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Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Tells Private Investigators About the Must-Have Equipment They Need to Get the Job Done!

A good private investigator will always be prepared. You never want to find yourself out in the field and missing a vital component to your operation. It could cost you the case! Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a Pi in OKC, has compiled a list of equipment must-haves for both the inexperienced and veteran investigators.


Private Investigator OKC Mobile GPS

Having a GPS in your possession during an active investigation is pretty much a no-brainer. How in the world are you supposed to search all over the world for a missing person if you do not know where in the heck you are going? John Keefe says to always keep this equipment in your vehicle or on your person if you are traveling by foot. Most smartphones have GPS capabilities.

DC to AC Power Inverter

This little contraption is quite handy! The DC to AC power inverter allows you to leave home and bring things like your cell phone, laptop, and even a tablet with you. You simply plug the inverter into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and all of your electronics will magically come to life. Dr. John Keefe says that this device is a must when tracking a subject and spending much time on the move.


Private Investigation OKCJust like in the movies, private investigators need a trusty pair of binoculars. In fact, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II advises that every private investigator own a pair of binoculars. During surveillance, this little contraption act as your super-power eyeballs. If you need to see whom Mrs. Smith is hanging out with in the hotel room through an open window, binoculars will come in handy. Test out a few pairs to determine the size and power that best suit your needs.


A Can of Fix a Flat

The last thing you need while on the hunt is a flat tire. However, this is real life and sometimes unfortunate things like a blown ring of rubber happen. John Keefe, a private investigator from Oklahoma City, says that having a can of Fix a Flat in his car at all times has saved him much headaches. You can purchase a can of this magical solution at any hardware store for about a $5.00.

Toilet Paper

Private Investigation Services

We all, ahem, have to “go.” When you are staking out your subject in the middle of nowhere and nature calls, you will be glad that you brought some TP for your bunghole.


Private Investigator EquipmentIt is always a good idea to have a 20 spot on your person. What if your subject goes into a bar or diner? You need to follow them inside, of course, but you cannot just sit in a booth without buying anything. You will look like a weirdo and your cover will undoubtedly be blown. Always keep some mula on you so you can purchase a drink or bite to eat for the sake of “blending” in.

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