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Are you a company or an individual, and you want to check if a person is solvent? Our expert detectives do it all for you.

What is a solvency investigation?

The solvency investigation is a process that aims to verify the solvency of a company, or an individual. Companies, in their desire to collect a debt, may have every interest in sponsoring a solvency investigation to prove that their debtor is actually solvent. As part of the development of their activities, they may also require a solvency survey, which will allow them to check the financial health of a future business partner.

For each of these missions, our teams in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are committed to providing their clients with the information they need to make informed decisions and to set up related procedures.

Recovery procedure

Collection procedures may include solvency investigations, for the benefit of creditor companies. In order to obtain the recovery of their debts, they may require information to prove that their debtor is solvent. They will thus be able to initiate legal proceedings in order to recover their due.

The solvency investigations conducted by our private search agents have this objective, and their results are detailed in a precise and detailed report, evidenced by photographs and/or films of detective findings, delivered at the end of the mission to our corporate customers. and are admissible in the courts. Bank domiciliation, employers, real estate assets and actual income are some of the information that can be revealed by solvency investigations conducted by our private search agents.

Details of our solvency investigation

Depending on the type of solvency elements you want to exploit, we can do different searches.

Real estate survey

Extensive heritage research is conducted including:

•             The debit of the person (to perform allocation entry)

•             The real estate assets of the person (to make a seizure sale)

Income survey

We look for the person’s employment status, their employer and their income level so that you can set up a payroll seizure.

Survey of investments in companies

We carry out an investigation to determine in which companies the concerned person is involved and the accounting statement of these companies.

Solvency investigation and risk prevention

Companies are confronted daily with problems that, in the event of mismanagement, can have a heavy impact on their finances. Also, when a company engages in a process of acquisition or merger, it must take precautions, and put in place the necessary provisions to protect its acquisitions.

At Oklahoma Private Investigations, we propose to companies to carry out company audits, with the establishment of solvency investigations. This system makes it possible to study in depth the financial health of the targeted company, to know its assets, as well as its possible capital links, and to make sure that it is solvent. As a result, we provide our business customers with accurate and complete data that will enable them to make informed decisions.


We are a private detective agency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We have been providing investigative expertise to companies, insurance companies and individuals for many years now.

Our employees are locked and loaded to help you better defend your personal and professional interests.

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