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It would be nice to conduct an interview, meet a potential employee face to face and hire him on the spot, right? Fifty years ago, that was probably the case, but the world has become a difficult place in modern times; the criminal background check not only became necessary, but also a planned step in the hiring process. That’s why it’s very important to conduct a background check of potential workers for your company.

For the background check, your goal is to make sure you hire the best services available. But how do you know if this is the best agency that you can get?


No job history check should cost the same price as 2 liters of gas – point. A reputable background screening agency will do extensive research and not just check a national criminal database. In-depth research can be expensive, yes – but it will be complete.


A thorough criminal background check takes a lot of time. There is no database containing ALL criminal records. An employment history verification agency that claims to do the job quickly does not really do its job. A top-quality agency will search for information far into the past, and this type of engagement takes more than a few moments.


A job history check involves a lot of “tricky” information: Social Insurance Number, credit rating, aliases, motor vehicle records, etc. When you hire a screening agency, make sure that the company guarantees the security of the potential employee’s personal information. Does the agency destroy reports once the research is complete? If not, how is this information processed? How is it kept safe? Surely you do not want the services of an agency that cannot, or does not want to protect innocent people against identity theft or fraud.

Contact person:

The criminal background check is over… What now? A reputable agency must be available to answer your questions – not only when the audit is complete. Check if the agency you have chosen offers an automated service for quick questions, as well as someone to contact directly for more complex questions.

Where to get a background check?

Now that you know what a criminal background check is, it’s time to seriously choose a company that meets your needs. If you do not know where to get a background check, check these locations:



The world is at your fingertips. Try to search local agencies / companies for background checks. If you find a company that interests you, deepen your search to see comments from other local employers.

Yellow Pages:

Overwhelmed with results by your search engine? Try using the online phone book via the Yellow Pages. This could reduce the search, allowing you to do your own research.

Private Investigators:

Who better equipped to perform criminal background checks than professionals who work in this area? Today’s private investigators are not like those in the Hollywood movies from the 1940s: They are discreet and dedicated professionals whose services often include background checks.

The most important thing in a background check is to recognize that this must be done. By hiring the services of professionals to do your background checks, you save time and money in the end. Initial costs are minimal compared to the costs of hiring an undesirable employee.

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