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Tinsley Keefe Reminds Private Detectives to Deliver Generosity

Tinsley Keefe Reminds Private Detectives to Deliver Generosity


You might not think twice about it during your everyday routines, but generosity is a huge part of life – and an important part. Generosity is both delivered and received daily. Everyone can provide generosity during their daily routines; no matter what job they work or what setting they live in. This fact is especially true for private investigators. Oklahoma City-based private detective, Tinsley Keefe, makes it a point to provide her clients with generosity at every chance she gets.



Generosity can come in many forms. As a private detective, your version of generosity can be creative. When you are dealing with clients during a case, it is not unusual for them to experience large amounts of duress. Those vulnerable moments are the perfect opportunity to extend your kindness by not judging them. Instead, offer them your sympathy and even your advice. If necessary, offer them your shoulder to cry on. Remember that the turmoil you experience during a case is nothing compared to the inner turmoil going on in your client’s mind.


After all, they did come to you for a reason. Tinsley Keefe’s favorite way of providing generosity as a private investigator in Oklahoma is doing little things for her clients. For example, there have been times when a client has called Tinsley in the middle of the night, amid a mental breakdown. Normally, a private detective’s first instinct is to set up boundaries and chastise their client for operating outside of contract hours. For Tinsley however, her first instinct is different. She keeps emergency chocolate on her person for those specific occasions.


Generosity can be something simple. When your client reaches out in the beginning and wants to discuss details, offer to do business over lunch (your treat). Otherwise, at the very least, treat your clients like friends and not business partners. If you give them every reason to like you during the process, you will be less likely to endure their anger if the case ends in an emotional disaster. Furthermore, you might gain an actual friendship on occurrence.


In addition to personal generosity, Tinsley also provides business generosity to her clients. In other words, Tinsley Keefe is the ultimate OKC private detective with her kindness, efficiency, and generosity. She is very flexible when it comes to meeting with her clients, always answers her phone, and always answers any questions her clients might have. If you want to succeed in the world of private investigation, you need to be ready to set aside your pride every once in a while and provide generosity over ego.


Always remember that there are other private detectives that your clients can turn to if they do not like the way you operate. If you become too full of yourself after numerous successful cases, it will show in your work and then bite you in the ass. All humans should practice generosity – private investigators included. Kindness is not a “choice”, it is a “way of life”.

By applying these principles of generosity, sympathy, and professionalism, Tinsley Keefe sets a high standard for private detectives and inspires others in the field to give priority to the client’s satisfaction and well-being above all else.

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