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Private Investigation and Pretexting

Have you ever created a fake account in order to test your partner, or to get information out of someone? Well, you should be aware that this act is a crime.

Pretexting is an act when people assume the purpose or appearance of someone else in order to access their resources, which you would not be allowed access to in general. For e.g. if you act as a police officer to get someone’s phone, medical or financial records, you are pretexting. Here is how a private investigator can help you find someone who has pretexted you and also explain why private investigators cannot pretext someone under any condition.

Why Would Someone Pretext?

Pretexting can be small scale, for example, a person may create a fake account to figure out if their partner is cheating or it can be a large scale company scam. There are many reasons a person would pretext, the act allows an individual to gain exclusive access to private information that could be manipulated. If the target falls into a protester’s trap, their personal details such as social security number and bank account number can be compromised. Some professions may seek aid by using pretexting in their day to day tasks, such as debt collection, private investigation, credit reporting agencies, brokerages and income tax representatives. They have the choice to use the easy way and use pretexting to take out needed information from an individual or to get their information in an honest way.

Is It Ethical?

If pretexting was ethical, everyone would easily be doing it for gain. Even if you are a private investigator in Oklahoma city, it is extremely unethical to pretext your target for information. Pretexting is a form of deception that allows people access to a person’s private records. Therefore, pretexting is highly unethical, as you are not informing the person of your true intentions and are not telling them the truth about who you are and what you do. Thus, it breaks the ethics of deception, informed consent, debrief, protection and confidentiality.

Pretexting heavily involves lying and deceiving someone, making honest people trust you and putting themselves in danger. Gaining access to private details such as phone and message records, financial statements and the like is extremely unethical, as you are using these personal details to use against them without their knowledge.

Is It Illegal?

It is now a federal offense to pretext someone under any basis. So, a private investigator from OKC cannot get information from their target under any false pretense, as that is a crime. A private detective could get charged for doing so, but law enforcement is exempted from using pretexting to detect a crime.

So, no matter how badly you want the private investigator for Oklahoma that you have hired to pretext your target, they are not allowed to do so. Be patient and have faith in your hired private detective to get information on your case legally and efficiently.

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