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Is Skip Tracing an Essential Part of Process Serving?

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Process servers in Oklahoma City take on one of the most difficult tasks in a court case, delivering the court notice to the defendant. Even though many people think the task of delivering a court notice is not difficult, any process server will tell you otherwise.

Since, in some cases, the defendant will make an active effort to avoid being served, the process server in OKC might have their hands full. The defendant might try to hide away in their residence, or they might try to flee the city to avoid the trial altogether. If defendants try these things, the process server will have to be very careful and work extra hard to serve these people.

While various laws have come into action that allows process servers around the US to send notices through different means, Oklahoma does not have any. Therefore, process servers in Oklahoma City will still have to deliver a notice through traditional means and will also have to get proof that they got it.

Therefore, given the nature of their job, many wonder if skip tracing is a major part of their work. Or better yet, do they rely on skip tracing in Oklahoma City when the serving process?

The Act of Process Serving in OKC

Most people believe that serving just involves delivering a notice to the defending party. And while that is certainly part of the job requirement, there is a lot more to the job than just delivering papers for process servers in Oklahoma City. They also have to locate the individual trying to avoid being served.

Skip tracing in Oklahoma refers to the act of locating someone using a multitude of ethical techniques. These techniques allow a process server in OKC to locate an individual who is otherwise making an effort not to be found. But it is never as easy as just searching for the individual’s address and knocking on their door.

Instead, there might be instances where an individual might not have a digital footprint or might not be very social. Therefore, the process server in OKC almost becomes like a private detective, as they employ various tactics to find the individual. Skip tracing in Oklahoma City is never easy, and it continues to be incredibly difficult. Here are a few ways that  process servers will try to locate the individual:

Common Techniques for Skip Tracing in Oklahoma

Skip tracing in OKC features many techniques that allow process servers to find the person they need. Of course, all of the techniques they use are within the confines of the law. So, they are not using any unsavory tactics to find the individual. Some of the techniques and tactics include:

Criminal Search

It could be possible that the individual who needs to be served has been arrested or is out on parole. Either way, one of the techniques of skip tracing in OKC is to go through criminal records for the individual. These criminal records can help the process server in Oklahoma find out if local authorities have arrested them or are out on parole.

But even if they are not able to find the individual, they can find out if the individual has a criminal history. Using that information, they have a better chance at locating the individual and their whereabouts.

Requesting the Forwarding Address

The chances are that the individual might have given the Postal service a forwarding address. Through an empty envelope, the process server in Oklahoma City can easily find the individual’s forwarding address. The skip tracing in the OKC technique includes sending an empty envelope to the individual’s current address, with the stamp for current address correction.

The postal office will reply with the forwarding address that they are looking for. The chances are that the forwarding address could be that of a sibling or a close relative, giving them some clue as to where they are.

Tracing the Third Party

Finding the individual can be a difficult task, especially when they start living off the grid. Therefore, another popular technique for skip tracing in Oklahoma is to find the third party that the individual was with recently. This third party must have lived with them, and they must have had a long relationship with them.

To escape, there is a chance that the individual might move back in with the said third party. Even if the process server in Oklahoma City cannot find the individual, they might be lucky enough to get some insight into where they could be.

Questioning Acquaintances

During skip tracing in Oklahoma City, servers will start by inquiring about acquaintances and other individuals related to the person. These people could be their co workers, friends, club members, or even their family members. Anyone who could hold information about the individual can help search for them.

Of course, process servers in Oklahoma City can have a tough time trying to get information from these people, as they might not be willing to cooperate. But even the smallest bit of information can help a server better find the individual.

Finding a Process Server in OKC Right for You

Skip tracing in Oklahoma City is not an easy task and can be especially difficult for inexperienced people to handle. Other than the skill that comes with finding an individual, the server will need to work their way around problems.

So if you are looking for a process server in OKC to find the defendant and bring them to court, then Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can help. OJPS has process servers specializing in serving defendants in person without possibly spooking them. They are also adept at ensuring that people who are otherwise avoiding them, ensuring that they will be able to find the defendant.

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