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Sex can be a truly wonderful and enjoyable thing, especially when your sexual partner(s) is/are sexy and even more so if you really love her/him/them. Sexual Intercourse can bring in so many feelings of intimacy, pleasure, and so much more. However, this is not always the way sex turns out, especially when someone forces their will onto others and makes them engage in sexual acts without their permission. When this happens, law enforcement often becomes involved, and victims of rape and sexual assault often choose to hire a sex trafficking private investigator from the best private investigation agency in OKC to conduct rape and sex trafficking private investigations on behalf of their clients. Even those that state or federal governments have charged with sex crimes or sex trafficking often contact these detectives, so they can conduct human trafficking investigations on their behalf as well. 😊

Sadly, many people do not even know where to begin, when they need to hire the best one. Indeed, many people do not even know what he is or where to find one. Many people do not even know that they even exist. ☹

Thus, the owners of our private investigation agency in Edmond, OK have put together a series of questions and answers about sex trafficking private detectives from the best private detective agencies in Norman, Oklahoma that conduct rape private investigations and sex trafficking investigations on behalf of clients. That way those who need more information about them can have it easily accessible at their fingertips. The sex trafficking private investigations questions and their accompanying answers are as follows:

They conduct human trafficking investigations. Sometimes they do it on behalf of the family and friends of victims of human trafficking and try to locate missing persons. At other times, people hire them to help people accused of sex trafficking.

Whatever the reason, because there are so many victims and people the state and federal governments have accused of sex trafficking, the need definitely exists for people to hire the best detective to solve their cases. If you need to hire the best agent from the best private investigation agency in Edmond, OK, then please contact us today for more information. 😊

Some examples of it include forced sexual activity, forced manual labor, and forced marriages. Our experts wish to note that the forced sexual activity does not have to be in-person. This can also take place online via web camera videos, texting, etc.

According to our professionals, there are many ways that human traffickers and sex traffickers use to recruit their victims. These methods that they use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tricking – Our best sexual assault private detectives who conduct sex crimes private investigations can tell you that many sex traffickers use tricks to lure their victims into their clutches. An example of this is when two women apply to work at a hotel as housekeepers or front office staff, only to arrive and find themselves forced to perform sex for the pimp’s sex customers/clients.
  • Defrauding – According to them, human traffickers can also use a seductive promise of love and/or a better life, the imposition of debt, etc., to lure their victims into sexual slavery. Indeed, many people seek a better life through work elsewhere and most want a loving romantic relationship to make them feel complete. They know this all too well and use this to entrap their victims. ☹
  • Manipulating – Any decent investigator knows all too well that these criminals use manipulation and charm to lure their clients into their grasps. Indeed, many of them will seek out their victims by seeking out vulnerable persons at malls, homeless shelters, bus stations, jails/prisons, online, and those on the street. They often seek people who are impoverished, without food, lacking money, and who have no familial support.

According to our agents, many victims are members of the LGBTQIA+ communities whose bigoted families, hateful places of worship and “god”, racial minorities, those with little education, younger persons, and those in areas most affected by natural disasters and crime are most often their victims. Women and non-binary persons tend to become victims more often than men for these purposes, though many boys and men also become victims of sex trafficking as well.

  • Threatening/Violence – Many human traffickers will also use threats and violence to force their victims to comply with their demands for forced sexual acts and other labor. “Okay, so you do not want to perform sex with our client? I will just beat you, stab you, or shoot you!” If this does not work, they may threaten violence against the families and friends of people they intend to make and keep as their victims. ☹

If someone you know and a loved one has become a victim or if the police have accused you of engaging in such criminal activity, then you need to hire a criminal private investigator from the best private investigation agency in OKC to conduct sexual assault private investigations on your behalf. Time is of the essence, so do not delay!

They force their victims to do many atrocious things. According to our rape detectives, some of the most common reasons that these culprits select their victims include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Sexual Activity/Forced Prostitution
  • Forced Manual Labor
  • Forced Marriage/Sold Into Marriage

Whatever the case, sex trafficking and human trafficking are both illegal activities that are highly immoral. To make matters worse, police officers often arrest their victims for performing sexual acts even though the sex trafficking victims did not want to do them in the first place. This is one societal ill that needs to undergo tremendous changes. ☹

When you hire a professional, they can tell you that three of the most common forms of human trafficking include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Forced Labour – Our detectives forced labour is when the human traffickers force their human trafficking victims to perform labour against their will.
  • Sex Trafficking – According to them, such criminals force their victims to engage in sexual acts with other people against their will. It is a form of forced labour.
  • Debt Bondage – According to our experts, “debt bondage” occurs when “employers” force other people to work because their victims “owe” them money. Sadly, it is nearly impossible for any of their victims to ever repay the “debt” that they “owe”. Thus, they never permit their victims to leave. ☹

Our best officials want you to know that many of them are well-known to their sex trafficking victims. Indeed, many turn out to be parents, siblings, spouses, and significant others of their victims. ☹


According to our investigators, there are many ways to find them. Some of the best ways to locate missing people include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Surveillance –
  • Nationwide Skip Tracing – Nationwide skip tracing by our skip tracers can easily pull up all kinds of information that is useful when you need to locate a missing person. Indeed, whenever persons of interest (POIs) take any of the following actions, it is likely to show up a new address for her/him/them:
  1. When the POI pays her/his/their taxes
  2. Whenever he/she registers a new vehicle
  3. Whenever he/she renews/changes her/his/their driver’s license
  4. Whenever he/she gets a new USPS post office box
  5. Whenever he/she rents/buys a new home/apartment/new office building
  6. Whenever the POI registers for new utilities

These are just some of the many reasons that will trigger a new registration of a home/work address in our skip trace system. Whenever a POI takes one of the actions above, eventually a professional will eventually be able to use it to find a missing person. 😊

To locate a missing person with our nationwide skip trace service, such as a sex trafficker, human trafficker, or victim of sex trafficking and human trafficking, the detectives will need each client to provide as much of the following information about the POI as possible:

  • Full Legal name
  • Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  • SS#
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Race
  • Current & Previous Home/Work Addresses, Including the Dates at Those Locations
  • Current & Previous E-mail Addresses
  • Current & Previous Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Profile Links/URLs
  • Any Profile Usernames for Apps/Social Media

In return for as much of the information above as they have, our agents will in turn attempt to provide each client with as much of the following information about the POI from the skip trace service:

  • Full Legal name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Race
  • Current & Previous Home/Work Addresses, Including the Dates at Those Locations
  • The POI’s Current & Previous E-mail Addresses
  • Current & Previous Phone Numbers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Professional Licenses
  • Gun Licenses
  • Nationwide Criminal Records
  • Friends, Neighbors, & Family & Their Contact Information
  • Employment History
  • Global Watchlists the POI is on
  • The POI’s UCC Filings
  • The POI’s Marriage Records – California Only!
  • Much More!

Do you see how useful this information could be for someone looking to find a missing person? If you hire the best agent on your behalf to perform this job, there is a chance they could locate victims as well as be able to locate sex traffickers.

  • Going Door-to-Door in Neighborhoods & Businesses – You can often find them simply by choosing to hire an expert. By going door-to-door to locate missing persons, our professionals can very quickly cover large areas. Given that our company is the largest Oklahoma-owned private investigation agency, you can hire the best individual, thereby allowing you to experience less stress and physical exhaustion while we take care of the work. 😊
  • Forwarding Mail Checks – Whenever people move from one residence and/or office rental space to another, they often have their mail forwarded to their new location(s). Unlike the general public, you can hire them to go to the United States Postal Service (USPS) and inquire as to what the new address is that someone has her/his/their mail forwarded to. By simply filling out a special inquiry form, our licensed private detectives can obtain this information to help them find missing people.
  • Social Media Scans & Deep Internet Searches – One other option you have to do it when you hire an expert is that they can also run deep Internet searches/social media scans on individuals. Deep Internet searches/social media scans will pull up any public posts they have made and about whom others have made, as well as any news stories about the person of interest (POI). Social media scans/deep Internet searches also pull up some of the different social media sites that POIs have registered for and make an excellent complement to our nationwide skip trace service. 😊
  • Making Posters & Posting Them in Prominent Places –
  • Use of Social Media to Alert the Public – You can also hire one as he can also post all over social media sites and ask for help locating both victims as well as human traffickers. Social media can be an extremely effective method to locate a missing person or to find a missing person.
  • Actively Monitoring Social Media – One of the best ways to find them is to actively monitor both the social media of the victims and sex traffickers themselves. Many people overshare their personal information all the time, including their whereabouts/locations, whom they are with, the dates and times they are at a certain place, what they are doing, etc.
  • Post Office Box Checks – Another method your agent can use is to check with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to see what physical address is associated with a particular post office box. Thus, if you do not know the name and/or physical address of someone who owns an O. box and needs that information, you can hire them to conduct a P.O. box check at the post office. They can do your job by simply filling out a special form that only they can use and bringing it to the post office where that particular post office box is located. 😊
  • License Plate Checks – One way to locate missing people that experts can do to run license plates of suspicious vehicles whose owners are unknown. This method is very effective in locating a missing person, because license plate checks can show both the owner of the vehicle and the address associated with that individual.

There are many signs that people could be the unfortunate victims. Our detectives can assert that there are many common, recognizable signs that these victims often display. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Looking Underfed
  • Not Being Able to Speak by Themselves or With Their Own Independent Thoughts & Words
  • Any Signs of Little Kids Working in So-Called “Family” Restaurants
  • Signs of Bad Physical & Dental Health
  • An Absence of Governmental/Identification Documentation
  • Excessively Long Mandated Workdays
  • Forced Living/Boarding at the Place of Employment
  • Women & Girls Who Have Forced Check-Ins into Hotels and Motels With More Mature Men They Call Daddy or Boyfriend, Which is Another Nickname for “Pimps” and “Sex Traffickers”
  • Signs That Workers Inside of a Place of Business May Not be Able to Leave, Such as Barbed Wire on Fenced-in Areas & Bars on Windows
  • Workers There Who Have STDs That Have Received no Medical Treatment for Them
  • Displaying Signs of Physical Abuse
  • Territorial Brandings & Other Markings Seeking to Designate the Humans as Someone Else’s “Property”
  • Indications of Extreme Financial Poverty/Lacking Any Resources
  • Not Making Eye Contact With Others/Not Engaging in Social Interactions/Refusal to Interact With Police Personnel
  • Only Able to Provide Scripted Verbal Communication

If you see anyone displaying the symptoms above, please report it immediately to your nearest law enforcement agency. If you need to hire a sexual assault private investigator to conduct sex crimes investigations on your behalf, then please contact the experts today for more information. 😊

You can hire our agents to help locate friends and family who have become victims, as well as those the government has accused of human trafficking crimes. They work for both accused criminal defendants and the families and friends of victims of human trafficking.

When you hire the best person for this job on your behalf, you truly are helping to increase the chances of a favorable legal outcome that ends in your favor. When working on behalf of family and friends of affected ones, they will also work collaboratively with law enforcement and other agencies to help locate missing persons who want to be brought back home safely. Likewise, when criminal defendants that the government has accused of such crimes choose to hire the best investigator to help them, they will help link the defendants up with the best criminal defense attorneys and the best bail bondsman in OKC to write bail bonds in Oklahoma and help keep the police and prosecutors off their backs! 😊

Whatever the case, when you need one on your behalf you have come to the right place! Make the right decision and contact one of our officials for more assistance. 😊

There are many reasons why no one would ever want to become one.  No one in their right mind would ever want that for themselves. So, the question of, “How do I avoid becoming an unwilling victim of sex trafficking?”

In fact, there are many steps everyone can take to help prevent themselves from falling victim to predatory human traffickers. Some of these many preventive measures each person must take to avoid becoming a victim are as follow:

  • Watch out for advertisements that seem so wonderful it makes them look suspicious.
  • Try to avoid prolonged periods of staying at locations, especially by yourself, at locations where they often recruit their victims – malls, homeless shelters, bus stations, low-income schools, online, etc.
  • Do not accept friend requests on your social media from people you do not know.
  • Do not overshare too much. Many people overshare their locations, photos, ages, names, places of birth, and so much more that the whole world simply does not need to know.
  • Always be sure to set all your privacy settings on all computers and social media to the strictest levels.
  • Always ensure you are familiar with the signs of human trafficking and sex trafficking.
  • Make sure you do not share suspicious things; report these things at once!
  • If you see something suspicious, say something! Seek assistance immediately!

Please make the right choice to follow these steps to keep yourself and others safe from their hands. If something bad has already happened to someone you love and care about or if the government has charged you with sex crimes or rape, please hire the best rape private investigator from our private detective agency to conduct sex crimes investigations on your behalf ASAP.

They actively recruit their victims wherever they can find vulnerable individuals. According to our criminal investigators, they tend to find many of their victims in the following locations:

  • Malls
  • Jails
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Bus Stations
  • Low-Income Schools
  • Online

They always stress to the public that they should not spend too much time at any of these locations, in order to help reduce their risk of falling victim to them. If you need help to locate a missing person who has fallen victim to a sex trafficker or the government has charged you with human trafficking, please hire the best individual from our best private detective agency today for more information about conducting investigations on your behalf.

To become a human rights private detective, there are many steps you must first take to obtain your licensure and certification. To become one, please take the following steps:

Once you complete the steps above, you may also wish to go ahead and seek to become certified as a detective at a private detective agency. To complete this, ensure you meet the requirements on this website and take the required course. You will want to submit any information and documents they require. 😊

Many people seek to hire one. Indeed, the best remain in high demand for their experience, skill, and expertise. 😊

Sometimes our governments accuse people of engaging in criminal activity as human traffickers. The penalties for these crimes in Oklahoma and indeed the rest of the USA are atrociously punitive, and when a government here has accused anyone of working as one it is vital that she/he/they immediately hire the best individual to solve the case on their behalf. Aside from the investigations, they can assist you with, there are other things they can do as well.

When you hire one, you also get access to their contacts like the best criminal defense attorneys near me and the best bail bondsman in OKC to write bail bonds. Indeed, you will need to not only hire the best investigator on your behalf, but you will also need to hire the best criminal defense attorney and will need to hire the best bail bondsman to write bail bonds in Oklahoma for you as part of a strong legal defense team.

Please make no mistake: Whenever the government has accused you of committing these crimes, it is nothing to mess around with. Criminal trafficking charges can come with horribly long incarceration penalties and even forced registration as a sex offender on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry. ☹ Is this what you want for your life? Are you really willing to risk this?

Do not delay! Make the right decision and hire a detective today to conduct sexual assault private investigations on your behalf. Time is of the essence, and they will need to get started working on your case at once with their sex crimes investigations. 😊

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