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Tinsley Keefe Advises on Respecting Private Detectives

Private Detectives


Private detectives choose their career path to help you. They are dedicated to solving mysteries – from the simple infidelity scandal to a complex kidnapping. Most private detectives will take any case that is presented to them, regardless of the difficulty level or even the pay. Tinsley Keefe has been a private detective in Oklahoma City long enough to know that private eyes are both dedicated and kind. Nobody likes giving disappointing news to a client after closing on a case.


Your hired private inquiry agent is probably the last person that wants to tell you your significant other is cheating or your sister is the one stealing your money. However, they do not have a choice in the matter. They have to tell you because that is their job. This leaves Tinsley stressing the importance of one thing: respect your private detective.

While many things go into and come out of respect, many things do not. For example, if you respect your private detective you will have a less likely chance of getting on their bad side. With a lack of respect for them, your private detective will return the sentiment with a lack of respect for YOU. This is not something you want. Tinsley Keefe knows from her experience as a private detective in Oklahoma that a private detective is the last person you want to disrespect. Lucky for you, Tinsley does offer some advice on the subject.


First and foremost, she stresses the significance of giving the private detective space. There is a big difference between calling them with information or even a question versus calling them relentlessly in the early morning hours. The shitty thing is that in this situation, the private investigator will most likely not say anything about your lack of respect. They want your business. They need your money. Do not mistake this need for acceptance of your crappy attitude though; even private-eyes need to eat.


One of the more common situations that Tinsley Keefe has come across while working as a private detective in OKC: the chaotic aftermath of a case. As mentioned above, it is the private detective’s job to tell you what they find out. If you take out your anger on them – or accuse them of lying – you are being a shitty person. First of all, they have no reason to lie. They want their money. You want your information. To get all of the money, they need to tell you the information.


Most private investigators understand when it comes to emotional turmoil during and after cases, but that does not mean they want to be on the receiving end of it. In fact, you might find that private detectives are very kind and even supportive when delivering bad news. Some will even offer shoulders to cry on. If you remember that they are simply doing their job and you treat that job with respect, then they will treat you with respect in return.


As a private agent, you have to work legally and ethically. You have to follow some rules and regulations. So if the client demands unethical activities such as hacking or trespassing you have to avoid such requests directly. Ensure that all investigative activities comply with applicable laws and regulations. Remember to treat private detectives with the same respect and courtesy that you would expect in any professional interaction.


Tinsley Keefe advises that as a private investigator, you have to decide your pay with your client according to the services provided by you. Both decide on fair payment according to the service and keep it on record to avoid any kind of inconvenience. After completion of the project, if you give the best services to your client they definitely recommend you to others. Avoid spreading rumors or misinformation about private detectives or their work. By respecting private detectives and their profession, you contribute to fostering a positive and professional relationship that benefits both parties 


Feedback is very important in every profession. If the client has any concerns, they have to directly talk with the private agent, tell them about their mistakes, improvement needed in which area, and appreciation of good services. Tell them respectfully so they can work on that and avoid that mistake again in any case. This can help the private agent to work on their skills and enhance them according to client needs and requirements. Appreciation can encourage private agent can be more confident and efficient in their work 


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