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Do you know what process servers in Mustang, Oklahoma, and private detectives from the best private investigation agencies are or what they do? If you are like many people in Oklahoma and throughout the United States of America, you may indeed have no idea whatsoever about what they are or what they do. Indeed, many people have never even heard of them, unless they find that they suddenly need one.

The owners of our private detective agency near me have put together this list of Mustang, OK Process Server FAQs to help others who need more information about them. Hopefully, these insightful questions and answers will help you with most or all the questions you may have about them. These questions and their accompanying answers are listed as below as follow:


They serve court papers and other legal documents to people involved in court cases. They are basically a “mail carrier” of sorts for the courts. Without them to deliver these court papers and other legal documents to people, businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations, our court system would grind to an abrupt halt. Thus, they are essential workers.

Private investigators investigate all kinds of civil and criminal cases. By conducting private investigations, our private detectives can help their clients succeed in solving all kinds of investigative matters.

If you need to hire the best individual to serve court papers or solve a civil or criminal case for you, then please locate them today. When you find one, you are guaranteed to have the highest quality, best prices, and amazing customer service. 😊 Please hire one today for more information. 😊

In some situations, yes, the best ones can indeed leave court papers and other legal documents at your front door. It is very important when you find those who fully understand the laws about service of process. Otherwise, if you find one that does not know what they are doing, their costly mistakes can potentially ruin your entire case. ☹

One of these instances that they may leave papers at the door is while serving a notice to pay or quit, also known as pre-eviction papers. This is the document that property owners provide to their tenants as a last reminder to either pay what they owe or leave. Each is free to either serve a notice to pay or quit via personal service, via substitute service, or by simply posting the document to the front door.

Another instance when they may post court documents on the front door is when they are attempting to serve the formal eviction papers/summons and petition for forcible entry and detainer. The service of eviction papers by them is one of the only instances when service by posting is allowed.

If the petitioner/property owner is not interested in a money judgment and just wants possession of the property back, then they may simply post the documents to the front door and mail a copy of the defendants/respondents to that same address via certified mail with a return receipt. If the petitioner/property owner does seek money as well as possession of the property, then they must serve those documents via personal or substitute service.

Another instance when they may post court documents onto someone’s front door is when the judge in the case says that they may do so. Sometimes judges make an allowance for this, when the petitioners/plaintiffs in a legal case have done everything else possible to get the defendant/respondents. When the judge grants this form of alternative service, process servers get a free pass to post papers on the front door. Without it, doing so could prove extremely costly to the legal case at hand.

In smaller, remote towns in Oklahoma with no process servers nearby, you can expect to pay larger sums of money to hire one. It may cost about $300-$400+ in the smallest of towns for rush service, and about $198-298 for routine service in smaller towns. Larger towns where you can find them easier due to their larger numbers are fortunately much less expensive.

In larger towns, they may cost a little less than $100 for routine serves and usually no more than $200 for rush serves. Of course, inflation will likely keep increasing these prices with time, as they must make enough money to support herself/himself/themselves and her/his/their families.

They often also conduct nationwide skip tracing, document retrieval, license plate checks, forwarding mail checks, P.O. box checks, waiting and watching time on siege serves, nationwide criminal background checks, actively monitoring a person’s social media, and much more. If you need a person to help you with these services, then hire them.

The State of Oklahoma allows them to serve court papers and other legal documents that originate out of the State of Oklahoma at any time of the day or not. This is very helpful to them because it gives them greater access to catch people anywhere, anytime.

Most, of course, typically serve most court documents and other legal papers between the hours of about 7:00 A.M. and about 11:00 P.M. These are the times when many people are awake to receive the papers and are less likely to get frightened by people at nighttime.  

Some states do limit the days and times when they may serve court papers and other legal documents that originate out of their states. Texas, for example, prohibits service of process on Sundays. Other states prohibit the service of process on election days. It is always important when you hire the best person that you ensure that they fully understand the laws about serving court papers and other legal documents. 😊

They can serve just about any court paper or legal document. Indeed, many people hire a process server from the best private investigation agency to serve the following types of documents:

The items above are just some of the many types of documents that you can find one for your job. When you choose them to help you with the process of serving in Oklahoma, you have truly put the hands of Lady Justice in your favor.

If you need one to conduct process serving on your behalf, then hire a professional from our best private detective agency in Mustang, OK who has the best prices, amazing customer service, and the most experience. 😊

The mere fact that you are reading this now shows that you have already been successful in your attempts to find a process server and a private investigator from the best private investigation agency. You can hire one to meet all your legal needs and to help you with your case. If you need one, then please contact us today. 😊

When you want them to serve court papers on your behalf, there are several things you should keep in mind. Our experts state that these considerations are as follows:

  • Number of Attempts – As they can tell you, not all of them make the same number of attempts on service to one person at one address. The sheriff’s office usually makes 1-2 attempts, while many Mustang process servers make 2-3 attempts.

Likewise, for larger areas, our agents make up to four full attempts on service to one defendant at one address. This is important, because when you require a specialist for your job, if their price is slightly lower but they make far fewer attempts than a process server that makes more attempts on service, then their prices really are not lower.

  • General Reputation of the Process Serving Company – Many people look online or ask for referrals from others they know about their experiences with them. When you seek to hire them, be sure to do your due diligence first. 😊
  • Total Prices Offered – As always, each official can tell you that price is of course always a consideration when you wish to locate them. Compare prices carefully, but remember that when you hire one that price should only be one of many factors you consider.
  • Speeds of Service of Process Offered – Unlike a sheriff’s deputy who only offers routine service, process servers can offer things like semi-rush service, expedited service, and super rush service. Be sure to check with them beforehand. 😊
  • Other Services Offered – When you choose an expert, always be certain to inquire about other services they offer. Many process servers in Mustang from the best private investigation agencies also offer such things as a skip trace service, license plate checks, waiting and watching, and so much more.
  • Women-Owned Business, Minority-Owned Business Status – It is always refreshing when you choose to support a women-owned process-serving company and a minority-owned private investigation agency like ours. Our private investigation agency is LGBTQIA+ owned, women-owned, minority race ½ owned, and more. 😊 By specifically trying to locate a process server and a private investigator from a minority-owned business, you are working toward helping to bring about greater equality for oppressed populations.

Most of them do not contact the people they are trying to serve beforehand. This is because they rely heavily upon the element of surprise. By calling a person they want to serve, they would be completely blowing their cover and will then probably find that the person they are trying to serve begins to become evasive.

One of the reasons they might contact you is if you are willing to accept the papers. Though this is rarely the case, sometimes plaintiffs and petitioners have defendants/respondents who want the court documents and do not mind receiving them. Thus, when the plaintiffs/petitioners hire a private detective to serve court papers upon the individual, they may very well just call the defendant/respondent.

One other reason that they might contact the defendant/respondent before serving the papers is if it is part of an effort to trick the defendant/respondent into meeting or otherwise give up her/his/their location. Other than these two reasons, an experienced person will almost never contact defendants/respondents beforehand. Thus, if someone does call you outright claiming to be one, it is likely a scam.

Yes, the State of Oklahoma mandates that all must first receive a process server license in Oklahoma, prior to attempting to serve court papers or other legal documents.

Skilled professionals who own their own large private detective agencies can potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year or even gross a million dollars or more. Of course, all owners of large process-serving companies near me have enormous amounts of expenses, so you can imagine that the owners of large companies will shell out large sums of money for things like advertising, staff salaries, office expenses, and much more.

You will need to provide an address on the document you wish to hire the best official to serve upon another individual. If you do not have a valid address, you can always hire the best ones to conduct a skip trace service, a post office box check, a mail forwarding check, a license plate check, etc.

There are lots of options our agents can to help you locate missing persons. Just call now and find one to help you find a missing person. That way you can then hire them to help you serve the court papers and/or other legal documents upon the defendant/respondent.

They have many ways to find missing people. Indeed, some of the best ways that you can locate missing persons is by choosing to hire the best private detective from the best private investigation agency to conduct the following services:

  • Skip Trace Service – When you ask our expert to conduct nationwide skip tracing on your behalf, our skip tracers will search their systems far and wide to find missing people by doing skip tracing for you. They will ask you for information such as the following about the person of interest (POI) to try to find missing persons and to locate missing people via their skip trace service:
  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Former & Current E-mail Addresses
  5. Former & Current Phone Numbers
  6. Former & Current Home & Residential Addresses & Dates at Those Addresses
  7. Social Media Profile Links
  8. Driver’s License Number

When conducting their skip tracing, they will do their best to obtain as much of the following information for you as part of their service:

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Date of Birth, Year of Birth, or Age Range
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Former & Current E-mail Addresses
  5. Former & Current Phone Numbers
  6. Former & Current Home & Residential Addresses & Dates at Those Addresses
  7. Driver’s License Number
  8. Professional Licenses
  9. Nationwide Criminal Background Check
  10. Liens
  11. Judgments
  12. Bankruptcies
  13. Employment History
  14. Marriage Record – California Only
  15. UCC Filings
  16. Global Watchlists
  17. Driving Records
  18. Gun Licenses
  19. Neighbors/Family/Friends’ Information
  20. Much More!

They can pull together all sorts of information about a person of interest (POI) for you, while trying to help you find missing persons. Get one today to do your job.

2) License Plate Checks – They can also run license plates of persons of interest (POI) for you. That way they can pull up the name(s) and address of the owner of the vehicle in question.

3) Post Office Box Checks – Whenever someone gets a post office box at the United States Postal Service (USPS), that person must register her/his/their name and physical address. The USPS does not reveal this information to the general public, but when you choose experts to conduct a post office check, they can fill out a special form and access that information for you. 😊

4) Forwarding Mail Checks – Whenever people move from one business or residential location to another, they can always file a forwarding mail request to have the United States Postal Service (USPS) send their mail from the old address to the new one. Thus, you can give them this job to conduct a forwarding mail check to find missing persons on your behalf.

When you choose them to conduct a forwarding mail check on your behalf, they can simply fill out a simple form and gain immediate access to this privileged information. If you fail to find one to do this for you, then you will be unable to find missing persons via this method. 😊

5) Actively Monitoring Social Media – For better or worse – probably worse, lol – many persons post all sorts of information about themselves onto social media. When you choose to hire one to help you actively monitor the social media of a person of interest (POI), it is possible for our private investigator to find out where the POI is at, when, with whom, and what the POI is doing. 😊

6) Deep Internet Search/Social Media Scan – Another tactic that they can do is to conduct a deep Internet scan/social media search on an individual. This method enables them to find any public posts the person of interest (POI) has made, public posts others have made about the POI, and news stories about the POI.

A social media scan/deep Internet search will also pull up some of the social media profiles of the POI. With this method, you can hire the best individuals to find missing persons. It is important for our clients who are attempting to locate missing persons to try all available methods during their attempts.

7) Catfishing in Romance Scams & Cheating Spouse Cases – When you need to lure a person of interest (POI) to you or at least get the address/whereabouts information out of the POI, catfishing can work especially well in romance scams and cheating spouse cases. When you need to do it via this method, then you should hire a professional to catfish the POI on your behalf. Yes, hire a process server from our best private investigation agency in Mustang to beat romance scammers and cheating spouses at their own game. 😉

8) Surveillance – One of the best ways to locate missing persons is to hire an expert to follow both the person of interest (POI) and persons who often associate and hang out with the POI. While this method can take more time and often costs more than our skip trace service, license plate check, etc., it is nonetheless a very useful tactic to locate missing persons and to find missing people.

9) Interviewing Family Members/Friends of the Person of Interest (POI) – While somewhat riskier because it could possibly alert the person of interest (POI) to their activities, they can speak with neighbors, friends, and family of the POI to see if they know of the POI’s whereabouts. These individuals may or may not speak with them, but it is always worth a try if the other methods fail.

10) Going Door-to-Door at Residences & Businesses – Sometimes it takes going door-to-door at businesses and residences to locate the address of a missing person. While this would be a good method if a kid has gone missing or if all the other methods have failed, it is not the first technique that our officials would suggest trying.

11) Conducting Nationwide Criminal Background Checks – Nationwide criminal background checks can often show the whereabouts of persons of interest (POI) who are often in trouble with the law. By choosing them to conduct a criminal background investigation upon an individual, it may indeed show where the person has been living or at least around when getting into trouble with the law and might even show a home address. 😊

Yes, sadly they tragically suffer death and dismemberment – as do sheriffs’ deputies in Oklahoma City and elsewhere in Oklahoma. Serving court papers is indeed an extremely dangerous and difficult job. Thus, whenever clients gripe about the amount of money they must pay for process servers in Mustang and private investigators in Mustang, Oklahoma from our best private detective agencies to serve court papers to defendants/respondents.

He may indeed walk around your home to see if anyone is on the side of it, but it is worth noting that he must still follow trespassing laws. Thus, if a landowner has fenced in her/his/their property with a locked gate and has posted “NO TRESPASSING” signs around it, then no one may go through that gate.

It is always wise for them to wear bulletproof vests. Indeed, process serving can be a terribly dangerous job, so the owners of our private investigation agency always encourage them to wear bulletproof vests, to buy and carry pepper gel, and to use dash cameras or shirt cameras to record what happens as evidence of both criminal activity and successful service of process. Each should also share her/his/their location with other persons they know and trust, so as to help verify their location status at any given time.

By taking these preventive measures, they can stay safer and return home to their families. When you hire one, be sure to warn them of any specific dangers the person or people the officials are about to serve court papers upon.

No, persons with felony convictions, pending charges, Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration, violent misdemeanors, or “crimes of moral turpitude” may not apply to become a process server in Oklahoma. People who have received pardons from our often horrible conservative governors in the State of Oklahoma are eligible to apply to become professional once again. 😊

I am not going to help you with this one. Just take your papers and move on, please. Act like an adult for once in your life. Eventually, our experts will find you and our client will bill you for what they had to pay us. By trying to avoid them, you are just delaying the inevitable. 😉

If a defendant/respondent is trying to run away from being served and the process server does not feel like chasing the individual down or simply and legally throwing the papers down at the individual’s feet, then you can attach the papers to your cat and have your cat run toward the fleeing defendant/respondent at a flying speed and can throw the court papers or other legal documents off and into the hands of the defendant/respondent. Cats make wonderful assistants to a process server and private investigator from the best private investigation agency in Mustang, Oklahoma. 😊

As mentioned earlier, experienced, successful owners of large companies can potentially gross well over $1,000,000 each year, though business expenses like advertising, staff salaries, office rent/mortgage, utilities, licenses, training, etc., will reduce that somewhat. Even so, if a professional wants to earn an upper-class income, it is indeed very possible. 😊

Do you really want to know how to report a process server? Let me guess: He just served you with court papers or other legal documents, and you are feeling upset. Stop. Taking. Your. Personal. Problems. Out. On. them. You want to go home and rethink your life. Please go find a better hobby or go find some way to make the world a better place, rather than ask how you can “report a process server” sheesh.

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