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A Kidnapping Private Detective from Our Private Investigation Agency Elucidates


A kidnapping private detective shares that serial kidnappers are increasing. It is bad enough that these kidnappers target people, but some of them target children. private investigator OKC says that because these kidnappers have not been caught, they are now serial kidnappers.

At a private investigation agency in Oklahoma City, a kidnapping private detective elucidates how to profile these kidnappers. Most of these kidnappers use tricks they keep repeating. They include:

Asking for Assistance from Kids

A private investigator in Oklahoma says that this is one trick that has been used by many kidnappers. For example, the serial kidnapper can be at the playground where the child they are targeting is there. Then, they ask that child for assistance which can lead to the kidnapper kidnapping the child.

Also, a private investigator in Oklahoma City says that these kidnappers could ask a child to help them hold bags. The child will innocently help to carry the bag to the kidnapper’s car where they get abducted. A private detective comments that some will tell a young child to help them look for their missing dog or hold the door out for them. While it is true that not adults that request this assistance are kidnappers, the private investigator Edmond Oklahoma says it is an overused trick.

So, if you are an onlooker, a kidnapping private detective says it might be a good idea to join the conversation and confront the kidnapper if you see an adult talking to children about their concerns. Asking the victim what is wrong and offering to help should frighten the kidnapper.

Crying Child

Most times, if you witness a child sobbing, shouting, and trying to flee by yanking out his hand, you could assume that he is just being mischievous and disobeying his parents. However, if you believe that things have been out of control and the fits of hysteria are becoming more frequent, then you should ask questions. A private investigator in Norman Oklahoma says that it may be a sign for you to look into it.

Ask the adult if everything is okay with the child. At a private investigation agency in Oklahoma, the kidnapping private investigator in Bethany, OKC says you can also ask the child questions. If the adult is related to the child, they will try to explain things to you and allay your concerns.

If the person is a serial killer, they will falter and probably give information away that shows they do not know the child. Private investigators say that when this happens, the serial killer is skeptical about abducting the child because there is a witness.


A kidnapping private detective working at a private investigation agency says you should watch out for observers. Normally, adults rarely spend their time in playgrounds except they are babysitting a kid. So, an adult who spends time at a playground instead of other places like stadiums, restaurants, cafeterias, museums, etc is suspicious.

If you see them observing children using the slides or making sandcastles. A private detective in Guthrie, OKC working at a private investigation agency OKC says you can ask them subtle questions to know why they are there.

Offering Kids Freebies

As we grow older, we realize that nothing is truly free. While there may be adults that find children adorable and wishes to give children freebies. Sometimes, it can be suspicious. While conducting an Oklahoma State-wide Private Investigation, a kidnapping private detective says that most serial kidnappers use gifts or freebies to lure victims.

Children are incredibly trustworthy and kind. They will follow friendly strangers wherever they go if they are given enticing things. Some kidnappers may let a child play a practice game before inviting them to their car to successfully kidnap them. You can prevent that from occurring. PIs in Newcastle, Oklahoma City say you should keep in mind that no typical adult will welcome unfamiliar children to the parking lot. Neither will they give them gifts in the playground.

Posing as Parents’ Acquaintance

A kidnapping private detective notes that children do not know all acquaintances of their parents. So, a serial kidnapper can conduct extensive studies on the potential victim. The social networks of today have all the knowledge you could need to act as though you knew someone well.

Finding out someone’s lunchtime meal in Newcastle, Oklahoma City and other helpful information is simple. Most times, the child will assume the kidnapper is truly friends or co-workers with their parents if they are told certain information. This information could be the names of their relatives. How their rooms are decorated, and even the gifts they received for their birthdays are also used

Using Other Children

At a private investigation agency in Edmond, Oklahoma City, private detectives note that parents tell their children not to trust strangers. So, these kidnappers can ask another child to direct their intended victim to them. The child can be the victim’s playmate or schoolmate. This makes it easy for the victim to trust the other child.

Requesting Directions

Another worrying sign is when a slowly moving vehicle stops next to a young child to ask for directions. The kidnapping private detective in Bethany, OKC says that it is weird to ask a child for directions when you can ask an adult. Some even claim they will help the child get in their direction. There is the availability of GPS, police officers, and sometimes other passers-by to ask for directions. So, seeing an adult ask a child for directions is a red flag.

Final Thoughts

A kidnapping private detective shares that these are some of the things you can look out for and profile in serial child kidnappers. Also, the use of motorcycles as a lure is common. Children have been taken away on motorcycles in known instances of child kidnapping after being offered a pleasant ride in Newcastle, Oklahoma City. Other methods have also been used. So, as an onlooker who notices any of these methods being used, it is a red flag. Also, something has to be done about it quickly.

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