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How Can a Private Investigator Win Your Child’s Custody Case

Child Custody:

It can be scary to think that you may lose your child and have someone else tell you when you can go meet them and when you can spend time with them.

So what can you do to win your child’s custody case? You hire the best Private Investigator in Oklahoma City for the case.

How Can a Private Investigator OKC Help

A PI for child custody cases can provide the court with some strong evidence that will ensure the best decision is made. The investigation made by the PI can help prove if the placement of the child with one parent is or isn’t in the child’s best interest.

A PI can help you prove if you think your child is not being given the care and attention needed. The evidence gathered by the PI will be just the thing you need to help you win your custody battle.

Witness Statements

If you are able to provide witness statements, this will be extremely helpful for you in court. With the statements gathered from independent witnesses by the Private Investigator, you will be able to prove that the other parent’s character and conduct, are not suitable for the child.


You can hire a PI to watch your precious child being looked after by the other parent. In doing so, the PI will be able to determine whether issues such as neglect are happening.

For instance, if the parent does drugs abuse alcohol, or does not show love and affection towards the child, the Private Investigator Oklahoma City will gather the evidence and testify as to what the home environment for the child is like.

Conduct Background Information

Another job the Private Investigator OKC will do is run a background investigation on the parent. This will help them to learn the financial situation of the parent and that they have the resources to take care of their child. The Private Detective can also uncover if the parent has a criminal record.

Listen To What Your Private Detective Advises You

Trust in your PI and the advice they have to offer you. Your PI is experienced and understands the whole child custody process. Make the most of your PI’s experience and try to gain as much information and clarity to help you win your case.

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