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Process Servers in OKC  play a vital role in our court systems. Indeed, without process servers from private investigation agencies to serve court papers and other legal documents, our court system could not exist. They carry court papers and other legal documents through wind and snow and the threat of death by horrible defendants/respondents, all so the courts can hold their hearings. See how valuable they are?

Sadly, however, most people do not even really know what they do or why. Indeed, the average person does not fully comprehend the terrible dangers and risks each day while on the job, nor even how to hire the best process server to help them serve court papers and locate missing persons. Thus, the owners of our private detective agency in Oklahoma City, who are also process servers and private investigators, put together this series of questions and answers to questions many people commonly have about process serving and the court system. These questions and their answers are presented to you as follows:

Process servers and skip tracers serve court papers and other legal documents to businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations. They act as neutral parties with no vested interest in the outcome of the court cases for which they are delivering court documents to other parties.

You can also hire one to conduct other legal services, such as a skip trace service, waiting and watching for defendants/respondents to come or go from a residence or office, and much more. Indeed, they play a crucial role in serving and locating missing persons.

Provided that the court papers or other legal documents originate out of the State of Oklahoma, they may serve documents to anyone anywhere, anytime. Yes, this means anytime any day of the week. Of course, most of them go whenever businesses are open and individuals at residences are awake. Of course, this standard for process serving by them in Oklahoma from private detective agencies is not the case for papers that originate in certain other states.

Some states, such as Texas and Florida, prohibit service of process by them on Sundays, at certain hours, or on special occasions like Election Day. Odd, right? Why do those days and times really matter anyway? Either way, they should nonetheless remain vigilant about the laws and regulations, taking great care to know what day and time restrictions apply to each state. Otherwise, if they accidentally serve someone on the wrong day/time, it will not count and could potentially jeopardize the entire case!

Unless they hold a separate commission as a police officer or other law enforcement official, they are not law enforcement.

They may leave documents at the doors of respondents/defendants, etc., under very limited circumstances. One of those reasons is when the he/she is serving notices to pay or quit or summonses and petitions for forcible entry and detainer when the plaintiff/petitioner is seeking possession of the property only and not a money judgment. Of course, this does not apply to papers such as these that originate out of states like Texas, Florida, etc., where process servers, private investigators, the best skip tracers, and sheriffs’ deputies must serve everything via personal service only.

Other instances where they may post court documents to the front door of an individual’s home or company’s place of business, is when a judge signs an order allowing for it. Indeed, they may even do this with papers from Texas or Florida, if a judge signs off on it.


To become one, you must follow several steps to ensure a smooth application process to become a process server in Oklahoma at a private detective agency in Oklahoma. These steps are listed as follows:

  • You first need to complete this process server in the Oklahoma application. This gets the time going toward your court date for the judge to review your Oklahoma process server license application. You may complete the other steps after you have filed this application, to help speed up the process.

To become a process server at a private investigation agency in Oklahoma, there are several qualifications you must meet. These qualifications are as follows:

  1. You must not have any criminal convictions or pending charges for any felonies, violent misdemeanors, or “crimes of moral turpitude”.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old
  3. You must not have had your process server license suspended within the last few years or ever had it suspended more than once.
  4. You must have legal permission to work in the United States, whether through birth in the USA or through naturalization, obtaining a work visa, etc.
  5. You must have been a resident of Oklahoma for the past 6 months or the county in which you are applying for the last 30 days.
  6. You must not have ever been required to register as a sex offender.

Um. Yes. I guess you can. Should you? Do not do that. Only dicks avoid them. Do not be a dick. You do not want to avoid one. You want to go home and rethink your life.

They are not law enforcement and have no arrest powers other than a “citizen’s arrest” that every other citizen may make under very limited circumstances.

When you hire one to help you serve court papers and other legal documents, you will pay him fee for her/his/their services. The cost to hire them is typically less than $100 for routine service and less than $200 for rush service in larger cities like Oklahoma. This cost is exclusive of printing, waiting and watching time, nationwide skip tracing by a process server, a private investigator, and a skip trace service, etc.

In smaller towns and villages throughout Oklahoma that are more remote with no one nearby, the cost for both rush and routine services is higher. This is because the mileage and time requirements can prove to be substantial, and thus our private investigation agency must compensate our agents accordingly.


As mentioned earlier, you may hire the best professionals to provide additional services like waiting and watching for evasive clients to come and go, conducting nationwide skip tracing, and other legal services. To fully discuss costs associated with them, please contact us today. 😊

He may walk around your house but may not trespass. Local laws usually consider trespassing to be if anyone goes past a locked gate with a fence that has a “NO TRESSPASSING” sign clearly posted on it. If this circumstance does not exist, then it is not trespassing and an agent is otherwise just doing his/her/their job. However, we should note that not even process servers may enter even unlocked residences without permission, unless they are an entryway to a hallway outside the front doors of apartments, etc.

The best ones typically do not call persons they are trying to serve. This is because they often rely upon the element of surprise to catch unsuspecting defendants/respondents off guard to serve them with court papers and other legal documents.

When you hire one to serve people with court papers and she/he/they lose(s) the initiative of surprise, then it becomes much more difficult for them to get good service upon the defendant/respondent. Thus, they will seldom ever call defendants/respondents in advance of service, unless the defendant/respondent wants the paperwork or they are out of ideas, is out of time for service, is trying to pretend to have a “package delivery” for the defendant/respondent, etc., and are merely making a last-ditch effort.

Scammers and debt collectors tend to call from blocked numbers and pretend to be the best agents in Oklahoma. It is illegal to represent yourself as a one when you are not, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prevents such deceptive debt collection practices. Nonetheless, these brutally dishonest debt collection practices and scamming tactics sometimes find themselves thrown at unsuspecting people who then sometimes call us to ask if we were the ones who just called them from a blocked number. Spoiler alert: no, we did not.

When you must decide whether to hire the best process server or a sheriff’s deputy to locate a missing person and serve a defendant/respondent with court papers, there are several considerations you must first consider:

  • A sheriff’s deputy goes to serve court papers in uniform, while process servers go in plainclothes or in a disguise. If a defendant/respondent is actively avoiding service of process and/or has active warrants out, then then you should hire a professional instead of the sheriff’s deputy because the sheriff’s deputy will scare the defendant/respondent away.
  • They can start service on a rush basis, whereas sheriffs’ deputies can rarely do service of process on a rush basis.
  • Many make as few as 3 and as many as unlimited attempts on service, whereas sheriffs’ deputies make about 1-2 attempts most times.
  • They can conduct nationwide skip tracing and other location services to locate missing people. Most of the times a sheriff’s deputy will not offer that type of service for you to find missing persons.
  • A process server can offer to wait and watch for evasive defendants/respondents who have “castled up” inside of a home or office to enter/exit. Sheriffs’ deputies cannot offer this type of service.
  • You can hire one to serve papers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sheriffs’ deputies often face restrictions on the times of day, days of the week, and even holidays when they may or may not be able to serve court papers for you.
  • When you hire the best one, you will pay more than if you choose to hire a sheriff’s deputy to serve court papers. However, given the 6 factors listed above, is it not worth it to hire a process server near me from a private investigation agency near me instead of a sheriff’s deputy?


These are just some of many considerations to think about, before you hire someone to serve court papers or other legal documents for you. When it comes right down to it, there are many reasons why most people choose to hire the best process server from the best private investigation agency to serve court papers and other legal documents, instead of hiring a sheriff’s deputy.

Yes, some carry firearms, tasers, pepper gel, and wear bulletproof vests, due to how dangerous their chosen legal profession is. Indeed, bad people have often attempted to kill or have murdered sheriffs’ deputies who went to serve people. So, when they carry firearms and other protective devices, it is for their own protection and safety.

When they wish to carry firearms on the job, they should first obtain an armed private investigator license from the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.). Even though Oklahoma no longer requires people to obtain gun licenses to carry firearms during everyday life – scary though that new law is – while working on the job the State of Oklahoma requires private investigators, skip tracers, and process servers from private investigation agencies near me to carry them.

There are some training classes and courses out there that they can take to help them learn more about how to do a decent job as one. These types of classes and courses are especially important, given that the State of Oklahoma does not require them to take any classes or training prior to obtaining a process server license in Oklahoma.

When working as a professional, there is so much to know about the laws and how to do it that can take years to fully learn. Employment as one with strong leadership that is very supportive and patient is crucial for new ones.

Ever since 2014, they are unable to wear any sort of badge. It became illegal because there was “concern” that they might “impersonate” a police officer or that other people might accidentally “view” process servers and private investigators as “police officers”. They benefited from the use of their badges because they helped to identify them and added more professionalism to their appearance.

You may certainly state that you, “Refuse” their service. However, that sure does not mean you are not served. Yes, whether you want to be served or not, you are. Period. That is all there is to it; deal it with like an adult and move on, please. 😉

If he cannot serve you, then he will ask the client if she/he/they want(s) to make more attempts at that address. This, of course, assumes that the defendant/respondent lives at that address. If the defendant/respondent does not live at that address, then he will share other options with the client about our services to locate missing people.

They have many options to do that. Indeed, our process servers, skip tracers, and private investigators specialize in their astute ability to locate missing persons. Some of the most common ways they locate missing persons are as follows:

Nationwide Skip Trace Service:

You may always hire a skip tracer to conduct a skip trace service on your behalf. Our best agents are experts in nationwide skip tracing, as they have been conducting it for many years and are very knowledgeable about it. So, what exactly is a skip trace? Glad you asked! 😊

When you hire a skip tracer to conduct a skip trace service on your behalf, he will ask you for some personal information about the person of interest you need to locate. Once you provide this information to him to run the nationwide skip tracing service on your behalf, he will then run it through our skip trace service system to see what informational results pull up.

To run the skip trace service, our specialists must first obtain some information about the POI. While they fully realize that most clients do not have all the information below, the more our clients have of it and can provide to them for the nationwide skip tracing the better:

  • Full Legal Name of the POI
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Former & Current Residential & Home Addresses, Including Dates at Those Locations, if Known
  • Former & Current E-mail Addresses 
  • Former & Current Phone Numbers 
  • Social Security Number
  • Social Media Account Links/URLs
  • Race
  • Social Media/Login User Names/Handle.

As stated earlier, most of our nationwide skip-tracing clients do not have all the information above to provide to us when they wish to hire the best one. That is okay, as they can often find it on their own. When you order skip tracing, please just provide as much of the information as you possibly can.

When our professionals run this service for you, the following is a list of possible information that it will hopefully provide to you:

  • Full Legal Name of the POI
  • POI’s List of Neighbors, Friends, & Acquaintances, & Their Contact Information
  • UCC Filings
  • Global Watchlist the POI is on
  • Marriages in California Only
  • Nationwide Criminal History/Charges
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Former & Current Residential & Home Addresses, Including Dates at Those Locations
  • Evictions 
  • Bankruptcies
  • Employment History
  • Judgments Against the POI
  • Former & Current E-mail Addresses
  • POI’s Gun Licenses
  • Former & Current Phone Numbers 
  • Social Security Number
  • Social Media Account Links/URLs
  • Race
  • Social Media/Login User Names/Handles
  • Professional License
  • Much More!

Is this information something you might find helpful to locate a missing person? Yeah? If so, please make the right decision by choosing to hire the best private detective to conduct a skip trace service on your behalf. Our nationwide skip tracing is second to now, so order your service today to locate missing persons. 😊

Social Media Scan/Deep Internet Search:

Social media scans/deep Internet searches are an incredible complement to skip tracing when you are trying to locate a missing person. You can hire the best skip trace service to conduct a social media scan/deep Internet search on your behalf. Our experts only ask that you provide as much of the information as you would have for the skip trace above when you want for you.

Social media scans/deep Internet searches by them basically sweep the Internet looking for any public posts the person has made or about whom others have made, as well as any news stories about the person. These social media scans/deep Internet searches can provide invaluable information about a person of interest (POI) that can help you with case findings, in combination with them at our private investigation agency.

Post Office Box Check:

Post office box checks are another incredible way to find missing people. Whenever someone gets a P.O. box so she/he/they can get mail there instead of listing a residential address, it can make it harder to find a missing person or otherwise find out where she/he/they live(s). However, our skip tracers can make that process so much easier for you. 😊

When you choose to hire them to conduct a post office box search on your behalf, they will go to the post office where the P.O. box is at and will submit a special form to them for access to the physical address associated with the P.O. box number.

Forwarding Mail Check:

You may also hire the best agent to do a forwarding mail check at a post office to find a missing person. Indeed, whenever a person of interest moves from a work or residential address to another location, some of them file a forwarding mail request with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to have them forward their mail to the new address. The USPS does not release this confidential information to the everyday, person, but it will release it to professionals.

Running License Plates:

Sometimes there is an unknown vehicle that could be of the person of interest (POI) or which might belong to someone else whose identity remains unknown. Either way, you need to find one to locate missing people by running the license plate.

When you hire one to run license plates of vehicles, they will find out who owns the vehicle and what physical residential address is associated with them. If the address associated with the owner(s) of the vehicle is no longer current, then they will help you with conducting nationwide skip tracing to help you locate missing people.

Actively Monitoring the POI’s Social Media Accounts:

Another vital service they can help you with is to actively monitor her/his/their social media account. Yes, you may hire the best person to try to add the person of interest (POI) as a friend on social media and try to gain access to her/his/their information.

Indeed, many times people will gladly overshare all their personal information, such as where they are, what they are doing, whom they are with, and the date and time of the event. When you hire an expert to help you locate missing people by actively and discreetly monitoring their social media, then you will greatly increase your chances of being able to find a missing person. 😊

Interviewing Family Members, Friends, and Neighbors of the POI:

Another option for you to find missing people is to check with the person of interest’s (POI’s) neighbors, friends, and family members. While certainly a less discreet option, this method can also sometimes work to help find a missing person on your behalf. The only downside is that it takes more time to conduct, costs more, and can possibly tip off the person to the fact that someone is looking for her/him/them.

Mailbox Checks for Verification Purposes:

You can also hire them to perform a mailbox check. Without touching the mail in any way, our officials can look inside mailboxes and see if the names on the visible mail match the person of interest (POI). This is yet another method to help you with the case. 😊

Fake Political Polls:

One final tactic is to conduct a fake political poll. Many people like to answer questions about politics and their feelings about candidates and hot-button issues, right? Right! 😊

To conduct a fake political poll, they create the name of a political company, use a bank account for a real check for payment, and create a short poll to be used when asking the people who answer the door at a residence about her/his/their political opinions. The monetary amount they provide to the individuals helps entice them to answer.

At the very end of the poll, they will then ask the individuals at the residence who were answering the questions some basic demographic and household questions. These questions just “happen” to casually ask who lives there at the house, their names, and their ages. After that, the person of interest (POI) receives the check and smiles, and both agents thank one another and depart. 😊

They often make up to four attempts on service to one defendant at one address for a set fee. Most of them usually make 2-3 attempts on service to one defendant at one address, but they make up to 4 full attempts on service at one address.

There is no set required number of attempts that they must make. They may make as few as 1 attempt on service or even make an unlimited number of attempts. Most will not want to make an unlimited number of attempts on service, however, because of the high cost of fuel and time. Before you choose to hire them to do process serving for you, be sure to inquire about how many attempts on service at one address each process server near me will conduct.

When a professional successfully get a defendant/respondent served, they will provide you with what is called an affidavit of process server. This special affidavit informs the courts that our process server served the defendant/respondent.  They will then E-mail a copy of the affidavit to the client and will mail the original to either the client or the courts, as directed by our client.

As for the defendant/respondent that our process server from our private detective agency in Oklahoma just served, that person must file a response, go to court, and/or hire a lawyer to represent her/him/them. If the defendant/respondent fails to do so when he/she serves her/him/them, then that person will lose by default and in some cases could even face arrest. ☹So, when an expert serves you with court papers or other legal documents, please show up to court on time. 😊

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