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People go missing every day for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes people run away, and at other times kidnappers commit crimes by kidnapping others for a variety of reasons. Older adults and young children sometimes get lost on accident. As our missing persons private investigators at our private investigation agency that conduct missing persons private investigations can attest, because so many people go missing every day law enforcement is often overwhelmed and understaffed. Fortunately, you can hire them to help you conduct investigations to find missing kids.

Sadly, however, most people know absolutely nothing about how to locate them. This is why the owners of our private investigation agency in Edmond, OK have put together a series of questions and answers to help those seeking more information about how to hire the best missing persons private investigator. The questions and their accompanying answers are as follows:

People locate them to find a missing person. Indeed, this is exactly what they do. If one of your loved ones has gone missing and you need to locate them, then you can find the best missing persons private detective with our private investigation agency in Moore, Oklahoma.

The method by which they find missing persons often depends on why they disappear and how long they have been missing.

Whether you can locate the best individual to find a missing kid via finding their name is dependent upon several factors. Does anyone know who the person is? What other information about the individual is available to them? Before you can find one who can help you, she/he/they will firs need to know this.

If you have a valid phone number, E-mail address, social security number, driver’s license number, etc., of the person of interest (POI), then yes, it is very possible for hire them with nationwide skip tracing. Indeed, skip tracing takes a few small bits of information about a person and can often find out an enormous amount of information about them.

Yes, technically anyone can conduct a search for a missing person; people do it every day. Some people search online or in person for a person of interest who has gone missing. Sadly, however, inexperienced online sleuths often do not know to locate disappeared people by themselves. They often use cheap online websites that are horribly outdated. While inexpensive, the information contained therein is often useless.

The best thing to do when someone you know and care about goes missing is to hire a private investigator to find them. When you find the best agent to assist you with this, you will harness all their years of experience, education, and special toys and gizmos, and contacts that you as a lay person do not have access to.

Yes, they have many ways to locate a missing person online. Our investigator states that the following methods are the most useful for this process:

  1. Nationwide Skip Trace Service – Nationwide skip tracing by a skip tracer is a fast and inexpensive method that takes small amounts of information and uses it in their special system to pull up large amounts of information about persons of interest (POI). This information can prove to be vital in helping to locate a missing child and to find missing persons.
  2. Actively Monitoring Social Media – Another popular method that our detectives utilize is to actively monitor the social media accounts of POIs. By creating realistic profiles that match the types of friends that the POI usually keeps close by, it is sometimes possible for them to get added on as a friend and thus have full access to the POI’s public posts about where they are, whom they are with, what they are doing, and when.
  3. Social Media Scan/Deep Internet Search – Yet another decent option that he can use to locate a missing person is for you to hire a missing kid private detective from our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City to run a social media scan/deep Internet search. Social media scans/deep Internet searches often show up certain social media profiles, as well as public posts the POI has made and public posts that others have made about the POI.

Once again, the owners of our private investigation agency have already previously discussed the tools that kidnapping private investigators use to find people. If you need to hire them, then please find him from our private investigation agency. 😊

He is legally prohibited from hacking into another person’s phone. However, he can conduct skip tracing on cell phone numbers to see who owns the number and a host of other important information about that person. Our nationwide skip trace service by a skip tracer can be very effective in being able to find a missing child. 😊

Trying to locate a person who does not want to be found is not always an easy task. However, when you hire the best detective to do this job on your behalf, they have many ways to help you out. Indeed, some of the many ways they have include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Skip Trace Service – Our private investigation agency in Tuttle, Oklahoma can run our nationwide skip tracing service to help find people. By taking small amounts of information about an individual, our skip tracers and investigators can often find a person’s E-mail addresses, residential addresses, phone numbers, and so much more! Our agency’s skip trace service is truly the best! 😊
  2. USPS Post Office Box Check – Sometimes when you give this job to a professional to conduct a skip trace service for you, all that shows up as the newest address is a post office box address. Of course, if you are trying to hire a process server to serve the person court papers or if you want to interview the individual, then a mere post office box will not suffice. Fortunately, the investigators have just the solution for you. 😊

You can hire one by filling out a special form with the post office. This special form allows them to request the physical address associated with a particular post office box number. That way even a person who does not wish to be found stands no chance against our licensed agent.

  1. USPS Mail Forwarding Check – One way to find a missing person who do not wish to be found is via a USPS post office box check. Whenever someone moves from one address to another, many of them fill out a special form that has the post office forward their mail from their old address to their new one. While the address change is not readily available to the public, you can hire one from our company to fill out a special form at the post office and retrieve the new address information. 😉
  2. Social Media Scan/Deep Internet Search – Another option that he can do is to have them run a social media scan/deep Internet search on a person of interest (POI). A social media scan/deep Internet search will pull up some of a POI’s social media profile links, as well as any public posts the POI has made or about whom others have made. Social media scans/deep Internet searches are great complements to our nationwide skip tracing service that you can give this job to an expert to help you conduct investigations. 😊
  3. Actively Monitoring Social Media Accounts – You can also hire them to help you actively monitor the social media accounts of a person of interest (POI). Indeed, they will put together specialized profiles that help match the tastes and likes of the POI, so that the POI is more likely to accept a friend request.

If the POI accepts the friend request, then they can then have access to most of the items on the POI’s social media accounts. 😊 This information can contain valuable bits of information that can help a private investigator of missing persons in solving the case.

  1. License Plate Checks – Yet another option our clients have when they hire an expert is to have them run a license plate. Indeed, during surveillance or other investigations, they often run into vehicles with unknown persons inside whose identities our PIs need to discover. By running the vehicle’s license plates, they can find the identities of individuals. 😊
  2. Going Door-to-Door – You can also hire one to go door-to-door during child abduction private investigations. Our private investigation agency in Oklahoma City has many licensed private investigators who are trained and waiting to help you find missing children.
  3. Catfishing – During romance scams and cheating spouse private investigations, catfishing private investigations can often help gather needed evidence to catch cheaters cheating and romance scammers scamming. However, if you need to locate a missing person to serve her/him/them with court papers or just to know her/his/their whereabouts, it can also prove useful when needing to draw a person of interest (POI) out into the open to meet or get a location on. Hire a professional today to help locate missing persons with our catfishing private investigations. 😊
  4. Interviewing Family/Friends/Neighbors/Colleagues – They can also do it by interviewing a person of interest’s (POI’s) family, loved ones, etc., who might have knowledge of her/his/their whereabouts.
  5. Surveillance – Yet another effective method is through surveillance. By following people of interest (POI) to see where they go, waiting nearby popular hangouts, and even following people the POI is known to associate with, these methods can prove very effective at being able to locate missing people. If you need to find a professional for this case, then look no further than with us!

As you can see, there are many different methods that a client who is able to find one can benefit from it.

If you want your job done, then please hire the best investigator to assist you. 😊

If a missing person is never found and does not want to be found, then that is good news and bad news for the person trying to locate him/her. If, however, someone had kidnapped the individual, then after several years the family of the loved one might have her/him/them declared legally dead. On other occasions, their information may be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to keep the possibility open that one day the disappeared one may return or have a private investigator to safely bring him/her back.

The “golden hour principals” refer to how the first 72 hours are critical for finding one. This is because the greatest amount of evidence exists during those times, such as people’s memories, that can prove useful in being able to bring that individual back. Indeed, the less time that has passed, the closer the individual is likely going to be to the point of disappearance, and any medical issues which may require medical attention should be seen sooner rather than later. 😊

They have a ton of ways to do it. The owners of our private investigation agency have already answered this question in other questions contained in these FAQs. 😊

Anyone is a “high risk missing person”, if an immediate threat to herself/himself/themselves exists, such as with a small child with disabilities, or if the public is at risk because the individual has disappeared, as in an escaped serial killer. It basically entails the special circumstances of that person, such if he/she is very elderly, very young, a serial killer, etc., as well as the circumstances surrounding the missing person themselves. Thus, if someone saw another person abduct the individual, that would also make it a “high risk” case.

According to our child abduction private investigators kids go missing for a wide variety of reasons. They state that the reasons kids can go missing include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Parental Kidnapping/Parental Abduction
  2. Running Away to a Non-Custodial Family Member’s Home
  3. Running Away From Home Due to Being Upset/Unhappy From Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse, Anti-LGBTQIA+ Hatred, Etc.
  4. Abduction by a Stranger
  5. Running Away From Foster Care Placement/Social Services
  6. Gangs or Human Traffickers Luring the Children Away or Forcibly Kidnapping Them
  7. Mental Illness

As you can see, our detectives have noted many different reasons why kids might go missing. If someone you know has gone missing and needs to hire an expert from the best private investigation agency, then please locate a specialist today. 😊

Just as kids go missing, so, too, do adults. Our missing person private detective at our private investigation agency states that some of the most common reasons that adults go missing include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To Escape Domestic Violence
  2. Human Trafficking/Kidnapping
  3. Amnesia
  4. Poor Communication
  5. Mental Illness
  6. Running From the Law/Civil or Criminal Cases
  7. Tired of Life & Wanting a New Start

As our agents can attest, there are many reasons why adults can go missing. If you need to locate a lost child, then you must hire a specialist to help you with this case.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and detectives assert that about 460,000 kids go missing each year in the United States for a variety of reasons as noted above.

Our investigators recover about 94% of kids who go missing. If you or someone you know has gone missing, then you need to hire the best individual to do this job on your behalf.

About 97.8% of children who go missing are eventually found by a private investigator for a missing person and/or law enforcement. Other sources put that number even higher at over 99%. Of course, when a stranger abducts a kid, private detectives and law enforcement recover only about 60% of them alive. ☹

If a child you know has disappeared for any reason, please immediately notify law enforcement and also hire an expert to help you locate them for you. Please do not delay, because time is of the essence in such cases.

Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are among two of the governmental agencies that should help you with this. If law enforcement personnel do not do their job or do not conduct a thorough investigation, then you should hire a kidnapping private detective.

When you are looking to hire one, several factors must be considered. When you find them, take careful note of each of the following:

  1. Price/Affordability – One of the essential factors you must consider is to ask how much it will cost. Less experienced ones usually cost less, but you often get what you pay for when you hire a detective.

Nevertheless, it would help if you found an expert whose cost fits your budget. If you hire one that is more than your budget can handle, you may have gone deep into debt or need more funds to complete your investigations.

  1. Experience Level/Types –
  1. Education & Training –
  1. Online Reputation/Industry Reputation
  1. Communication Style/Ability
  1. Availability
  1. Plan of Action to Find a Missing Person

Whenever someone with mental illness goes missing, it can be especially stressful because it carries its own special set of dynamics. Therefore, our detectives have suggestions of things the everyday person can complete to help find a missing person. These are listed below as follow:

  1. Check with the local jails, hospitals, and shelters for the housing insecure.
  1. Contact the missing person’s family, friends, and work colleagues.
  1. Hire the best missing persons private investigator.
  1. Contact the missing individual’s friends and other support network to see if they can help find her/him/them.
  1. Post signs, photos, etc., of the missing person to help alert the public.
  1. Reach out to missing persons organizations, such as The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).
  1. Use social media to spread the word about the missing people and enlist help.
  2. Contact the police and file a missing person’s report.

According to them, these items above are some of the best ways for those with loved ones with mental illness to try to locate a missing person.

To find a family member, you need to hire a professional. When you hire one, they will use all their tools, gadgets, gizmos, experience, education, and skills to help you locate a missing child and to locate a missing family member.

In addition to working on behalf of the families of victims of kidnapping, parental abduction, etc., you can also hire the best individuals on behalf of criminal defendants. Oh, yes, many criminal defendants accused of kidnapping and abduction are smart enough to locate the detective to help them through their criminal case. 😊

When you hire one, you will also get access to our special, vetted criminal defense attorney and bail bondsman that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma City. Our private investigation agency even knows of the best car accident injury attorney in Oklahoma City, in the event you crashed into someone else’s vehicle during your child abduction escape or vice versa. 😊

Want access to this special information, so you can hire the best criminal defense lawyer , can hire the best bail bondsman near me that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma City, and so you can hire the best auto injury attorney near me? What smart person would not? Just make the call to us at (405) 593-3515 today for more information. 😊

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