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Plausible Disguises Private Investigators May Use

Private Investigator Oklahoma City

Using disguises and pre-text whilst on assignment is quite a controversial topic amongst private investigators in the industry. Some think that it is unnecessary, whereas some think it is just downright unethical. Most commonly, however, PIs think that as long as you are lawfully and purposefully wearing a disguise or shading the truth to serve your cause, then it is justified. Here are some plausible disguises private investigators may use during surveillance.

Property Surveyor

A private investigator can easily disguise as a property surveyor during long stakeouts. It is quite easy to achieve the look of a property surveyor as well! All that a private investigator from Oklahoma City would need is an orange safety vest, contractor’s hat, a slim tripod and they are good to go! It would be helpful if you could get a few orange traffic cones and a measuring wheel to really play the part.

Disguising as a property surveyor can aid a private detective in seamlessly standing around for a few hours. You will have to make sure to have a good answer prepared in case someone asks which property you are measuring.

Recycling Expert Researcher

This disguise would make your hands get a bit dirty but it is ultimately worth it due to its simplicity! For the attire, you just need to put on a work shirt and gloves and have magnetized signs that read ‘Recycle Research Systems,’ on it. Keep pulling away trash bags and slapping the signs on them and if someone asks what you are doing, say you are performing a study on recycling habits. For added effect, just say that you have to research on how many recyclables actually end up in the bin. The trick is not to be too specific as that will raise suspicions. Most people will be satisfied with your simple explanation.

Signal Tester

This disguise will actually allow you to camp out in your car without being suspected. Acting as a tester of cell phone signals can be very easy as you will not really need any specific costume for it. To seem more believable you can carry a clipboard with you and some device that looks like it can receive signals.  Most people will not notice you at all, but on the off chance that someone does ask why you have been sat in your car in the street for hours, you can wave your clipboard and tell them you are checking the quality of cell phone reception in the area. To be even more believable, you can ask them if they have been facing troubles with their calls getting dropped and tell them you are working hard to sort it out. A magnetized sign on the car and a work shirt is enough for a private investigator from OKC to play their part.

Just remember never to use pretexting tools or disguises to try to fool anyone from law enforcement and you are good to go! Do not break the law, otherwise, get creative with it!

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