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Find the Best Sex Trafficking Private Investigator in Guthrie, OK FAQs

Sex trafficking and human trafficking in general are the world’s largest, oldest professions. They cause tremendous harm to their victims, with all for the benefit of their labors and exploitation going directly and solely to their sex traffickers and human traffickers. When they strike, our sex trafficking private investigators and human trafficking private investigators at our private investigation agency stand ready and willing to conduct sex trafficking private investigations in Oklahoma. 😊

People typically hire an expert, when their family and friends have become its victims. They want a detective from our private investigation agency to bring the sex and human traffickers to justice.

To make the whole process of choosing to hire one, the owners of our private investigation agency have put together a series of FAQs to help answer common questions many people have about this. The questions and their accompanying answers about being able to Find the Best Sex Trafficking Private Investigator in Guthrie, Oklahoma FAQ are listed below as follows:


They help locate victims of sex and human trafficking and help bring sex traffickers and human traffickers to justice. These detectives typically work on behalf of the families and friends of victims and as needed in conjunction with law enforcement and nonprofit organizations.

He can also conduct sex and human trafficking investigations on behalf of those the government has accused of such crimes. When inquiring about these cases, our agents from the best private detective agencies will work closely with the accused person, her/his/their best criminal defense attorney near me, and her/his/their best bail bondsman near me to help secure a dismissal of all charges or an acquittal.

If sex traffickers and human traffickers have taken your friend or loved one or if the government has accused you of this, then you need to hire the best investigator on your behalf. Locate one from the best private detective agency in Guthrie today – with us! 😊

Pimps who engage in this crime like easy money, control, status, and power. They do not care whom they hurt, victimize, and abuse if it meets their wants we mentioned in the first sentence above. Why work when you can make someone else do it for you? Relax and enjoy the life of a pimp. ☹

To catch them, experts can employ multiple methods. The methods that they ultimately use largely depend upon the circumstances. The general methods available for locating human and sex trafficking perpetrators and victims include, but are not limited to, to following:

  1. Surveillance – One way for them to locate sex traffickers and their victims is with surveillance. By watching areas the pimps and victims are most likely to go around, an investigator can see the movements of those individuals and follow them back to places they are staying at. Where there is a pimp, there are sex trafficking victims, and vice versa. 😉
  2. Tracking Devices – Trafficking devices have officially been outlawed – even for professionals in Oklahoma since 2018 by a weirdo politician who got a wild hair up his butt and helped outlaw the practice here. However, some clients do it unofficially as a complement to these investigations.
  3. Nationwide Skip Tracing – It is yet another way that a detective can locate pimps and their victims. By taking a bit of their personal information during a skip trace service, it is possible for a professional to find the newest residential addresses, E-mail addresses, phone numbers, and relatives of the pimps and victims. Our skip tracing is one of the fastest, least expensive methods to find missing people that skip tracers and investigators can use.
  4. Informants – Just like law enforcement personnel, even detectives have paid informants they use to obtain needed information about certain people, goings on, etc. They will never reveal the names or identities of our informants.
  5. Going Undercover as a Sex Trafficking Victim – One riskier yet effective way to catch sex traffickers and find their victims is to have our specialists go undercover and become a victim. This type of investigation comes with significant cost and risk, due to its complexity. Only the most skilled and experienced professionals can partake in this risky method.
  6. Posting Signs/Passing Out Flyers/Online Social Media Awareness – Sometimes sounding the alarm and raising community awareness can lead to a ton of leads about human traffickers, and their victims. This is especially true when our officials can offer a reward to complement the awareness and to help loosen the tongues of people who might otherwise remain silent.
  7. USPS Mail Forwarding ChecksThese types of checks are more often reserved for our process serving division and other less risky private investigations, but nonetheless, mail forwarding checks are always an inexpensive, quick option to try for an official in Oklahoma. By filling out a simple form, they can see where a person forwarded her/his/their mail when they moved from one residence to another.

Most others do not have access to this confidential personal information, but when you locate a process server, they can certainly help you conduct this mail-forwarding check on your behalf.

  1. USPS Post Office Box Checks – Whenever someone applies for a United States Postal Service P.O. box, they have to list a name and physical address to go along with it. This information is not available to the public, so as to protect the person’s/agency’s privacy. However, whenever he fills out a special form and provides it to the postal employees, they will provide the information to our process server and private investigators to help them with their legal cases.
  2. Going Door-to-Door – Another tactic they can use to locate victims and the perpetrators is by simply going door-to-door to make inquiries. Though more time-consuming and expensive, this method can sometimes provide decent results when used in conjunction with the other methods described herein.
  3. Collaboration With Law Enforcement/Nonprofit Organizations, Etc. – Law enforcement agencies, if willing, can also use their special toys to track cell phones, hack into social media, etc., which they cannot do. When you hire one for your case, you can rest assured that each will work closely with law enforcement and nonprofit organizations that fight sex trafficking and human trafficking whenever necessary.

Just like any other bullies and perpetrators, sex traffickers prefer to pick on the weak, the vulnerable. Thus, some persons and circumstances make persons more susceptible to becoming victims than others. Indeed, the factors below indicate persons who are more likely to become victims:

  1. LGBTQIA+ Population
  2. Kids/Minors
  3. Persons in Areas With Terrorism, Genocide, and/or War
  4. Countries With Corrupt/Weakly Regulated Military, Police, & Courts
  5. Any Locations With a Scarcity of Resources & Other Material Goods
  6. Areas With Many Underground Markets
  7. Locations affected by Significant Weather Events
  8. Areas Without Education, Health Care, & Governmental Structure
  9. Locations With Significant Poverty
  10. Persons Who are Housing/Food Insecure
  11. Children/Minors Without Supervision

These are just some of the many factors that can affect the vulnerability of persons to become victims of human trafficking. If you or someone you know has become a victim or if the government has accused you of sex trafficking or human trafficking, then you must hire an agent ASAP to help you conduct sex trafficking private investigations in Guthrie.

They typically find their victims in a variety of places where there are more vulnerable persons. These locations may include, but are not limited to, the following places:

  1. Malls
  2. Prisons/Jails
  3. Nail Salons
  4. Social Media
  5. Schools
  6. Farms
  7. Restaurants
  8. Persons Involved in the Drug Trade
  9. Mental Health Facilities
  10. Massage Parlors
  11. Truck Stops/Bathrooms
  12. Elder Care Facilities
  13. Hotels
  14. Locations With Lower Socioeconomic Populations
  15. War Zones, Locations With Famine, Natural Disasters, Etc.

As you can see from the locations above, they seek out vulnerable persons in the most vulnerable of areas to commit the most heinous crimes upon. They like other evildoers and predators, prefer easy prey. This is why they prefer the locations mentioned above and those like them to find their victims at.

They have a variety of manipulative, coercive, and violent ways in which they recruit their sex trafficking victims. According to our specialists, the following includes some of the most common methods they use to find their victims:

  1. By Social Media
  2. Via the Use of Force
  3. Threats of Violence Against the Victim and/or Her/His/Their Family
  4. Promises of a “Romantic Life Together”
  5. By Fulfilling Basic Needs (i.e., Housing, Food, Clothing, “Family”)
  6. Via the Use of Drugs With Drug-Addicted Individuals

These are just a few of the most common methods that they use to ensnare their human trafficking victims and sex trafficking victims.

According to our detectives, the locations in the USA with the highest rates of sex trafficking are as follows:

  • Mississippi – 6.32 per 100k.
  • Nevada – 5.77 per 100k.
  • District of Columbia – 5.73 per 100k.
  • Missouri – 4.30 per 100k.
  • Nebraska – 3.60 per 100k.
  • California – 3.32 per 100k.
  • Florida – 3.30 per 100k.
  • Arkansas – 3.26 per 100k.
  • Texas – 3.25 per 100k.
  • Oregon – 3.19 per 100k.

Are any of these per capita rates surprising to you? These rates of sex trafficking may not sound high, but trust our investigators when they confirm that these numbers are statistically very high. ☹ Indeed, they can tell you that even one victim of sex trafficking is one victim too many. ☹

According to our officials, human traffickers heavily control their victims’ access to food, medical care, drugs, sleep, medicine, housing, etc., to control and manipulate them. They also use coercion, threats, violence, promises of romantic love, etc., against victims of sex trafficking, victims of human trafficking, and/or their families and/or friends.

According to our sex trafficking investigators from the best private detective agency in Guthrie, there are a lot of ways in which sex traffickers ensnare other human beings – yes, human beings – into the horrific areas of this crime. These traps often entail the following scenarios which are listed below as follow:

  1. The Sex Traffickers May be the Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Non-Binary Partner of the Victim.
  2. They May Contact Their Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking Victims Over the Internet/Social Media.
  3. They Often Locate Their Victims in Locations Where Especially Vulnerable Individuals are Easily Locatable, as Previously Mentioned Above.
  4. They May Post Fake Job Listings in Newspapers & Over the Internet for Jobs, Love, Etc.
  5. They May Threaten Their Victims of Human Trafficking and Victims of Sex Trafficking With Harm, Violence, and/or Harm or Violence to Their Families & Friends.

As our sex trafficking private investigator can attest, these are just some of many ways in which they ensnare others into the never-ending cycle of abuse and exploitation via sex trafficking and human trafficking. ☹

According to our experts, they have several concomitant characteristics that help identify them as one in Oklahoma. Indeed, they can rightfully assert that human traffickers often use sex, drugs, force, threats, manipulation, tricks, and emotional and financial tactics to ensnare their sex trafficking and human trafficking victims.

Our investigators also contend that many will promise loving, long-term relationships with those they lure into sex trafficking. “Just do these sex acts, and you and I can continue to have a wonderful relationship together, Baby”, a sex trafficker will falsely claim. Thus, it is important for people susceptible to this to be aware of their tricks, note detectives. That way, our agents contend, they can see through the lies and deceit these toxic individuals throw their way.

In addition to the characteristics above, our human trafficking private investigator also asserts that they also tend to display the following behaviors:

  1. Sex Traffickers Often Give Financially Expensive Gifts and/or They Own Items of High Monetary Value.
  2. Many Often Promise Things to Others That Seem Too Good to be True.
  3. They are Often Jealous, Manipulative, Controlling, and Display Violent Behaviors.
  4. They Actively Promote Their Victims to Partake in Illegal Activities to Achieve Their Goals and Dreams.
  5. They Can Get Very Insistent and Abrasive About Demanding Sex.
  6. Human Traffickers Entice Their Human Trafficking Victims to Actively Partake in Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors and Activities.
  7. Sex Traffickers Often Give Vague Responses to Questions About Their Chosen Professions.
  8. Most Pimps are Significantly Chronologically Older Than Their Sex Trafficking Victims.
  9. They Turn the Tables and Make Their Victims Feel Responsible About Whether or Not They are Financially Stable. They Often Discuss Their Financial Matters Outright and Openly.

If you see people enslaved to it or if the government has accused you of engaging in sex trafficking and/or human trafficking, then you need to hire the best detective from the best private investigation agency in Oklahoma to help you find their victims, or help you stay out of jail. 😊 Locate an investigator at our private investigation agency today. 😊

Their Victims have some common recognizable characteristics that help make them discernable to others who are trying to them. These traits often include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The Person Has Special Branding/Tattooing the Some Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking Perpetrators Mark Their Victims With. These Special Symbols Often Include Money Signs, their Name, a Barcode, Etc.).
  2. Students May Appear Overly Tired in Class Because Their Sex Traffickers Made Them Stay Up All Night Performing Commercial Sex Acts.
  3. The Individual May Display Overly Sexualized Behavior, Especially Young Minors Where One Would Not Expect to See Such Behaviors Displayed at Such a Young Age.
  4. The Person May be Absent from Class More Often Than Usual, Usually for Unexplained Reasons.
  5. The Individual May Brag About Having “Plenty of Extra Money”, Even Though They do Not Come from Financial Wealth Nor do They Work High-Paying Traditional Jobs.
  6. The Sex Trafficking Victim May Display Signs of Disassociation, Depression, Being Overly Distracted, Withdrawn, Etc.
  7. Victims Often Display Symptoms of Physical Violence, Such as Burns, Scars, Bruising, Marks, Etc.
  8. They Often Begin Having “Boyfriends” Who Are Significantly Older Than They and/or New Sets of Friends Who Are Substantially Different Than Their Previous Ones.
  9. Many Victims Suddenly Get New Shoes, Expensive Cell Phones, Lots of Sexy Clothing, Etc. These Items Entice them and Those They Recruit to Want to Continue to Engage in the Sex Trade, as Well as to Make Them Appear More Sexually Attractive to Their Customers.
  10. Such Victims Often Speak of “Crazy Fun Parties” That Are Often Used to Lure in New Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking Victims.
  11. Many Often Show Signs and Symptoms of Gang Affiliation, Such as Special Gang Colors, Notebook Doodles of Known Gangs, Etc.

Yes, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will investigate sex trafficking when it occurs via coercion, fraud, violence/force, etc., that results in the engagement in sex acts for commercial purposes by the victims. The FBI also investigates sex trafficking and human trafficking that involves minors in any form.

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