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Air Sellers: Cryptocurrency Scammers Continue To Trick People

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A couple of years ago, a cryptocurrency fever swept the planet, the echoes of which we still feel today. Despite the fact that the hype surrounding electronic money has subsided somewhat, depositors deceived in virtual exchangers and on online exchanges are still contacting the police and detective agencies of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Investigating scams of such a plan is an ungrateful matter, since fraudsters can operate from anywhere in the world. There is only one thing left – to try to avoid meeting with crooks hunting for other people’s money.

The easiest way to cheat is to sell non-existent bitcoins. In this case, the criminals play on the greed of the victim – they offer to buy tokens at a very competitive price. Only an experienced private investigator or a person seriously involved in cryptocurrencies can distinguish a scam site from a real exchanger. The intruders resource looks solid and offers hundreds of rave reviews. Those who want to buy bitcoins at a ridiculous price are taken “into circulation” by experienced managers who know well psychology.

Detective services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

As a result, a person may even be sold a small amount of electronic currency to interest, but a large transaction always ends predictably – money is debited from the buyer’s bank card, but no tokens are entered into his cryptocurrency wallet. A hot-pursuit investigation conducted by a private detective agency will probably show that the site is registered in the Cayman Islands or in Somalia, and the company with which the deal was concluded exists only in the virtual world.

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Never entrust them with your money

The second, no less sure way to lose your money is to entrust them to “black” crypto traders for speculating on cryptocurrency exchanges. The services of a private detective in the investigation of such crimes are more effective than the work of the police, but more often traces are also lost in third world countries. The fraud scheme in this case is also primitive. A potential victim is lured by promises of “abruptly raising the cue ball” due to changes in the exchange rate of electronic currencies on international exchanges.

One or two transactions, conducted for seed, are brilliant and the client receives even more than expected. Therefore, he sends the trader all his own and, often, also other people’s money in order to miraculously double or triple the capital. However, after this the trader does not get in touch, and sometimes even his official website disappears.

Expert detectives

Given the high risk that cryptocurrency operations are associated with today, the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma asks you to be realistic and not to believe in easy and quick get rich schemes. Remember that the search for fraudsters “working” in the field of crypto currencies is very difficult, and the prospects for returning money are practically zero.

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