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So many people go missing in the United States and indeed around the world each year for a variety of reasons. Even with the help of law enforcement personnel, many children, teens, and adults nonetheless remain missing forever. ☹ Police often lack the resources, desire, and ability to properly investigate child abductions and other missing persons investigations, and even when they try hard there are often too many factors beyond their control to successfully locate missing persons and to find missing kids. This is why many people choose to hire a child abduction private investigator and hire a missing persons private investigator as they locate a private investigation agency near me to conduct missing persons private investigations and child abduction private investigations.

Sadly, many people do not even know what a private eye near me from a private investigation agency is or what they do. Besides, how would a person even locate them, as they find a private investigation agency to find a missing child and a senior citizen? Most people find the task so overwhelming and daunting that they do not know where to begin.

Thus, the owners of our private investigation agency in OKC have put together a series of questions and answers to help people know more about private eyes and how to locate them to find missing persons. These questions and their accompanying answers about private eyes at our private detective agency in Bethany, Oklahoma, that conduct child abduction investigations are hereby listed below as follows:

Our missing persons private detectives are sad to report that there are about 600,000 persons in the United States who go missing each and every year. That number adds up to a lot of missing persons in the USA.

This is why it is imperative that if your loved one goes missing you must immediately hire a specialist on your behalf. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will never recover your loved one(s). So, find an agent to find missing people now before it is too late.

According to NCIC and our investigators, the recorded number of unidentified bodies found in the USA each year is listed as follows:

  1. 2021: 892
  2. 2020: 800
  3. 2019: 683
  4. 2018: 801
  5. 2017: 886
  6. 2016: 894
  7. 2015: 850
  8. 2014: 876
  9. 2013: 866
  10. 2012: 932
  11. 2011: 1030
  12. 2010: 1033
  13. 2009: 1040
  14. 2008: 1133
  15. 2007: 1788
  16. 2006: 1413
  17. 2005: 1383
  18. 2004: 1335
  19. 2003: 1214
  20. 2002: 947
  21. 2001: 973
  22. 2000: 1091
  23. 1999: 1241
  24. 1998: 1326
  25. 1997: 1608
  26. 1996: 1391
  27. 1995: 1143
  28. 1994: 1829
  29. 1993: 1629
  30. 1992: 1637
  31. 1991: 1805
  32. 1990: 1567

As they can attest, the number of unidentified bodies has certainly come down a lot since the 1990s and early 2000s. This is likely due to the Internet, social media, and particularly the advanced DNA collection and identification methods & dental record identification techniques that were previously unavailable.

If you find an unidentified body and need help, contact your local law enforcement agency and hire a detective as you find the best private investigation agency to assist you. 😊

If you wish to disappear without a trace, our licensed agents know just the way to do it best. Each one does this for a living and has received professional training. Thus, the ways they know to disappear without a trace include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Some People Enter Witness Governmental Protection Programs.

Of course, our agents can attest that many people are unable to disappear without a trace by joining a governmental witness protection program. However, for witnesses of terrible crimes and victims of crimes like human and sex trafficking, it is sometimes possible for them to disappear without a trace via witness protection programs.

However, our professionals note that even witness protection programs are not fail-safe for people wishing to disappear without a trace. Sometimes, criminals and gang members can locate witnesses and end up murdering them anyway, despite their brand-new identities.

  1. Persons May Seek Political Asylum in Another Country.

According to our detectives, it is also possible for a person to seek asylum in another country and to begin using the techniques described elsewhere to disappear without a trace. However, many countries will not accept people into their countries as asylum seekers, and even if they do they may not allow you to change your identity right away.

  1. Create a New Legal Identity, Such as Name & Gender. Then Obtain Court Orders to Seal Up the Changes & Any Other Legal Cases.

Provided you do not have any felony convictions or pending charges against you, many judges will allow you to legally change your name and/or your gender marker. It is important to choose new names that are very common and that many people share, so it will assist you with blending in better and will aid you with getting lost in the shuffle per se.

When changing your name and/or gender marker, our experts note that nationwide skip tracing and nationwide criminal background checks can often show previous names associated with a person’s driver’s license, social security number, and date of birth. So, it is important to try to petition a judge to seal up your name and gender marker changes to try to help possibly mitigate the digital blending of your information.

  1. Totally Eliminate Your Digital Footprint, Including All Social Media.

If you are truly looking to disappear without a trace, then our private eyes highly stress that it is imperative to eliminate your digital footprint as thoroughly as possible. Nowadays, that can be hard for many people to do, but if you need help with the process of eliminating your digital footprint so you can disappear without a trace, then hire them to help you.                                                   

  1. Get Rid of Your Email Accounts & Phone Numbers.

As any nationwide skip trace service provider can attest, the government and private date collection companies alike all store our E-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc. They interlink these by requiring phone and email verification, and since we often use email addresses and phone numbers to log into many things where face ID is not possible, so that it all becomes interconnected and otherwise intertwined with each other. Thus, it is important to use a brand-new E-mail address and phone number that are preferably registered to another person, if you wish to disappear without a trace our private eyes note.

  1. Open Special Protected Bank Accounts Overseas.

When you decide you want to go missing without a trace, our officials denote it is important to ditch your old bank accounts and to secure new ones overseas that do not require registration of your real name, social security number, etc. Assuming you have already changed your name and gender marker, you must seek out banks overseas like those in China, the Cayman Islands, etc., that, for a special fee, will keep hold of your money for you on the downlow. You must know whom to ask and how, but it is certainly possible if you do not want to let the government locate your financial assets or know where you are living.


  1. Liquidate Your Finances & Gear Them Toward Mobility.

When you wish to disappear without a trace, our detectives from our private investigation agency note that it is important to liquidate all your assets into cash. Sell your properties, cash in your retirement accounts and stocks, and choose cash, gold, and silver instead. Please keep in mind, however, that they caution that it is usually more difficult to leave the country with large sums of money without having to declare it, just as it is more complicated to quickly send large sums of money overseas via Western Union and other such avenues.

  1. Ensure You Travel Very Discreetly.

Each official always stresses the importance of traveling as discreetly as possible when you are attempting to disappear without a trace. Stay out of the news, do not make any scenes, and do not leave any reviews about restaurants or hotels you stay at.

  1. Pay With Cash Wherever You Go.

Our private eyes always stress the importance of paying with cash wherever you travel to when disappearing without a trace. Credit cards/debit cards, payment apps like PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, etc., and other methods that leave a paper trail are counterintuitive to your quest to disappear without a trace. Cash is always best. 

  1. Cut All Contact with Your Friends & Family Members.


As unpleasant as it may be for people with close ties to their families and friends to want to cut ties with them, it is imperative that those wishing to disappear without a trace do so. Do not call them, text them, E-mail them, or otherwise communicate with them, our investigators caution. Doing so could help others know your identity, location, etc., and that could possibly pose big dangers to your life and overall wellbeing.

  1. Steal Another Person’s Identity & Assume It as Your Own.

This method of helping yourself disappear without a trace is highly illegal and immoral because it is wrong to steal someone else’s identity. Indeed, they stress that it is better to assume a brand-new identity than to steal someone else’s when disappearing without a trace. Fraud is a crime, and if you get caught stealing an innocent person’s identity, it may not go well for you and will likely cause you more problems than it will solve.  

As you can see, there are many ways to disappear without a trace. While some of the ways above are better, easier, and more effective than others, if you need to disappear without a trace for a valid reason, you may always hire a private eye to assist you. They stand ready and willing to assist you with disappearing without a trace or to help you locate a missing person who has disappeared without a trace.

Also, given that they have addressed how to disappear without a trace, it is also imperative to give proper and due consideration to the concomitant issue of why they want to disappear without a trace in the first place.

Indeed, they assert that the most common reasons people go missing without a trace, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Kidnapping
  • Sex Trafficking/Human Trafficking
  • Runaway Children/Teens/Adults
  • Absconding Jurisdiction on Criminal and/or Civil Cases
  • Witness Protection Program Participation
  • Amnesia
  • Person Simply Wants to Voluntarily Disappear & Start Over Anew
  • Murder/Sexual Assault
  • Hostage Situations/Ransoms
  • Elderly – Wandering Off
  • Little Kids – Wandering Off
  • Mental Illness/Mental Health Issues
  • Drug/Alcohol Use/Problems
  • Homelessness
  • Sudden Incarceration Elsewhere
  • Suicide

The reasons mentioned above are just some of the many reasons that they state that cause people to go missing. Some reasons are voluntary, while others are against the missing people’s will.

If you or someone you know has gone missing for any reason and you would like to find her/him/them, hire a private detective as you locate the best private detective agency to help you locate missing persons. Your decision to find a professional for this job can prove to be the best decision you have ever made in life. 

Yes, United States Marshals do indeed investigate missing persons, especially missing and endangered children. This legal capability is thankfully due to the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015. This act empowers U.S. Marshalls with the authority to help locate missing kids. Indeed, some U.S. Marshals were previously detectives or prior to becoming U.S. Marshals or even become one upon retirement from the U.S. Marshal service. 😊

Many people wonder who is considered “missing” per se. Each agent defines a “missing person” as the following:

Anyone whose location remains unknown, regardless of the reason she/he/they is/are missing, is considered a missing person.

Since our world and even just the United States of America have so many missing people, this is even more reason why you may wish to hire a private eye on your behalf. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that you or our private detective agency will have success in locating lost children and elderly adults.

According to our private detectives, police and other law enforcement officials may ask where a person is going to or coming from out of sheer curiosity. On the other hand, they also note that law enforcement officials may be looking for incriminating evidence, hints at future criminal activity, or other reasons to stop and harass people just for kicks and giggles.

If the police stop you and ask you where you are going or where you are coming from, they recommend invoking your right to remain silent. Do not ever say anything to a member of law enforcement that could provide them with any right or reason to charge you with a crime or otherwise detain and harass you.

According to our detectives, a staggering 871 children in the USA go missing each day or about 19,706 each year. ☹  Sadly, about 6.2% of the children who go missing in the USA are gone forever – either dead, runaway, victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking, etc. ☹

This is why many people hire private eyes to locate missing people. If you need to hire one as you locate a private investigation agency to help you find a missing kid and elderly persons, then you have come to the right place! 😊 Each parental kidnapping private investigator is specially trained, experienced, and licensed to try to help bring your loved ones home as safely and quickly as possible.

According to each investigator, there is no time limit that anyone must wait before reporting for it. Indeed, many people in our society have this mistaken belief that someone must have gone missing for 24 or 72 hours before the police can and will do anything about it. This is could not be further from the truth: our private investigators that locate missing people.

Indeed, they note that you should report people missing as soon as they go missing to get the best chance at her/his/their successful and safe recovery. Indeed, even if someone has been missing for 20 or 30 years or more and no one ever reported her/his/their absence ☹, it is still a good idea to report it as gone to help solve the case and bring about proper closure and negative entropy.

Yes, of course, a specialist spy on their persons of interest (POIs). Spying is a big part of the job of each investigator at our private detective agency. Indeed, they list some of the most common ways they spy upon others as follows:

  • Surveillance
  • Nationwide Criminal/Civil Background Checks
  • Catfishing
  • O. Box Checks
  • Mail Forwarding Checks
  • Monitoring of the POI’s Social Media
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing
  • Interviewing Others Known to the POI
  • Asset Searches
  • Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches
  • Use of Informants

These are just a few of the ways our private investigators spy on others. Using the techniques above, many of they can work to find all kinds of information about almost anyone they choose. 😊

According to our agents and the National Missing & Unidentified Persons (NamUS) database, about 600,000 people go missing annually in the United States. This is why there is such a high demand for people who want to hire one. Locate the best individual to help you find a friend or loved one who goes missing.

Our private investigators say law enforcement and private investigators recover about 94% of missing children within the first 72 hours. Likewise, police and private detectives of parental abduction successfully located about 47% of missing kids within the first 3-hour period. This essentially means that most kids and teens who go missing will eventually turn up safe and sound.

However, each official also notes that after the first 72 hours, many missing kids and teens remain lost/missing/dead, and no one ever finds them. This is why they always urge everyone to act quickly to locate missing people before it is too late and memories fade/evidence disappears. ☹

During a missing person investigation, police, other law enforcement personnel, and each criminal private detective will strive hard to do whatever they can to find a missing person quickly and hopefully unharmed. Thus, some of the many questions they ask during missing kid private investigations often include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Who went missing?
  • How old is the missing person?
  • What was the missing person wearing?
  • Who last saw the missing person and when/where?
  • Where was the missing person last headed?
  • How was the missing person traveling (i.e., on foot, via an automobile, boat, train, or plane, etc.)?
  • Has anyone tried communicating with the missing person?
  • Does the missing person share her/his/their location with anyone on social media, via the Find My iPhone App, or any other method?
  • Has anyone threatened the missing person or otherwise tried to cause her/him/them harm?
  • Would there be any reason why the person would want to go missing (i.e., 2SLGBTQIA+ kid/teen with homophobic/transphobic, bigoted parents)?
  • What have others previously done to locate the missing person?

This is only a partial list of questions that our experts would ask before beginning and even throughout an investigation. All would comprise an exhaustive list of questions to ask relatives, friends, coworkers, classmates, and other witnesses who may have information about the disappeared person’s whereabouts.

If someone you know and love has disappeared for any reason, then you should immediately hire one to locate them for you. Locate a specialist today to conduct parental kidnapping investigations on your behalf. 😊

To make an effective poster, you can use free nonprofit organization websites such as this to create a free flyer. These types of websites that offer poster services will include a request for information about the missing person, such as the following:

  • Name of the Missing Person
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Sex or Gender
  • Race
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Clothing Worn
  • Identifying Characteristics
  • Photograph of the Individual
  • Last Time/Date/Location Seen
  • Contact Information to Report Sightings/Location Information

By providing the needed information above, you can make an effective poster that you can share in person and online to help locate a  person. Our private eyes at our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City strongly recommend the use of flyers and posters as one component in their investigation.

Yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) does investigate them, especially cases involving very young children. However, they can attest the FBI – much like the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) – usually only gets involved when a state, city, or tribal government specifically requests their assistance or when the case is multijurisdictional.

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