of the time they do not call people they are trying to serve beforehand. You might wonder why this is, but the answer is really quite simple for those with common sense. 😊

When he serves you with court papers or other legal documents, most times it is not good news. Thus, when people know in advance that bad news is coming toward them, it tends to be human nature to want to avoid it or otherwise find a way to make it go away. Thus, if he were to call a defendant/respondent upfront, it would alert her/him/them to the impending bad news delivery and many defendants/respondents and witnesses will start to actively avoid service of process.

The only times when most they will call a defendant/respondent or witness in advance is if the person wants the papers, if it is part of a trick to get the defendant/respondent to unknowingly meet up with the process servers or if they out of time to serve the court paper and/or other legal documents and are making a last-ditch hail Mary attempt to serve the papers upon the defendant/respondent or witness. Otherwise, it is mere foolishness and naivete for him to call before attempting to serve the court papers and other legal documents.

No one is permitted to trespass onto someone else’s property. Even police officers may not trespass onto another individual’s property, unless she/he/they has/have a search warrant, probable cause, etc. Thus, if someone has a locked gate and a fenced in area with signs which read “No Trespassing” clearly posted on them, then jumping the fence would be considered trespassing under Oklahoma’s laws and city ordinances according to a 2011 Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals 4-1 split ruling.

Not every judge agreed with that interpretation of trespassing laws, however, as one suggested that he should be able to jump locked gates/fences as part of their job to get evasive people served. Either way, in general process servers can access porches, etc., to complete their jobs.

He can often make about $89 for routine services and about $175 in larger cities like Oklahoma City, Edmond, Norman, etc., as of the date of this publication. Smaller cities like Poteau, Corn, Guymon, etc., have no process servers residing there and thus cost quite a bit more to serve court papers and other legal documents to defendants/respondents, witnesses, etc.

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