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How to Stay Safe While Using Public Wi-Fi

The internet has become a basic necessity of life. It’s easy to find free Wi-Fi everywhere you go. In malls, restaurants, hotels, bus terminals and airports free Wi-Fi is easy to find. Millions of people including use these free Wi-Fi networks to get access to the internet which leaves their devices and the data within them vulnerable to hackers. Private investigator will usually warn their clients about the risks of using a public Wi-Fi network. Here are some tips on how to keep your data and device while using a public network.

Be Aware of the Security Risks

Connecting to the internet is a part of our life today, there is hardly any home or any individual in the U.S. who does not have a smart phone with internet connectivity. However, when it comes to using public networks, it’s better to take necessary precautions to protect your private data.  A private detective will never rely on using a public network without adequate security. Invest in a secure networking software to keep your data safe if you ever need to login to a public Wi-Fi Network.

Avoid Visiting Websites that Displays Private Data

If you ask any private investigator in Oklahoma City about how to stay safe on a public network, they will tell you that the best way to stay safe is not to use any website that needs your personal data. For example it’s essential to avoid online shopping websites like Amazon, loan accounts, IRS or any other or any other website that requires you to enter your banking information and your address. If you really need to get access to any of the sensitive websites then its recommended to login to them using your private data network or wait till you get home.

Pay Attention to the Network Names

Another absolutely essential tip to stay safe while using a public network is to use the right network name. Private investigator in OKC suggests that paying attention to the network name helps you stay clear of potential hackers who have setup a rogue access point to lure people in. check the SSID carefully before using a public network.

Avoid Auto Connecting to Networks

Modern smartphones have made our lives easier but you have to disable some settings for your own security. Ask any private investigator in Oklahoma City and they will suggest that you should always disable the auto-connect feature on your smart phone or any other electronic device to allow you to prevent an auto connect to any available open network.


Staying safe and secure on a public network is necessary to protect your privacy and data. Hackers use rogue Wi-Fi connections to hack into devices and steal all your private and financial information.

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