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Adultery and other marital infidelity in a closed marriage is atrocious, yet sadly it happens often worldwide. Cheating spouses leave their partners with much confusion, pain, suffering, and trust issues. Trust is not easily rebuilt after infidelity, which is why it can be so damaging to a committed relationship. ☹The long-term effects on the children of a parent or parents who are cheating on each other can also be terribly detrimental because marital infidelity often leads to divorce and accompanying chaos.

When cheating spouses strike, many disillusioned spouses turn to the assistance of a cheating spouse private investigator and an adultery private detective from a private investigation agency in Tulsa, OK to assist them. He can significantly assist spouses and other partners who suspect marital infidelity and who want to catch cheaters cheating. 😊

Many persons who need to hire an expert do not even know where to begin. How do you locate one in Tulsa? How much does it cost to hire a private eye to conduct cheating spouse and adultery private investigations? Most individuals do not even know where to turn or what to do in unfortunate situations like this.

The owners of our private detective agency have thus put together a series of questions and answers about these special detectives on behalf of others. Our company and the agents want to help the public learn more about this topic so that when they need help, they have a reputable place to turn to. Thus, these question-and-answer FAQs about marital infidelity and adultery investigations and how to locate and hire a cheating spouse investigator are stated below as follows:


They conduct inquiries to catch cheaters cheating and to help their clients learn the truth about whether adultery is taking place in a marriage or other relationship. Each specialist that conducts cheating girlfriend private investigations has many methods they can use to help determine whether a person has been unfaithful to her/his/their spouse.

If you need to hire an expert to help catch cheaters in the act, then you have come to the right place. Our agents are specially trained and are ready to serve you. Locate one today to assist you with all your cases.

Each investigator inquires about cases to catch cheaters cheating and can tell you that they usually give themselves away. While some people who cheat on their spouses/lovers/partners may try to be very discreet about it at first, all cheaters eventually begin making mistakes and/or even stop caring about whether they make their mischievous cheating activities known.

For those that keep up the façade longer and try to be the sneakiest about it that makes obvious evidence of marital infidelity harder to collect, many people in this situation hire a professional agent. That way they can help clients get the evidence they need to use in court, for divorce proceedings, for couple’s counseling, or whatever they wish to do with it.

Yes, each official on behalf of clients can tell you that there are a ton of different ways to catch cheaters cheating. From surveillance to catfishing and more, when you hire one on your behalf, you can rest assured that you have the best possible legal professionals working on your behalf to help you catch cheaters cheating! 😊

According to each detective, there are multiple ways to catch cheaters in their act. Some of these many ways our experts catch them in the act include, but are not limited to, the following:


To conduct surveillance, our agents discreetly follow persons of interest (POIs) around in unremarkable vehicles that have tinted windows. They work together with our clients to conduct the surveillance at the times when the POIs are most likely to be out cheating and otherwise engaging in marital infidelity.

When conducting surveillance, they will attempt to secure as much video and photograph evidence as possible. To help eliminate any wiggle room on the part of the POI, evidence of marital infidelity typically comes with date/time/location stamps on them. They also take photos every 15 minutes or so even when there is nothing of significance to see they also include date/time/location stamps on there, just to show that they were alert and present.


Catfishing occurs when our agents create fake sex/romance profiles that would appeal to the person of interest (POI). Then our private eyes and adultery detectives try to get the POI to add her/him/then onto it and interact with them doing so, they gathers more crucial evidence needed to prove infidelity and the person of interest was indeed cheating! 😊


Monitoring a Person of Interest’s (POIs’) Social Media:

Monitoring a person of interest’s social media profiles works in much the same way that catfishing does, minus the social interactions. After creating fake social media profiles and trying to get the person of interest to add our detective will then send out friend requests to that individual. It is plausible that our private eyes from our private investigation agency might even add some friends of the POI first just to make the friend request to the POI look more believable.

Conducting Social Media Scans/Deep Internet Searches:

By conducting a social media scan/deep Internet search on an individual, our expert can pull up any public postings the person of interest (POI) had made or about whom others have made. A social media scan/deep Internet search will also show any news stories about the POI. When combined with other methods, a social media scan/deep Internet search can afford one with the information they need to help prove cheating and marital infidelity.

Interviewing the POI’s Family Members, Friends, & Colleagues:

While arguably a much riskier tactic, one method that private eyes can use is to interview family members, friends, and work colleagues of the POI to see if any of them have the “dirt” on the POI’s alleged cheating activities. With the right charm and perhaps even a little financial incentive, you would be surprised at how much evidence they can garner with this method from a scorned individual. 😉

As you can see, each specialist has a plethora of ways to catch cheaters. If you or someone you know needs to locate one, then you have certainly come to the right place. You can hire one to conduct cheating spouse private investigations on your behalf right here with us! 😊

Our polygraph examiners at our private investigation agency that conduct polygraph tests administer these tests to determine whether someone is being deceitful or honest. Thus, this is one of the best tests to help determine whether a person of interest (POI) has been faithful or has been actively engaging in marital infidelity. Polygraphs usually cost $500 or more, and they are quick and easy for a polygraphist to administer.

If you need to hire one to administer polygraph examinations during lie detection proceedings, then you have come to the right place. We offer premier these services by licensed polygraph examiners in Oklahoma. You can locate the best polygraphists right here at our Tulsa private investigation agency. 😊

It is important to remember that all detectives are licensed, trained professionals. Thus, you can expect to spend several thousands of dollars, when you hire them to conduct cheating spouse private investigations on your behalf.

Remember that you usually get what you pay for and that each often has a plethora of expenses, and taxes, and does not receive regular benefits and pay like many other jobs offer. Thus, please do not be stingy with your case on your behalf.

Yes, as each private investigator for others can attest, there are currently a total of 6 states that allow for lawsuits stemming from “alienation of affection” suits by parties that got cheated upon. These states, note our agents, are listed below as follows:

  1. Utah
  2. North Carolina
  3. Mississippi
  4. South Dakota
  5. Hawaii
  6. New Mexico

If you need to catch a cheater and thus gather the evidence you need to prosecute an alienation of affection lawsuit, then you should hire the best private eyes to do this job on your behalf. Do not let anyone violate your boundaries or cheat on you. Find a specialist me today for all your case needs.

Yes, it is quite legal to sue your spouse and the person your husband, wife, or non-binary partner cheated with for deprivation of affection. It is illegal for people to be so cruel as to deprive you of the affection you would otherwise be entitled to because they want to orgasm, note our specialists.

A private investigator in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a marital infidelity private investigator near me from a private investigation agency in Piedmont do have access to Facebook and other social media under certain circumstances. While these social media items are usually private and restricted from public access, Facebook does allow persons with lawful access to their accounts to download their data. 😊

Additionally, a licensed private investigator in Tulsa, OK and a cheating spouse private detective at the best private investigation agency near me that conduct cheating spouse private investigations and marital infidelity private investigations also note that they can try to gain access to posts set to “friends only” on a person’s Facebook or other social media account. Private investigators in Tulsa, Oklahoma and adultery private investigators from private detective agencies near me do this by creating a fake profile that would appeal to the spouse/person of interest (POI) and then trying to get her/him/them to add the adultery private detective and cheating spouse private detective near me from a private detective agency that conducts infidelity investigations and cheating spouse investigations. 😉

To determine whether your spouse or other partner is cheating on you, our detective from our private detective agency suggests that you ask yourself whether you have noticed any of the following suspicious red flags that might indicate your spouse or other partner has been cheating on you:

  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend/non-binary partner has suddenly begun to work out a lot, buy much nicer clothing, etc.


  • You notice receipts for gifts you did not receive and/or for hotels you did not stay at.


  • Your lover has been leaving early and/or staying out late without a valid, reasonable explanation.


  • You find condoms, other forms of contraception, the “morning after” pill, or a receipt for an abortion among your spouse’s/girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s/partner’s possessions.


  • You discover intimate clothing, such as panties or bras or men’s underwear lying around that do not belong to either one of you.


  • You notice you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) you did not have before, such as chlamydia, herpes, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), etc., that you could not have gotten elsewhere.


  • Your partner becomes pregnant or knocks up someone else.


  • You notice lipstick, cologne, or perfume smells or sightings that should not be there.


  • You notice receipts for gifts, trips, plane tickets, etc., that were not for you.


  • Your partner/spouse/lover begins to cautiously guard her/his/their phone/social media and keeps passwords on them that you do not have access to.


  • You discover risqué text messages, sexting, etc., on your lover’s phone, E-mails, etc., that point to marital infidelity.


  • You find evidence of romance and sex apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge on your partner’s/lover’s cell phone.


  • You hire a specialist to conduct cheating spouse private investigations and adultery private investigations, and your agent provides you with evidence of cheating.


  • Someone else has contacted you about your spouse, partner, or other lover cheating on you and has preferably presented you with some kind of evidence to back up her/his/their claims.


  • Your spouse confesses to you that she/he/they has/have been cheating upon you.

As you can see, there are many reasons why they cheat and engage in adultery, say our officials. If you notice any of the red flags above pop up during your relationship, then you need to hire one to solve your case on your behalf.

When you locate one, then you have helped tilt the odds in your favor.  Find one from our private investigation agency to conduct all your cheating spouse private investigations. 😊

Yes, they try their best to be very discreet. They take great care not to let others see them and to work secretly in the shadows/behind the scenes. After all, their very name includes the word PRIVATE. Otherwise, our job titles would include “public investigators” and “public eyes”.

Also, under Oklahoma’s laws, they are prohibited from disclosing any of the information they obtain during a private investigation to anyone other than the client who chose to hire him and who made the right decision to find a cheating spouse detective from a private investigation agency.😊

In general, it is best to be open and honest with your spouse about the harm you caused and your character defects. It is likely that your spouse has already chosen to hire an investigator anyway, and even if your lover did not do so she/he/they will likely discover the entire truth soon anyway. Why should your partner ever trust you if you hold back on her/him/them, even if it is painful?

It might be the best idea to confess all your faults and indiscretions to your spouse in the presence of a marriage and family counselor or other therapist, note that because of the significant amount of harm and pain your lover or spouse will most likely feel when you disclose what you did to them.

If you still have further questions about what you should tell your spouse or lover about your cheating, then please hire one of an agent to assist you. Each one is very adept and skilled at these issues and can help guide you through the process as easily and painlessly as possible.

If you want to expose a cheater anonymously and are not the offended spouse/partner/lover, then you should message the offended party via an anonymous messaging service like Text Me Up, Signal, or Phone. By masking your identity, you can have a better chance at staying anonymous and exposing a cheater for who she/he/they really is/are without letting others know your personal identity.

Our professionals also note that you may call or text from your phone, if you hit *67 to block out your phone number or if you use a spoof app that masks your real phone number and replaces it with another one.

Spammers and scammers use these all the time to manipulate their victims into thinking that someone close by is trying to contact them, by making it look like the phone call is coming from a local number and might be someone their intended target/victim knows. Our private detective knows this is how scammers and spam callers make so many connections under the radar.


An experienced PI knows how to pull up a person’s search history. Even when the person of interest (POI) thinks she/he/they has/have deleted all their information and search history, there is nonetheless a digital trail that can show exactly what they did and when.

Not all know how to do this, however. Therefore, you must be sure to fully vet all of them, prior to choosing to hire one to catch cheaters cheating! 😊

Some states have laws against people who commit adultery and allow for the offended party that got cheated upon to sue the other parties. The only states that allow for this are listed below as follow:

  • Utah
  • South Dakota
  • Hawaii
  • New Mexico
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina

If you live in one of these states and someone has cheated on you or with your spouse/lover, then you have the right to sue the person(s) for monetary damages. However, to do this you will first need to have plenty of evidence to show a judge and jury, so ensure that you first hire cheating spouse private investigators to conduct marital infidelity private investigations on your behalf. Without the proper evidence that he can collect and present in court, you are unlikely to succeed in your claims.

If you suspect your partner of cheating and adultery, then the best thing to initially do is to pretend like nothing is wrong. Hire one to catch disloyal ones! Then once you locate an expert, you can have them gather all the evidence you need for court, when filing for divorce, couple’s counseling, or whatever you decide to do with it.

Once you blow your cover and your spouse/partner/lover is on to you, then you may not have another prime opportunity to gather the evidence you need. Indeed, our professionals note that you may not have another chance to catch a cheater cheating. This is why you must be very careful and just bide your time, while you have your private eye in Tulsa, Oklahoma discreetly collect evidence of cheating and marital infidelity on your behalf.

Yes, many – not all, but many – people who are doing something wrong, once caught, will immediately point the finger of guilt at another person to deflect blame from themselves onto someone else. By changing the focus of the criminal or civil investigation and trying to make someone else look like the guilty party, the cheaters and perpetrators of other crimes hope that it will somehow make them appear less guilty or even innocent.

Marital infidelity and cheating spouses work the same way. While not all of them point their blame fingers at others, many do. Do not let them gaslight or otherwise switch track you when you have your private investigator present the evidence of cheating they collected during their private investigations. Stay focused on the truth and set clear boundaries, because no one deserves to be on the receiving end of cheating.

He do have ways to obtain a person’s deleted phone messages and can obtain their phone records. There are some restrictions on this that police departments and other law enforcement agencies with warrants and subpoenas do not face, but under some circumstances he can obtain the needed information.

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