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Privacy Policy

The method of how Private Investigator Oklahoma City deals with the information they collect from website visitors is influenced by the visitors’ behavior on the website as observed by the investigators.

When you visit our website to access information or download content, we collect and save only the subsequent details about you:

  1. The name of the domain that you use to access the internet.
  2. The date and time when you access our site.
  3. The internet address of the website that directly linked you to our site.
  4. Any comments or related content that you provide
  5. Any media, such as YouTube videos, that you access on our website.
  6. Any other information that Private Investigator Oklahoma City decides to collect about its users.

The personal information that you provide via email to identify yourself will only be used to respond to your message.

To gather statistical data, Private Investigator Oklahoma City obtains data and utilizes software tools to create summary figures. These figures are useful in determining website traffic by segment, identifying popular and unpopular content, evaluating technical specifications, and identifying areas where system performance or issues may arise.

To preserve the security of the site and guarantee its availability to all users, Private Investigator Oklahoma City employs software tools that keep an eye on network traffic and detect any illicit attempts to upload, modify or cause damage to the information

Unless you voluntarily give us your personal information, Private Investigator will not collect any personally-identifying data from you while you browse our website. Additionally, any such information will not be sold or transferred to third-party entities without your consent at the time of collection

By using their website or services, you are consenting to waive your right to pursue legal action against the company or encourage others to do so. This includes legal action stemming from negligence, intentional acts, civil litigation, or any other type of legal action. Furthermore, you are also agreeing to hold them and all of its affiliated parties harmless and indemnify them against any liability. If you cannot accept these conditions, it is recommended that you refrain from using Private Investigator Oklahoma City’s website, services, or any related content

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