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Personal Injury Attorneys & Truck Accident Detectives in OKC: Top 5 Big Rig Crashes

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Hello, people, and welcome back to Keefe Private Investigations; here, we bring you the most informative stories that you cannot get elsewhere. I’m Makayla, and today, I have personal injury attorneys in Oklahoma and private truck accident detectives in OKC here who will show you the five worst big rig accidents ever. Do not touch the dial, and keep on watching. Don’t forget that For top-notch legal services in Oklahoma, such as mobile notaries, nationwide process serving, international criminal and civil private investigations, mediation services, jury selection services, polygraph examinations, nationwide document retrieval, nationwide skip tracing, bodyguard services, nationwide criminal and civil background checks, international social media scans/deep Internet searches and more, please call or text our other legal experts and me at our women-owned firm call Keefe at (405) 435-8355 and you will not regret it.

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Introduction to the case

I don’t know how often you hear about big rig accidents, but they are often devastating. You may be wondering why, and it is because of the weight and size of the vehicles involved in the accident. Based on these reasons, its impacts on lives and sometimes communities can be devasting. So, below are some of the worst big rig accidents ever.

1 2009 Snowy Roads Accident on Maryland’s Interstate 70

One of the worst big rig accidents that occurred was in wintertime 2009, which involved 40 Vehicles. It was a collision in northwest Maryland involving five tractor-trailers which resulted in five fatalities and several injuries. According to investigators, one of the contributory causes of the accident was that an inch and a half of snow had just fallen. A semi and one tractor-trailer involved ended up in the forest. Also, an oil tanker jumped a railing. At least 12 persons with significant injuries were sent to Washington County Hospital following the terrible collisions that claimed the lives of two people.”

2 1991 California’s Fresno County Dust Storm Accident

The sky over Interstate 5 in Fresno County, California, filled with dust on the Friday following Thanksgiving in 1991. Due to the holiday weekend, there was an excessive amount of traffic on the highway section near Coalinga, which put many drivers and passengers in danger. Numerous crashes occurred on both sides of the road as a result of a rapid loss in visibility brought on by strong winds and dust from nearby farms, leading to fatalities. 104 automobiles were involved in the accident, including eleven semi-trucks. seventeen people had tragically died, and 150 had been injured as a result.

3 2013 Cincinnati, Ohio Snow Burst Accidents

One of the worst accidents happened on a Monday just after 11:30 am on the westbound interstate in 2013, where icy roadways in the Cincinnati region generated chaos. A snowstorm passed across the region, and this made the road slick and resulted in multiple collisions that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old girl, numerous injuries, and the closure of two important highways.

4 1990 Tennessee 1-75 Semi-Truck Fog Accidents

One of the truck crashes that occurred that is often remembered as one of the worst accidents is that which happened in Tennessee. It was a traffic accident that happened early on December 11, 1990, on a segment of Interstate 75 (I-75) close to Calhoun, Tennessee, when there was a lot of fog and it was difficult for cars to see. The collisions happened in a region where fog is frequent and where there have been other incidents with multiple vehicles colliding due to poor visibility. Twelve people died, and forty-two were injured as a result of the 99 vehicle accidents. This points out that drivers of vehicles, especially those driving heavy vehicles, should take road safety seriously.

5 Fort Worth, 1-35 Freezing Rain Accidents

The Fort Worth-based business responsible for I-35W maintenance neglected to adequately prepare the route ahead of the icy weather in February 2021. This resulted in a 133-car pileup that claimed six lives and wounded numerous others. The final findings of the National Transportation Board’s investigation also pointed out that speeding drivers contributed to the collision that occurred on February 11, 2021.


There you have it, the five worst big rig accidents. Sharing this information is not to make you fearful but to make you prioritize your safety because the danger posed by these vehicles on the road is big. Drive responsibly and stay safe. At Keefe Private Investigations, we see how important it is for the criminal justice system to take its time in carrying out thorough investigations and to ensure that justice is served well. For more insights or our services, visit us at or 

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