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Surveillance Essentials For Private Investigators

The industry of private investigation is lot bigger than most people perceive it to be and it is expected to keep growing even further. To become a private investigator, apart from relevant training and certification, you need to be an observant person who is willing to continuously learn new things. And of course, you must have a curious nature. However, that’s not all though. To be a successful private detective you need the rights tools and equipment. Here are some gadgets that are immensely helpful for a private investigator during their excursions.

Cash On Hand

It may sound obvious, but only an experienced private investigator from Oklahoma City would know the importance of it. You do not need hundreds of dollars on you at all times, per se, but when you are out on surveillance, it is important to carry at least $50-$100 with you. It helps you stay anonymous and to get around easily and more quickly. When you pay with cash, you do not need to sign any debit or credit card receipts meaning you will take less time whilst buying something and can keep a track of our target.


The portrayal of PI gadgets in most films and TV shows is often quite inaccurate. However, one thing that they do have on point is that PIs do need binoculars to look at their target. This helps them maintain anonymity and discreetly follow their target, this minimizing the risk of getting caught.

Polygraph Machine

A lie detector test can be of great use to a private investigator from OKC depending on what the nature and risks involved in their investigation. Though keep in mind that polygraph may be highly reliable, it is not foolproof.


Every PI needs a camera so that they can gather evidence, which is especially helpful if they are working alongside an attorney. Having a good camera with a wide zoom can be very beneficial for a detective on the job. They may also need a recording device in order to record conversations.

Pen And Paper

You may be wondering that a high tech PI should be using a special cell phone or laptop when they are on their mission. Though it is true that they can use their phone or laptop to make notes, there are instances when they cannot rely on electronics. They may be traced and end up in the wrong place or may not have internet connection. They could also just stop working and break down. In such cases, having a pen and paper can help them to jot down their thoughts.

Technology is great and very helpful. But when a PI is actually on the field, they need to be extremely creative and come up with ingenious (and legal) ways to get the answers that they are looking for.

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