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Myths About PI That You Thought Were True

Private Detective Oklahoma City

There is always a limitation of what private investigators can do, some restrictions are imposed by Law so that there is a limit to their authorities. So if you have been thinking that the private investigator in Oklahoma City can do all you want them to do then you are wrong. Moreover, you must have heard about some myths that you at some point in time considered true or you still do. To clarify your confusion we have compiled down a list of myths that most of the people think are true.

Myth 1: They Can Tape Conversations

Once again this is a myth that private investigators are allowed to tape the conversation. Again it can be said that some State allows you to tape call however, the taping conversation is considered as a crime that is liable for punishment. Same goes with this facility, consent of both parties is allowed. The private investigator can be arrested if discovered that the evidence is collected through tapping a conversation.

Myth 2: They Can Access Private And Protected Information

Getting access to private and protected information is not possible. Breaking into someone else’s information is also a crime. They cannot phone records, credit check, court documents, someone’s bank account information, and assets information. Any such act is subject to punishment by law enforcement agencies.

Myth 3: They Are allowed To Record A Private Conversation

A private investigator is not allowed to record conversations, until and unless they take consent from both parties. Having consent of both parties’ means that the detective is not undertaking a secret mission. Most of the time they are on a secret mission this means that taking consent is impossible.

Myth 4: They Trespass on Private Property

Such authorities are only limited to law enforcement agencies. Even the private investigator in OKC is not allowed to break into someone’s house or office to gather evidence. It is considered as a crime and in case if he is caught he can be sentenced imprisonment. Moreover, it is illegal and unethical to interfere with another person’s email.

Myth 5: They Are Allowed To Arrest A Target

The private detective does not have the authority to arrest anyone they suspect as criminal. Arresting criminals is the only responsibility of law enforcement agencies. Private investigators are limited to investigating the case and bringing evidence that can prove them guilty.

So if you have been thinking that private detective is similar to a person in law enforcement agencies that you have been believing in myths. Its time to see the real picture and know they have limited authorities.

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