How Tinsley Keefe Reacts When Put on the Spot as a Private Investigator

How Tinsley Keefe Reacts When Put on the Spot as a Private Investigator When you are working as a private investigator, you need to get used to being put on the spot. There will be a million different situations where you will be required to think quick and act quicker. Tinsley Keefe has mastered her reaction for the “on the spot” occurrences while working as private investigator in Oklahoma City, and she is eager to push that advice onto other novice detectives trying to investigate the world without the underlying fear of getting “caught”.

For whatever reason, you can expect to eventually get put on the spot by either a figure of authority or a random member of the general public. For example, maybe you are pretending to be a member of the DEA and the actual police get called on you. You might go to great lengths to get information for a case, but what happens when you are put on the spot?

For starters, Tinsley Keefe urges you not to worry. In fact, worrying is the worst thing you can do; freaking out is the worst thing you can do. Instead, take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. There are two options for sure. If it is a law enforcement official, tell them the truth – but not to a fault. Be honest when they ask you questions, but do not outright tell them what you are doing/why you are doing it.

If it is not a law enforcement official, then stick to your cover story until the very end. It does not matter if they are literally holding up your real driver’s license; you stick to your guns until there is no more fight left. Thinking back to her persistence during certain private detective situations in Oklahoma, Tinsley Keefe is relieved knowing she followed her cover through to the very end.

One of the biggest things that private investigators can also use to distract is the famous tactic: question or compliment. This method has been reviewed in different media outlets, films, and even past articles, but that is simply because the method is so damn useful. Generally, the stigma goes – question for a guy and compliment for a girl.

However, Tinsley urges you not to follow these sexist guidelines, as both have proven to be effective for either gender depending on the individual. For example, Tinsley Keefe was undercover as a pizza delivery woman when a man started attacking her with questions. Keeping her cool, Tinsley stuck to her cover and ended up diverting the conversation by complimenting the man’s eyes.

When it comes down to it, every private detective out there needs to be prepared for the inevitable. There is no hiding the spotlight. However, when it does finally find you, at the very least you can know how to respond in a way that will bring success. If you follow Tinsley Keefe’s advice, you will easily be a natural at avoiding the spotlight even when it is pointing directly at you.