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Auto Cast: How to Avoid Crooks in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The increase in the number of cars on our roads has led the criminal world to pay particular attention to the transport sector. If earlier private detective agencies in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma investigated mainly thefts, in recent years there have been many new types of crimes directed against car owners. Rental car sales, theft of numbers for ransom, open theft of cars – the list of common crimes can go on for a very long time. But the most popular is the so-called auto-support, during which the attackers organize an accident, and then extort money from the drivers, accusing him of violating traffic rules, inattention or folly.

The criminals act in whole teams, which include both the participants of the front-mounted accident and the crowd of “random” witnesses, outraged motorists and passers-by and even front-line police officers. Serious psychological pressure is applied to the victim and, most often, criminals get the money required from the motorist.

Private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has repeatedly encountered similar cases in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our city, due to the specifics of highways and a large number of cars on the roads, is an ideal place for such crimes. Our private investigators, whose price in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is quite affordable today, have successfully investigated such cases and helped repel criminal elements.

Private detective in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

But everyone knows that it’s better to prevent trouble than to deal with its consequences later, so our private detective agency has prepared some tips to help avoid trouble.

Video recorder

A good video recorder with the widest possible viewing angle is a great way to protect yourself from criminal acts. As a rule, having learned that a survey was being conducted, crooks lose their ardor and “drain” the situation. But you need to monitor the safety of the device – private detectives of our agency know cases when a device was stolen at the time of a showdown or destroyed, depicting the state of affect.


Needless to say, you need to be as careful as possible while driving. However, in some places it is worth doubling your vigilance. Favorite places for auto-casing in the city are:

  • “Blind” turns
  • Road sections near bus stops
  • Busy intersections
  • Narrow roads

You can’t feel safe even in car parks and parking lots – inexorable statistics show that auto-substrates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma often occur in these places.


If criminals manage to imitate a pedestrian collision, keep calm and do not live emotions. Call the police immediately and call friends who may constitute a “moral support group” for you. Also contact the private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and we will immediately begin to work on solving your problem. Professional detectives with many years of experience working in law enforcement and experienced lawyers who have repeatedly encountered such crimes will nullify all the efforts of fraudsters.

Finally, I would like to warn the drivers that in no case should you leave the place of the simulated accident before the arrival of the police. Even if the accident seems to you “sewn with white thread”, you should close this question officially. Leaving the place of the auto-feed, you untie the hands of criminals and give them even wider scope for maneuver and, therefore, to withdraw your money.

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