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Has a murder killed someone you know or love, but the police cannot solve the case or ruled it as an “accident”? Has the government accused you or someone you love and care about of some degree of murder? If so, you need to hire a cold case private investigator from the best private investigation agency to conduct cold case murder private investigations on your behalf. Our cold case homicide investigators and unsolved murder investigators from our private investigation agency will work hard to help you solve your cold case homicide investigations to catch the murderer or to help set you or your loved one free. 😊

Interestingly but not surprisingly, many people have only heard about sensationalized detectives, they have seen or heard about on television, but they do not personally know of any such case. Thus, when they suddenly find they need to locate the best individual for the job on their behalf, they do not know where to turn or even what qualities to look for. ☹

Fortunately for our future and current clients and society as a whole, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together a series of FAQs and other information about cold case homicide private investigators that conduct cold case private investigations. Thus, when someone needs to find one, they know both what to look for as they locate the best one and where to hire him for your case. The information is listed below as follow:

According to our detectives murders and other homicidal acts become “cold” whenever they and the police have run out of all reasonable leads and it has been at least 3 years since the incident.

They are persons for hire who conduct cold case investigations to solve murders. They are not law enforcement/police personnel, and as such they do not have arrest powers and clients must personally pay each one at a private detective agency for their services.

Yes, there really are cold case murder investigators. Skilled and experienced ones are hard to come by because there are not many experienced legal professionals out there who conduct unsolved murder investigations on a private basis. Indeed, police departments and other law enforcement agencies usually scoop these kinds of talented individuals up, to harness their talents and abilities.

Clients often hire them to help discover who murdered a member of their family or friend when the police are unable and/or unwilling to do so. It is actually very common for families and friends of persons who died under very suspicious circumstances to want to fully investigate the matter. Thus, they find the best official as they seek to find the best private investigation agency.

At other times, criminal defendants accused of manslaughter, negligent homicide, murder, etc., and their families will sometimes hire a detective on their behalf. They want to help keep their loved ones our of jail, and whether guilty or not our specialists will try to help assist with that goal. 😊   

Indeed, many of the best criminal defense attorneys and bail bondsmen will often employ their use to help them win their legal cases for their clients. Murder and other homicide cases can be extremely difficult to win, which is why at the trial court level defendants and their criminal defense lawyers must spend all possible resources to win at that level. This is because only about 10% of appeals are ever successful, so the trial court level is the best opportunity for a criminal defendant accused of murder to secure a dismissal or acquittal.

People who solve cold case murders are often referred to as cold case private detectives. Indeed, individuals who need to locate them from the best private detective agency have already found one with us. Yes, you can find the best individual right here, right now, with one simple phone call. 😊

They have many different ways in which they can help solve cold-case murders. Some of these ways include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Surveillance of Persons of Interest (POIs), Witnesses, Possible Suspects, Etc.
  2. Gathering & Reviewing Evidence
  3. Assisting With Jury Selection
  4. Nationwide Skip Tracing
  5. Nationwide Criminal Background Checks
  6. Post Office Box Checks for a Physical Address
  7. Forwarding Mail Address Checks
  8. License Plate Checks
  9. Going Door-to-Door
  10. Actively Monitoring a POI’s Social Media Accounts
  11. Interviewing Witnesses

The reasons listed above are just some of the many reasons why it can be very beneficial to hire them. While not inexpensive, when you locate one to do this job on your behalf, their efforts can greatly assist both murder victims and their families and criminal defendants accused of homicide.

Yes, anyone can technically try to help solve a cold case and an unsolved murder. Indeed, many “online sleuths” put in many hours at no charge trying to solve some of the most gruesome homicides, such as the grisly murder of 4 Idaho university students by alleged mass murderer Bryan Kohberger. Indeed, in such circumstances, these super sleuths can indeed help bring in many clues and other leads that can greatly help solve or can potentially even solve some horrific crimes.

Of course, on the other hand, they can also spread gossip, and misinformation, and can potentially interfere with and even jeopardize investigations. In addition, civilians who are not a part of law enforcement and who do not even hold a private investigator in Oklahoma license are also not allowed to testify in court, submit reports, etc. So, the best these crime-solving super sleuths can do is to bring their findings to the police, share what they find with their followers to see what they think/what happens, and to hope for the best.

Some private detectives earn more than others. This is because their skill level, experience, and education must increase/be more specialized than others. Thus, a cheating spouse private investigator is probably on the lower end of the pay scale as far as they go. On the other hand, more specialized areas of private investigations, such as human trafficking, arson, cold case murder, and rape are just a few who would all definitely be on the higher end of the pay scale for them in Oklahoma.

Typically, after private investigators and law enforcement have run out of clues and three years have passed since the murderer killed the homicide victim. Once these two conditions are met, most legal experts agree that a homicide case has “gone cold”.

Initially, a woman by the name of Lillian “Lilly” Rush was initially the only female murder investigator on the show Cold Case. Surprise, surprise, that women are so underrepresented in too many sectors of society. ☹

At any rate, the show finally brought in other women as homicide detectives as well, including Lennie Desalle, Josie Sutton, and eventually Kat Miller. Their arrival was long overdue.

There are about 5 unsolved murders that law enforcement officials and private detectives would agree to classify as the most infamous cold case murders the USA has ever had up to this point in time. They are as follows:

  1. The Zodiac Killer
  2. JonBenet Ramsey’s Tragic Death
  3. The Black Dahlia
  4. The Hall-Mills Homicides
  5. Lizzie Borden

These homicides are still unsolved, despite law enforcement’s efforts and the dedication put forth by many investigators from a private investigation agency that conduct cold case homicide investigations and unsolved murder investigations.

If you or someone you know needs to hire one, please locate them to help you with all your investigations. 😊

Yes, as mentioned above anyone can technically work on a cold case in an unofficial capacity, but those without a private investigator license or law enforcement commission may not accept pay for the work they do on the case unless it comes from YouTube advertisements/TikTok ads/promotions. Also, non-licensed and non-commissioned sleuths cannot testify in court, present reports to judges, or advertise themselves as being licensed agent. As previously mentioned, sometimes the pro bono work of cyber sleuths can help provide great free tips and leads, while at other times all they do is spread gossip, and misinformation, and jeopardize ongoing criminal investigations.

If you need to find one as you find the best private detective agency to conduct cold case homicide investigations on your behalf, then look no further. You have already had great success in being able to locate the best detective! That is because you have already been able to locate the best private investigation agency . . . ours! 😊 Good job!

One of the most fascinating police detectives is a detective captain at the Colorado Springs Police Department named Joseph (Joe) Patrick Kenda. Over a span of 23 years, Joe and his team worked 387 homicide investigations, and together they solved a whopping 356 of them! That means Joe Kenda successfully solved 92% of his homicide cases, which is well above the 50% average! 😊

The detectives are also very adept at successfully solving cold case homicides for both families of murder victims and on behalf of criminal defendants the government has been accused of committing various forms of murder, manslaughter, etc. If you need one, then look no further. Call or contact us today for more information! 😊

Yes, they do often solve cases. If they did not, they would not exist. They are very adept at what they do. 😊

Our experts have many ways to solve cold cases. When you hire the best individual on your behalf, they may likely employ some or all of the following methods:

  1. Utilizing the Newest Forensic Science & Technology

With time, technological advances occur and what science and technology that did not exist ten or twenty years ago might now exist. Advances in DNA technology and other forensic science measures have made substantially significant gains over the past several decades. This technological method has allowed both law enforcement and our officials to solve cold case murders on behalf of the families and friends of homicide victims and those the government has accused of homicide.                                                       

  1. Revisit Witnesses, Suspects, Because Relationships Often Change Over Time

As any experienced specialist can tell you  that people and their relationships often change over time. Most people who are important in your life today are unlikely to be in your life 10 years from now. This applies to co-workers, friends, dating/romantic partners, neighbors, etc. Relationships, just like life, often go through cycles.

When you locate the best individual for this case, they will revisit witnesses, old romantic partners, law enforcement personnel, former jail inmates, and anyone who might have any information about the cold case murder.

When you give your case to them, you can rest assured that they will cover every angle to try to help you solve your case.

  1. Use Correctional System Information

Corrections systems often have cellmates, detention officers, and others who have seen or heard things within the walls of jails and prisons. By reaching out to those individuals as part of unsolved homicide private investigations, our investigators will work hard to help solve your case.

  1. Review Any Errors Previous Investigators Made

Like anyone else, both law enforcement and unsolved murder detectives alike are not cats with 9 lives. Alas, they are just humans. As such, they make plenty of mistakes throughout their lives. Thus, police and homicide private investigators from previous years may have very well made mistakes when initially attempting to solve a murder case. An adept detective from our private detective agency will definitely look into this for you. 😊

  1. Show Determination & Persist Until the End

Last but certainly not least, our professionals always urge those who are investigating cold case murders to never give up. The race goes not only to the swift but to those who keep on running.

If you need help finding one, then please find the best agent as you find the best private investigation agency – OURS – to assist you! 😊 You can surely hire the best individual today – OURS! 😊

Yes, police officers are legally permitted to lie to persons they are interrogating, but they are not permitted to promise them certain sentences, privileges, etc. Additionally, our agents also denote that police officers and other law enforcement officials must read persons they arrest their Miranda Rights, which include allowing them access to an attorney and the right to remain silent. 

Well, this sure is an easy question to answer. The greatest ones are right here with our private investigation agency! Yes, look no further to find them to conduct homicide private investigations on your behalf. 😉

According to our experts, murder is one of the most difficult criminal cases to solve. They state that this is likely since often there is no evidence in these types of cases that point to any perpetrator.

Of course, they denote that the crime of murder has no statute of limitations, so even if it has been 70 or 80 years that have passed since the crime occurred, the district attorney can still press charges against an individual for the crime. This is why you should consider the possibility of whether to hire them. So, whether you lost a friend or family member to murder or the government has accused you of homicide, you should locate the best person for your case. 😊

Our investigators state that the oldest cold case to ever go to trial in the United States of America was one that involved the kidnapping and murder of a mere seven-year-old girl named Maria Ridulph. It ended many years later with a bench trial and conviction of a once very young man who lived down the road from Maria back then.

In the USA, the oldest known cold case that law enforcement solved was that of Irene Garza in 1960. Only 25 years old at the time, the “holy” priest, John Bernard Feit, she went to for confession and raped and murdered her. He always denied having done so, but prosecutors convicted the sick man in 2017. By that time, he had long since left the priesthood back in 1972 to marry, and he died of a heart attack in prison in 2020. The whole incident must have been “god’s will”.

If a storyteller/priest or other con artist has raped and murdered someone you know and love, then you need to find the best cold case private detective to help you conduct unsolved murder investigations. Locate the best one here today.

According to our unsolved murder private investigators and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), only about half of cold case homicides ever get solved. Yes, half of murderers get away with their crimes! This is not a favorable statistic for victims of homicide and their families. ☹

However, by choosing to hire the specialist here on your behalf. So, locate one today to help you conduct murder private investigations to help increase your chances of solving your case! 😊

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