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Become Private Investigator (Oklahoma)


investigatorA person hired by people or organizations for private investigation purposes, allowed by law, is a private investigator. A Private Investigator (PI) is also called as inquiry agent or private detective. However, the core role of a private investigator is to work for attorneys. They carry out investigations for attorneys in criminal and civil court cases. Particularly, a person has to pass through several stages to become a Private Investigator in Oklahoma. In this article, the process and requirements are elaborated for facilitating the perspective candidates.

Procedure to Become Private Investigator in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma City, there is a specific procedure for becoming a Private investigator.

Qualifying Requirements for Attaining License

Oklahoma, in order to apply for private investigator post, a person must fulfill following requirements.

  • Minimum age limit is 18 years. (A person below 18 years of age is illegible)
  • Minimum age limit for armed license is 21 years.
  • A person must be a legal citizen of United States.
  • A candidate must possess good moral character.
  • A person must not be found involved in any criminal activity (Felony).

Training Session

Particularly, in Oklahoma, training requirements are mandatory for becoming a Private Investigator. Meanwhile, there are two phases of training;

  • Unarmed Phase

Generally, it has two phases names as phase I and phase III.

  1.  I is of 20 hours.
  2.  III is of 35 hours.
  • Armed Phase

It has three phases names as phase I, phase III and phase IV.

  1.  I is of 20 hours.
  2.  III is of 35 hours.
  3.  IV is of 32 hours

However, Training is exempted for a person who already has some experience in any defence fields. Meanwhile, the training for firearms is compulsory.

Application Submission

Meanwhile, there are few documents that should be submitted. These are;

  • Notarized signed application form
  • Certified letter that ensures criminal record as nil
  • Finger impressions
  • Photographs a) 2 photographs (passport size) b)3 photographs for armed license¬†(passport size)
  • NOC from current employer
  • Equivalency certificate for training exemption
  • Fee receipt
  • For armed application, a person has to submit psychological assessment and certificate of firearms training.private investigator


CLEET has organized online examination. A candidate has to take that test. However, the fee for this test is 25 USD. There is several test location in Oklahoma. Therefore, a candidate can choose as per his convenience. The timing for test is 9 AM. Whereas, the passing percentage for test is 70.

Start Working

Once you passed your test, you will get license for performing as a private investigator. This license makes you a certified PI. Therefore, Candidate must carry his licensed card with him during his job timings. Although you can change your phone number, name and address but, you have to infirm the council within 10 days.

Fulfillment of Educational Requirement

The expiry for the Private Investigator license is one year. However, the successful candidate has to take 16 hours education annually for renewing the license. Previously, the training that a candidate took before license, meets training education requirements of 1st year.

Generally, this is the process to become a Private investigator in Oklahoma and to renew the license each year.

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