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Notary public, Oklahoma City


A notary public in Oklahoma City is licensed by the state as an official witness to identities of the people that are involved in legal affairs such as the signing of important documents. A notary public has been given the authorization to attest and witness a signature, certify or administer an oath, or attest documents etc. The notary public OKC much ensures the identity of the individual asking for the services provided by the notary public division.

Why choose ours notary public OKC services?

At Private investigator Oklahoma City, improving the experience of our clients is at the forefront of our mission. At the notary division, the notary public OKC staff is dedicated to providing customers with the best and most hassle-free service of all time. We put great importance on values, and winning our clients trust and respect is the most valuable thing. So if you require notarization services, then seek us out and our friendly staff will assist you in every way possible. If you have already availed our services and enjoyed them, please be sure to recommend a notary public from our company to whoever might need our assistance!

According to the current law in Oklahoma, the standard charges for one notarized signing from a notary public OKC cannot be more than $5.00 per signature. If an individual visits the notary public Oklahoma themselves to get documents notarized, then the charges of the notary public may not exceed $5.00 per signing. On the other hand, if a mobile notary OKC goes to the client, such as a bank etc. then the public notary OKC can charge their desired price.

Notary public Oklahoma Fees:

Notary public Oklahoma requests the following fee based on the type of documents and the location of the signing.

Acknowledgments $4.99 per place you sign
Jurat $4.99 per place you sign
Oaths & Affirmations $4.99 per place you sign
Non-Certified Copies $4.99 per place you sign
Protests $4.99 per place you sign
Car Titles $4.99 per place you sign
Loan Signings/Refinancing Contact us for a free quote!
Making Printed B/W Copies $0.35/page
Making Printed Colour Copies $0.99/page
Faxing Documents โ€“ Locally $0.49/page
Faxing Documents โ€“ Long Distance $0.99/page + applicable long distance charges


Notary public Oklahoma City: What do they do?

A notary public in Oklahoma City is appointed by the State of Oklahoma for the verification of identities of signers involved in the singing of legal documents. It is required for a notary public OKC to be associated with a private insurance agency. The secretary of state is responsible for the commission of public notaries OKC, and a notary public is required to possess a unique stamp or seal. This seal or stamp carried by notary public Oklahoma City is used to verify the authenticity of the mobile notary’s signature. The signatures of the notary public OKC must exactly match the records present with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. This will eliminate any confusion or doubt about the authenticity of the notary public Oklahoma signatures. So the notary public OKC signs can be compared and verified with the signature from the official file.

A public notary OKC is responsible for verifying the identities of individuals who are involved in signing a range of different documents. These documents might include oaths, wills, contracts, home loans and much more. An oral or written form of affirmation is required from the individuals to testify that the information in the documents is legal and accurate. A notary public OKC does not only notarize legal documents but can also notarize simpler ones like personal correspondence or a letter.

Forms of payment accepted by notary public Oklahoma City:

  • Cash*
  • Business/Governmental Check*
  • Cashierโ€™s Check*
  • Personal Check*
  • Money Order*
  • Check Fax
  • PayPal


*Notary public OKC prefer these methods of payment over others, this is because these methods allow us to keep our fees low and the rates affordable. Alternatively, you can mail these forms of payment to our office or give them to a public notary OKC in person!

Oklahoma mobile notary service

Getting your documents notarized has never been easier with our Mobile Notary Service. Contact us now and get a notary public OKC right at your doorstep! Cut down on travel time and call our mobile notary public to take care of it all!