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Signs to Help You Spot A Private Investigator


Do you have a fear that you might be followed by a Private Investigator? Maybe you overheard things you were not supposed to know. Whichever way, there are many reasons why a Private detective may be assigned to keep an eye on you. That is why it is important you know what exactly to be on the guard for if that is the case.

Here are some signs to help you spot a private investigator.



  1. If you notice your phone, whether it is an Android or an iPhone, sometimes vibrates or lights up when not being used, it is an indication a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City had placed a bug in it.


  1. Private investigators in OKC carry no less than two cameras. One to take their best shots, the other as a back-up. These cameras are found in all types of sizes and shapes. If you notice a person with a camera that has a huge lens, and the person has a smaller one right by their side, you can assume that you are being watched.


  1. This one is pretty obvious. If you notice a camera being pointed straight at you, and the person is not from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, South or North Korea, Myanmar or Malaysia, then there is a likely chance you are being photographed by a Private Investigator.


  1. Top private investigators use this tactic of grabbing your attention through a distraction. This way, you will not likely see them as they take your pictures.


  1. Do not expect to see a private Investigator using a magnifying glass to trace the footsteps of their suspects. Instead, if you ever see a person aimlessly walking around holding their phone in both hands, they are most likely tracking you through a tracker placed on your equipment or kit.


  1. Majority of Private Investigator in Oklahoma City wear disguises on the job. Their disguises are as simple as wearing a baseball cap, or as complex as prosthetics and fake moustaches. However, what gives them away is their dressing sense.


  1. Whenever you walk down a street and pass a woman or man and notice them lowering their heads when they walk past you, there is a chance that person is Private detective.


Now that you know how to spot a private detective, you will be able to know how to keep yourself safe.



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