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Oklahoma Private Investigators Tackle Unsolved Missing Children Cases

20 Unsolved Missing Children Cases in the USA

Welcome to a special feature from Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, where we delve into the heart-wrenching and perplexing world of missing children cases in the United States. Our dedicated team, renowned as one of the best private detective agencies near me, is committed to shedding light on these unsolved mysteries.

Introduction to the Cases

Despite years passing by, the disappearance of these children remains an enigma, leaving families and communities in a state of perpetual uncertainty. In our series, we highlight several cold cases, hoping to reignite interest and gather new insights that could lead to resolutions.

1. Tammy Belanger:

Last seen in Exeter on her way to school in 1984, Tammy’s disappearance is a haunting reminder of the vulnerabilities children face every day.

2. Alfred Beilhartz:

The 1938 disappearance of young Alfred during a family trip to Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is as mysterious today as it was then.

3. Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman:

The 1999 case of Lauria and Ashley, who vanished after a tragic fire at the Freeman’s home, continues to baffle investigators.

4. Amy Billig:

Amy’s 1974 disappearance in Florida remains unsolved, with more questions than answers surrounding the circumstances of her vanishing.

5. Melissa Brannen:

Disappearing from a Christmas party in 1989, Melissa’s case is still shrouded in mystery, with few leads on her whereabouts.

6. Jeremy Bright:

Jeremy’s 1986 disappearance in California, leaving behind only his abandoned car, is a perplexing case that haunts his loved ones.

7. Ann Marie Burr:

The 1961 disappearance of Ann Marie in Tacoma, Washington, continues to be a source of speculation and intrigue.

8. Anthonette Cayedito:

Kidnapped in 1986 from New Mexico, the search for Anthonette has yet to yield any concrete results.

9. Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos:

The 2015 disappearance of Perry and Austin while fishing off the Florida coast remains one of the most baffling maritime mysteries.

10. Asha Degree:

The 2000 disappearance of nine-year-old Asha from North Carolina, last seen walking on a highway, continues to be an active investigation.

11. Ashley Summers:

The recent disappearance of 14-year-old Ashley in Ohio adds to the growing list of missing children cases in the state.

12. Shaina Kirkpatrick:

The 2001 disappearance of Shaina and her mother in California turned tragic when her mother’s body was found, but Shaina remains missing.

13. Bobby Dunbar:

The 1912 disappearance of Bobby Dunbar is a historic mystery that has perplexed generations.


At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, we’re not just about investigations; we’re about bringing hope and resolution to families. These stories are a call to action for communities to unite in the search for missing children. Our investigators are tirelessly working to unravel these mysteries, but we need your help. Stay informed, stay alert, and if you have any information, no matter how small, it could be the key to solving these cases.

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