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How Private Investigators Work Alongside Law Enforcement Agencies

There are numerous instances where a citizen will require the services of a private investigator, while their case is currently being handled by law enforcement. Perhaps the police are not working hard enough on your case or they are moving too slowly. In missing-person cases, the waiting game can get tedious. Private investigators in OKC are used to sharing turf with law enforcement officials. The private investigative team knows how to handle the police and what they can and cannot do. There are times when the two agencies, while joining forces and as a team, crack the case much faster than they would solo.

Are Private Investigators Welcomed by Law Enforcement?

Yes and no. Whether a private investigator in OKC is welcome to work on a case that law enforcement already has their hands in largely depends on the detective handling the case and the reputation of the private investigator. If the two have a positive history together or at least a good name within the community, the private investigator in Oklahoma City may be welcomed with open arms.

On the other hand, some police officers do not want private investigators to “meddle” in their police work. This can be a devastating situation because private investigators in Oklahoma City have so much to offer and sometimes, more access to information than the law enforcement agency. Keep in mind, that there are no laws that say private investigators in OKC cannot perform their own investigations on a case that law enforcement is already working on. In Oklahoma City, the private investigator’s first loyalty is to you, their client.

Did you know that many private investigators are former law enforcement officials? If you hire a private investigator in OKC and you happen to get one who was previously a police officer or detective, chances are the investigator will know exactly how to handle law enforcement personnel. Being involved in law enforcement at one time can work on the private investigator’s side, especially if they worked for the same agency. Sometimes, old police buddies will disclose information to the private investigator in Oklahoma City that they normally would not give to just anyone. This can be a crucial connection concerning unsolved homicide cases.

What Every Good Private Investigator Knows About Law Enforcement

If the private investigator you hire is going to work with the police, he or she should know how to handle them. There are many do’s and don’ts that could make or break the relationship between the two agencies. Some cardinal rules include:

  • Always fully cooperate with the police
  • Report any crime that you uncover during your investigation
  • Be especially careful when making comments to the media
  • Reassure the media that you are fully cooperating with law enforcement
  • Always remain professional

These rules not only apply to the private investigator, but to their clients as well. As long as private investigators in Piedmont OKC remain transparent to law enforcement and fully cooperate with them, there should be no issue with the two working on the same case.

How private investigators may work with law enforcement agencies:

Here are some common cases in which law enforcement agencies work with private investigators 

When they want additional evidence : 

When law enforcement doesn’t get enough evidence about the case. They just get help from private investigators to get some additional evidence. Private investigators have expertise in gathering information, conducting interviews to investigate, and having more information about the person. This can help a lot of law enforcement agencies to get detailed information on the case.

Expert in gathering information : 

Private investigators have a specialty in gathering information like background checks, gathering evidence, and knowing about the financial conditions of every individual. Law enforcement agencies take help from private investigators to get additional support and expertise in cases. So this can help law enforcement agencies to resolve the cases easily. 

Legal boundaries of law enforcement agencies: 

Whenever law enforcement agencies take help from private investigators to gather information. However, there are some boundaries that private investigators did not cross. They do not have the right to arrest or enforce the law. Private investigators must follow all the laws and rules about their activities and they must respect the law enforcement agencies. 

Strong working relationship : 

The law enforcement agencies and private investigators work together with mutual respect and they have a very strong working relationship. The law enforcement agencies develop relationships based on cooperation and mutual respect. Law enforcement agencies may refer cases to private investigators for detailed information and evidence and collaborate with them on joint investigations when needed. So they both work together to resolve the cases.

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